[Eng] Jimin and Jin Singing Happy Birthday to Suga in Chinese🎂💕

Jin: Jimin-ssi, can you guess what will be the topic of today’s Chinese conversation? JM: About this… It’s the 4th year already. Is there any topic we haven’t talked about yet? Jin: Of course, there is one. Do you know that we’ve never talked about birthday greetings? JM: Ah, you are right Jin: Yes that’s right JM: So let’s sing a birthday song this time. Jin: okay, good idea JM, Jin: 5, 6, 7, 8, Happy birthday to you JM, Jin: *Singing happy birthday to Yoongi in Chinese* JM, Jin: Happy birthday dear Suga JM, Jin: Happy birthday to you~ Jin: SUGA! JM, Jin: Happy birthday! YG: *nods*

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