Elsa’s birthday party with the Disney princesses, presents, surprises and real tiny food and cake

Elsa, Elsa, wake up! Wake up, Elsa! It’s your birthday! Elsa, it’s your birthday! Happy birthday Elsa! Wake up, Elsa! Happy birthday Elsa! Thank you, Anna Kristoff, it’s Elsa’s birthday! The party, Kristoff, it’s not ready! Help me! please, help me with the party! ok, Anna. I will help you with the party Thank you, Kristoff We need decorations oh, Kristoff, lovely decorations Perfect! thank you, Kristoff Now, we need a cake Kristoff Yes, of course, a cake yes, a cake We need a cake we need flour and we need eggs first the flour flour and eggs flour and eggs, yes now… mix, mix, mix we have a dough into the oven oh, it’s ready! the cake is ready! Delicious! Delicious cake! look at the cake, Kristoff! yes, we need a candle yes, a candle! now the cake is finished delicious! oh, no what? oh, no! Kristoff, the sugar! I forgot the sugar we forgot the sugar a cake without sugar? yuk! horrible! oh, a cake without sugar… don’t worry, Anna I’m sure Elsa will love it do you think so? are you sure? yes, I am sure she will love it we need balloons yes, balloons come on, Kristoff! blow, blow the balloon! oh, Kristoff, you scared me! now we have the balloons the sandwiches, Kristoff, we need sandwiches yes, of course, we need sandwiches we need bread yes, bread and we need ham yes, ham and we need cheese yes, we need cheese we have bread, ham and cheese let’s make the sandwiches! bread, ham now, cheese and more bread we have the sandwiches, ready we need more food we need crisps crisps yummy crisps orange crisps, my favourite thank you , Kristoff I have triangle crisps I have round crisps I love party food me too, I love party food party food is delicious and these crisps are my favourite now we have sandwiches and crisps but we need sweets Kristoff, stop eating! sorry the party is ready yes, but where are the guests? the guests hello hello, welcome to the party I love the party. Thank you! hello hello, welcome to the party I brought a cake thank you has it got sugar? yes oh, good now we have two cakes hello hello, Mia, welcome to the party hello hello, welcome to the party hello hello, welcome to the party, Rapunzel hello, sorry, I’m late don’t worry, Belle, welcome to the party now, everybody is here the party is ready Elsa is coming! everybody, Elsa is coming! get ready! let’s hide! yes, let’s hide! a surprise party but where are my friends? hello? surprise! now let’s eat! yay! sweets, delicious I love crisps me too me too, yum! I love sandwiches me too, delicious sandwiches and now the cakes yay! happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Elsa, happy birthday to you yay! my cake, my cake! oh, this cake, it looks yummy do you like it? I’m not so hungry do you like it, Elsa? well… it’s ok let’s cut my cake it looks yummy I love the cake delicious yes, I love it I love the cake and now I have a surprise a surprise? yes, chocolate! chocolate… I love chocolate thank you, Anna are you ready Elsa? one, two, three… ta da! look! a chocolate fountain oh, Anna, a chocolate fountain? I love it and marshmallows? yummy! me first, me first! it’s funny, ELsa my turn, my turn! yummy I love it the presents, the presents it’s time for the presents happy birthday, Elsa thank you, spiderman it’s a ball do you like it? yes! happy birthday, Elsa thank you, Belle what is it? a camera! do you like it, Elsa? yes, thank you happy birthday, Elsa thank you, Hulk it’s perfume, I love it this is our present thank you what is it? oh, a panda it’s cute thank you my present, Elsa, happy birthday! thank you, Mia, thank you, Onchao what’s in the box? it’s a surprise it’s a tiger do you like it? yes, thank you, Mia my present, Elsa thank you, Merida do you like it? yes, I love it, thank you happy birthday, Elsa thank you it’s a bow and a butterfly for your hair oh, lovely my turn, my turn, it’s my turn! happy birthday, Elsa thank you, Anna it’s a dress oh, Anna, a new dress! it’s beautiful, Anna it’s beautiful Anna, I forgot my present kristoff, you don’t have a present? I forgot what can I do, Anna? oh, no! Kristoff, you forgot the present? I love my presents, they are the best happy birthday, Elsa a balloon for my birthday? yes, do you like it? yes, it’s my favourite color… blue and now, let’s dance! let’s dance,everybody! I love my party. Thank you, Anna

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