End of the Year Party Part 1 | MPGIS S4 | Episode 10

Previously on The Most Popular Girls in School… I need you to recover a highly sensitive video
recording that was taken from me. Ahhhh! Oh son of a bitch! Hey everyone, this is my cousin. Sup, my name’s Shawn, everybody calls me
Shaw. You gotta fucking check yourself man, cause
I’ll fight you! I will fight you! Here comes the poop… here comes the poop… We’re about to make you a star! Woo! The
fucking geek squad over here is cooking up a banging track. A little higher… a little higher…there
it is, perfect! Hey, this is really starting to look good. Alright the projector for the end of the year
video is all set up. Thanks for getting that Matthew. Oh, don’t thank me. Thank my beautiful girlfriend
and her hook up with the High School AV Club. Guys, for reals thank you so much for helping
me set up. Of course! We’re a team on the field… And off! Hey, where’s Than with all the snacks? Ugh, let me guess, he’s hanging out with his
new best friend. I don’t know, I think it’s cute. Look, I’m a firm believer in giving everyone
the benefit of the doubt, but… Fuck that guy? He’s the worst. Ugh, thank you! Yeah, no, yeah, absolutely. F that guy right
in his A. Yeah so I’m just like fuck it, and she fuckin
blew me right there in the fuckin bathroom, man! It was the fuckin best! Oh man, fuckin been there! Sort of… Than! So nice of you to join us. Shaw. ‘Sup. You guys, Shaw was just telling me this story
about the one time he was at this Pennywise concert- Yeah I think we heard enough to get the gist,
pal. Uh Than, you know you were supposed to be
an hour ago, right? What? Really?! Oh jesus sorry. I must have
lost track of time. Me and Shaw were at the gym lifting. It was fuckin leg day bro. Come on bro, one more, one more, one more,
one more, all you, all you, all you, all you. There you go, there you go, there you go!
Sit on the chair, sit on the chair, come on, it’s all you, all you, all you, all you! Oh
come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YES! That’s what the
fuck I’m talking about! Ah yeah! I love it! I love when we just pretend
there’s no one else in here with us! It’s great! Well, uh, that was certainly descriptive.
Um. Than, please tell me you remembered to bring
the snacks. Oh shit, was that me? I thought Justin was
in charge of snacks. What the fuck man?! Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, everyone knows that
Justin was in charge of fliers. He’s the only one that knows Photoshop. Really good job by the way on those. Hey thanks man. Yeah, excellent job. The formatting and the
font was excellent. Alright, me and Than’ll go pick up some fuckin
crackers, jesus, how much beer you got? Don’t worry I’ll get some beer. Hey you guys got
ping pong balls? I’ll get, I’ll get  ping pong balls. When I come back though, fill
up those fuckin red cups and set that table up, like I showed you. Alright, well, we’ll be right back. Lates
bros. Uh Than, can we talk to you for a minute? Make it quick! I’m just kidding, Go ahead. Ok, listen, Than. We’re all kind of worried
that Shaw maybe isn’t, um, a very good influence on you. Yeah man, Shaw kind of brings out the worst
in you. And the worst in you is pretty much the worst
in anybody. What? What are you guys talking about? Shaw’s
the best! Oh trust me, I’m related to him. He’s the
worst. Oh come on, he told me if I ever go to California,
he’ll take me out hitting people. Uh, listen Than, we just think that, well,
you kind of turned a corner in your life, and we’ve really enjoyed hanging out with
you. I can’t believe I just said that. I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth
but it’s true. We actually value you as a friend. But when you hang out with Shaw, you kind
of revert back to that guy that we all, uh- Hate. Uh, we fuckin hated you. Fact. We hated
you. Alright. That was very honest. Yeah. Basically, what we’re saying is you
can either keep hanging out with Shaw or- You can keep being our friend. But you can’t have it both ways, man. So you’re gonna have to make a choice, Than.
I’m sorry. Oh alright, I mean you guys are my friends,
you know, my real friends. Shaw’s just, the coolest guy I ever met in my life, that’s
all. But, uh, I guess I can tell him that I’m just gonna, you know, start knocking it
off. Alright, I’ll go get you guys snacks, no problem. I’ll see you guys in a few minutes. No no no no no Morty fuck you. Fuck you. Well
you can tell Taylor that she’s opening for Deandra and if she has a fucking problem with
that… then she can go shake it off. Fuck you, goodbye! Tanner! Tanner! Who’s Tanner?
Where’s Tanner? Where is this guy? I need to talk to him! Hi Jenna. Right here. Alright, Deandra’s coming in pretty soon.
Did you get everything that I put on her rider. Uh yeah, I mean there’s a lot of food on there,
but I got it. There’s just one thing I didn’t understand. Uh, it says here a six layer bean
dip where one of the layers is skittles and the dip is cake. Is that a, is that a typo? Uhhhh, no! Sounds like a six layer bean dip
skittle cake! Jesus Christ tell me there is a six layer bean dip skittle cake in that
fucking room!  Oh um. Well, uh, I mean, I guess I can try
and whip something up. I’m really good in the kitchen. Yeah! Oh yeah! Great, great idea. Go do that!
Fuckin get on it Tanner! Also, where’s your bathroom? Whoa, look all the stuff in here. I know! Chocolate fountain, caramel fountain,
Cap’n Crunch fountain, whole milk fountain- Oh good thing they got that milk fountain.
That Cap’n Crunch’ll just cut the fuck out of the roof of your mouth. Yeah, you know, maybe being in a band isn’t
so bad after all- Yeah, hey let’s eat. No! No! That’s for Deandra! Nobody touches
anything until Deandra gets here! What? Well how come she gets everything? Because she’s the girl with the golden voice!
Heh heh, good to see you everybody, thanks for coming out. Hello lucky people who get
to indulge in my presence. Ah! Everything seems to be in order, yes, yes, yes. Um, I’m
sorry, why are they here? Are they, uh, they cleaning the room? Did they, uh, not finish
the job in time? Uh, we’re in the band Deandra. Yeah, don’t, don’t you remember? We drop all
your beats. Play all your synths. Mix all your mixes. We’re supposed to be in the green room bro. Right right right right right. Right right
right right right right right. Right. Um, is there like another green room we can find
for them? I mean, like, like a smaller less nice green room we can put them in? You know
like somebody’s closet, or like somebody’s sink, or like somebody’s like underneath the
sink where there’s just like cabinets, something like that? I’m sorry, uh, there’s nothing we can do right
now, but I’m working on it. I’ll have it taken care of, I promise. Ok, moving on, where is my toilet? I specifically
requested a toilet to be placed in the middle of the room so that I can properly perform
my pre-performance poop! Ugh, unfortunately, they couldn’t do that
because this is an actual house with actual plumbing. Ugh! I see. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure this door,
it’ll pop right off, we’ll just- hi-ya!  See, yeah! There you go, it’s just like you’re
pooping in the room now. Thank you Jenna, your ingenuity is appreciated. Whoo! You ever feel like you just wanna like
fight somebody?! Yeah. Kind of feelin that way right now. Can you guys please keep down in there. I
need to bring myself to a calm place in order to perform, ok? I need complete silence. Except
for that. Except for that. Except for that. Except for that. That’s fine. That was me.
That’s fine. I don’t know Trisha, I have a bad feeling. Oh? Cuz of those tamales? No, not because of the tamales. I’m worried
about Brittnay. Where is she? This isn’t good Trisha. If something happened, I’ll never
forgive myself.  Well you can always just ask her. She’s right
there. Next time on The Most Popular Girls in School… Shut up Mackenzie! I am so tired of hearing
your voice! Everyone’s tired of hearing your voice! And after tonight, nobody’s
gonna have to hear it ever again.

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  1. the animation has probably improved a lot since season one but it's really not until this episode I've noticed it, and I'm binge watching atm.
    but I just wanted to point that out, is all. there are some parts where the animation is really fluid and expressive and I love it!

  2. In the last episode, where Brittany killed four men and saison was there I was like WHERE THE FUCK IS HER BABY??!? Then I was like ohh the baby is bounding with her father 🙂

  3. Deandra is fucking hilarious in this episode, when I saw her coming in with her costume I pissed my pants.

  4. shaw is a freaking four/tobias eaton doll from divergent how do only realize this a year later?

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  6. I just realized that the icon for the mercenary cheerleaders is the icon for American Eagle Outfitters insert crying emoji

  7. Never before have I both hated and loved a fictional character as much as I do Shaw. AND THAT INCLUDES REGINA GEORGE.

  8. That moment when the bois are saying they value Than's friendship…..My little awkward boy…..This was so wholesome:'')

  9. I'm on a rewatch binge and ngl I thought that was pretty… Normal interaction for Deandra lol. Like, she's always been the type to forget about people and ignore them and take advantage of them all for food and self glory. All in a non bitchy, calm (ish, in comparison to the cheer squad), and dare I say eloquent, manner lmao. I think what changed/developed is how much Judith and Rachel were portrayed as hurt and shocked. Because before they'd just be like, "Oh…" With maybe a little bit of a "Fuck you!", Then that was the end of that. But now they've gotten quite a bit of development and screentime and on their true feelings as "losers" and it just highlights how much of a jerk Deandra actually is, underneath all that endearing weird personality. Just two cents.

  10. okay so Deandre wanted noise before she pooped last season but than she asked for complete silence last season huh

  11. Those boys are assholes for telling Than he can't be friends with them and Shaw. Real friends let you be you. They constantly try to change Than. I don't like Shaw either but giving Than an ultimatum is a dick move.

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