(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.261) Celebration Dance battle TWICEvsGFRIEND

It just keeps getting harder This is so difficult GFriend Can you show us something? Argh Cue the music (GFriend can do it all) Wow (Starts off very sweet) (The leader directs the performance) (Yuju, obeying her command,
does a cartwheel) (GFriend members all spin around) (Except Sowon who
missed the right timing) (Right when she was
about to join them) Time, time, time Time’s up Honestly, if you just played along and did nothing be honest and raise your hand Sowon, Sowon I almost thought you
were a director You told people what to do But you didn’t do anything yourself Can we see the cartwheel again? Ready – Set…
– The triple Axel Triple Axel…whatever it is (An encore of Yuju’s performance) Be careful Okay, triple Axel (Swoosh) Wow (Bam) (As if she intended it to happen) (She sits down with confidence) (Amazing) (Yuju is the best!) What a pro Give her an applause Seriously… (She hasn’t changed) She’s a pro Great job It’s TWICE’s turn now TWICE (Doing as well as the previous
performance will be hard) Cue the music (TWICE for congratulating) (They seem a bit shy) (Throws hearts to everyone) It’s the ninja version (Chaeyoung’s version
of the ninja dance) (They are cute) (It’s not over) What is it? What is it? (A flower bouquet
for a happy birthday) A 3-tier cake (So lovely) A 3-tier cake Let me do it too (Defconn, Hee-chul,
and Hani joined them) (Thank you, idols,
for your birthday wishes)

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  1. 找打字人員:





  2. Twice members look so worried when yuju spin and landed on the floor but then laugh at the end XD

  3. Una de twice no me gusta es la que tiene un pelo cortó esta fea 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😂😂 y otras mas de twice no nos gusta

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