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  1. Happy Birthday my Beautiful Elvis🎂❤️Love you So Much❤️
    Wish I could be there at Graceland for Elvis Birthday.. hopefully one year I will be.

  2. I wonder, what all the money from the auction is used for? it's only money for someome or something,or it goes for charity how Elvis would have liked?

  3. Elvis has now been gone as long as he was here! I remember the day I was sitting on the front porch home alone at 12 with the radio playing in the house and they announced his death. I was so shocked that I couldn't stand. We lost our King of Rock and roll way too soon. Happy 85th Elvis!

  4. С Днем Рождения элвис! Спасибо за все! Буду слушать, любить, и помнить вечно!

  5. ,🎸🎸🎸❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💝⭐⭐⭐💖💖💖happy birthday love you Elvis.you live forrreverrrrrrr!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Elvis …marvelous singer !!!! I 'm new fan from Argentina I' m think that you Elvis always will be the one ¡!!!👑👑👑👑👑🎼🎼♥️🎸🎙 ¡¡¡

  7. Happy birthday Elvis wish you were still with us. But at least you don't have to see what a piece of shit City Memphis has turned out to be.. nothing but gays. lesbians. and Democrat liberal thugs.

  8. Ooo Weee Happy 85th Birthday 🎂 Elvis Presley a very unique attractive handsome man💋✨⚡️one of a kind💋✨⚡️May you Rock in Heaven Baby 💋✨⚡️with your beautiful Mother & Father💋R.I.P😭you will always be In my heart ♥️ Always on my Mind💋✨♥️⚡️(2020Baby)💋✨⚡️long live the King 👑 of Rock n Roll💋✨⚡️legend lives on forever⚡️✨💋

  9. Gone to soon there will never be another Elvis Presley he will be missed by zillions of fans around the world that number keeps growing Happy 85th Birthday ELVIS PRESELY never forgotten always be in our hearts and you will live on through your 🎶 music and your films
    Vicki Macdonald from Australia

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