Emma Watson speech for HeForShe Second Year Anniversary (20/9/16)

But first we will hear from a woman who has lent her name and voice to this important solidarity movement un women [Goodwill] [ambassador] thought leader and leading actor Emma Watson gosh I’m so overwhelmed Thank you to everyone that has shared their story tonight and has contributed to what has been the most heartwarming moment of my year Good evening Being a part of heforshe for the last two years Has been an incredible learning experience for me? There have been some really hard moments and a lot of amazing ones [ones] I never could have imagined the un Secretary-General the entire Eu commission the nato secretary-General the president of the International Olympic committee numerous heads of State and Politicians from around the world including those that you’ve heard from tonight on everyone from UsAin Bolt’s to Tom hanks and now all heforshe We’ve crashed the un website [on] multiple occasions. Sorry about that We have lit up the empire State building Scene he was she in times [square] and made it a term in the urban dictionary after two billion media impressions 1.1 million pledged heap heforshe have made practical Commitments as have some of the world leading universities and companies to make gender equality a priority in now in their work and within their communities Surprisingly though it was during the hard moments that I made the best discoveries about what it means to be part of this movement there is genuinely a spectrum of Amazing feminists out there who have not only given me Invaluable advice but also broadened my perspective and Reinforced my belief that we [are] all linked We all belong to a long history of people who have made sacrifices Some groups much more than others in Order to make indefinable large contributions to our modern lives We’ve seen seismic shift in culture recently I Couldn’t believe my eyes when I turn on the TV to see that bud light Was plunging Gender equality and equal pay as part of their current advertising campaign? We already have Some amazing things happening some amazing female leaders But I don’t know if I would have believed you if you had told me two years ago Before I made my here fishy speech that we might have the first female president of the United [States] please don’t let me down America female prime minister of the United Kingdom and possibly for the first time in history [a] female un [secretary-General] while women still only make up such a small percentage of political leadership to [quote] the awesome Michelle Obama because [of] these women girls and boys all over the world Will have [real-life] examples that women are leaders In the last two years [if] I have learned anything if they have shown me anything it is that nothing Nothing is impossible, and that’s why tonight as well as saying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart For all that you have done. I ask you to recommit yourself to be a part of Gender equality [I] genuinely feel that we are closer to a gender equal world and Certainly closer three were two years ago, and I know that each and every heforshe has played such a huge part in that I Am Proud to have been part of lots of amazing things in my life But there is nothing that I am prouder of than being part of this. Thank you [so] much. Have a wonderful night

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