(Eng dubbing) [gay couple’s daily Vlog] Preparing for summer (Dia & Dinner-Guri) ㅣ디디커플의 여름나기 (게이커플)

Hi, this is Dia and D.G. This is the video of how we prepare for the summer. Someone asked me that I took this kind of love scenes in purpose. Yes, I did. Stop it It was hot, so I asked D.G. to make coffee for me. I love iced coffee, so he put ice cubes a lot. It is called ‘Aeropress’ which is a device for brewing coffee using hand pressure with some water, the coffee for me is ready. The coffee he made for me is the most delicious coffee in the world. Dia: Uh?? Where is mine? Ah.. it was not for me. It was a peaceful weekend lying on D.G. After realized he tried to hit me I was the only one in peace. Dia: It’s so hot. D.G.: Is it? Dia: Hi, What are you up to? D.G.: Today, It has become so hot in summer, Before we use the air-conditioner, We will clean it up first. Dia: Finally. You always said so. D.G.: I will start from the beginning again. Turn it off. Dia: Why? No. D.G.: My voice sounded so gay. Dia: No, It didn’t. D.G.: So we are going to wash its filter. As he said, I took this scene again. but I don’t know what is different in his voice. Dia: I will do it. D.G.: He was confident but.. Dia: OMG, Can you see this? D.G.: It would have been no joke if we didn’t clean this up. Dia: I was just going to use it. D.G.: See, It was a good thing I tould you to clean it up. We should cover the floor first. A plastic bag, we need it. Dia: We have to wipe here too. D.G.: Dia will do it. Dia: he used to say he would wipe first. D.G.: Dia, I think you forgot something. This is a Vlog of the couple. Dia: Is it? D.G.: I hope you notice the vibe. Dia: Sorry, Read the vibe, Dia! D.G.: Yes. Read the vibe 🙂 Dia was editing video files, but I asked him to clean the filter. so he is doing this, all of a sudden. Please do this part too. Dia: Yes, I will. D.G.: Wash it well (kidding) I have rhinitis, and the bronchial tubes are not that good. Dia: Yes, ma’am D.G.: I usually do everything when the camera is off. but he looks so passionate in camera. Dia: you have become an actor for youtube. LOL D.G.: It looks so goo. We need to buy summer bedding. Why don’t you put in the basin? D.G.: you should wear rubber gloves Dia: It’s fine. D.G.: I will bring them D.G.: What have you done? Dia: What? What thing? D.G.: What happened on the floor? Dia: I just pour the water in the basin to the floor. D.G.: You should have done into the toilet bowl. Dia: Ah.. D.G.: While I was picking up rubber gloves. It is the air conditioner that previous tenant in this house gave me. What the hell happened here? but when it’s clean, the pleasure is great. It was dried for a day. We can finally see the end. Next day, We are going out to buy summer blankets. Why did I do that? Why did they do that too? Dia: What should we buy? D.G.: We need to buy pillows, a pad! a bed pad, and blanket for summer. We arrived at the first blanket shop. Dia: Hi, How are you? We are looking for summer bedding. Shopkeeper: for summer? Here are pads and pillow covers This one is so old-fashioned for you. They are around $500 D.G.: OMG Dia: My bed is not that big Shopkeeper: Then you should order custom-bedding. Dia: I will take time if we get custom. Shopkeeper: for 3~4 days. You don’t like it, do you? We just left. I don’t think she wants us to thank you. Next. If we went back with the empty hands, we would get hot and dead. We were heading to another store. Dia: Hi, How are you? I wand a bed pad D.G.: Are other blankets expensive like this too? Shopkeeper: I will give you a 50% discount. It is made of rayon. There wouldn’t be dust and mites on this fabric, so it is good for health. Dia: Is there a pillow too? It has been embarrassed about taking a video on the street, but I realize that people didn’t care about.. Shopkeeper: What are you taking? Dia: Sorry? (Panicked)
Shopkeeper: What are you taking? Is this like a Vlog? Dia: Ah… Yes.. Shopkeeper: I’m just curious (smile) I couldn’t tell her that I’m a gay YouTuber. Shopkeeper: Try pillows on this bed. D.G.: He is picky. Shopkeeper: No, a pillow is the most important for sleep. Blankets are for just covering. I was testing her a few things. I chose this one. Ta-da Dia: Can I get more discount if buy the pillow and a pad together? Dia: Don’t you need a pillow?
D.G.: No, I don’t Shopkeeper: You try too. Are you guys friends? We are a couple, not friends. anyway D.G who doesn’t need a pillow is picking a pillow there carefully. Shopkeeper: Why don’t you ask your friend to buy for you. We are a couple, not friends. Dia: How was it? D.G.: I prefer the lower one. You said you don’t need it. D.G.: I think this one is better. Dia: I will get this one too then. Dia: Can I wash them with a laundry machine? Shopkeeper: No, it will ruin them. Just step on it a little bit when you take a shower. D.G.: It’s better to wash covers. Dia: Thank you. Dia: Getting summer bedding is done! D.G: We spent too much. We should’ve bought them on the internet. Dia: There are better than from the internet. D.G.: It would be good too, and cheap there. Dia: Then I should wait for shipping. D.G.: It would take for just one or two days. Dia: hehehehe Dia: New bedding! Yeah! Goodbye, my old friend. See you in winter. Dia: Oh, This is much cooler. D.G.: I feel like be covered nothing. Dia: Don’t use it, then. So, until here it was the video of how we prepare for the summer. Bye. Please Subscribe and share this channel with your friend. Thank you.

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