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  1. Happy Birthday King.The most amazing singer in the world .The most handsome man in the world ,
    and forever King 👑👑👑👑👑 from Argentina ♥️🎙🎼🎸♥️

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Elvis❤️🎂🎈
    The Most Amazing And Handsome Humble and Generous man God put on the earth. Love you So Much Elvis and will Always be a Huge fan❤️
    Great to see Priscilla there.

  3. Happy 85th birthday Elvis & Jesse .born 4am & 4.35am Tupelo Mississippi.always on my mind & forever in my heart 💕💕🎤🎸

  4. Love Elvis !!! Been to Graceland 5 times. Love to go there ,to walk and be where he had been. I wish someone would have taken care of him. What would it be like if he was still here. !!! He can sing any type of music.

  5. Happy birthday King… That's right… The King… A beautiful human in every way a man could be… We love and miss you in every way a human could….

  6. an X-wife that Elvis made no mention of in his WILL despite his father's age…he did not consider Cruella family…..that daughter of his is a disgrace….she should be there for her dad…not a woman that embarrassed cheated wrote lies did interviews like all the other Judas's…

  7. @Kathy Carney: Great message….5 times!  I think that's really wonderful…there was no one that loved his fans like Elvis Presley did….and there never will be again.

  8. Because he had such a long career???  Who was that idiot ….He was a young man when he died…that monster parker worked him to death…

  9. It disgusts me to see that X-wife there once again trying to portray herself as his widow…Cruella is nothing but an X-wife who betrayed Elvis just as all the others did…

  10. Happy Birthday Elvis!!!🎂🎁🎊🎉👏👏👏👏👏My beautiful king!!! I love you!! 😍😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤From Argentina!

  11. The essence of Elvis is cloaked in the lord Jesus Christ. Elvis was truly (truly) spiritual. It was in his entire being. Look at the comparisons — just saying- but the man was —-otherworldly— is the word that comes to mind! He had immense talent. A savant as an artist. A larger than life persona. To this day!! Dear lord Heavenly Father you blessed this world with our beloved Elvis

  12. Parabéns meu querido. Você sempre será lembrado pelos seus milhares de fãs. BRASIL. 🎂👏👏❤

  13. Ooo Weee Happy 85th Birthday 🎂🎊🎉💓⚡️✨Elvis Presley very powerful unique attractive handsome man💋✨⚡️May you rock in heaven with your beautiful Mother&Father💋✨⚡️R.I.P long live the King 👑 your one of a kind legend lives on forever in my heart ♥️ 💋✨⚡️Always on mind💋✨⚡️Just pretend💋✨⚡️Funny how time slips away💋✨Suspicious mind💋✨⚡️⚡️💋(2020baby)💋

  14. ♥️HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS! As long as there is an Earth there will be Elvis fans on it. We will never forget you. I love you♥️

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