[ENG SUB] 200202 Kyuhyun’s Birthday YT Live Part 3: Buying Present for Your Kpop Oppas – A Guide

These are the letters the fans gave me I really read all of it To read all these, how long do you think it takes? That’s I’m reading this every night If I don’t read it It will pill up. If it pilled up, I can’t finish reading all of it next time These are what I organized yesterday Yesterday… I can’t take it out, there are too many Anyway… What I want to say is Suddenly musical, even just for the musical & present we can talk for so long But… Presents… So… You can don’t give me presents Because… Thanks to you guys I earn a lot of money You guys came to watch my musical… And give me a lot of love… But… When I read the letters, I’m sad You guys are working part-time, got your first salary Oppa, this is not much but… please accept this My heart aches when I read it I feel so sad seeing this Our ELF, our fans, our Kyuhyun’s fans, everyone can buy some good food and eat Buy some good beauty products Take a taxi (instead of public transport). I really hope you guys can do that Why use the money to buy presents for me? I really… Sighs… Yes! you can just give me a letter, just a letter (I’m very thankful) What… what you give… It doesn’t mean if you give a more expensive present, you (like me more) A fan that I will be more grateful… Of course, I will be thankful But you can’t be like that, use another kind of mindset to think about this Just that… for me… I… As long as you like me I will thankful if you come to see me for my musical I will thankful if you can support me and clap for me For me… those kinds of… I don’t need things like that You don’t need to save up your pocket money to buy a present for me. Really don’t need… For me… really… If you guys give me a letter or your heart, come to support me at my shows and enjoy the shows together, I will be really happy And I will tell you guys one more thing, I’m not complaining You guys give me a lot of things to eat but… If I eat all of those, you guys will give up on me You see… the same chocolate I received more than ten of it There are too many things to eat If I eat all of it, I will get fat…
You see… When I read the letters… The foods came out I would be curious, right? Then I will eat It’s quite good… eat again… I try other things (foods/snacks) too And then I will gain weight No… you see… the weight… everyone… Recently I… what… I can say it here too because it’s an internet show I’m eating without controlling recently… yesterday too… I think I ate around three portions I was so hungry after the show and I had to set up for today’s internet show I wasn’t able to eat anything 3 hours after the show I was so hungry and ate a lot My tummy came out a bit today Anyway, for foods… I don’t snack much… So… All presents are precious but you guys can stop giving me things to eat And… I know there are a lot of people who are worried about my throat Throat lozenge… If I eat those lozenges The lozenges I have now, I can eat for 5 years The lozenges I have now, I can eat for 5 years Everyone My throat is fine My throat hurts a bit now but… My throat hurts because I just finish the musical show If I rest tomorrow, it will get better I don’t need lozenges now You see… If I only eat lozenges and don’t eat rice and only eat lozenges I can survive for 3 years, eating lozenges as a meal Wow~ I might get diabetes You might diabetes if you eat too much of candies It’s not that good since there is a lot of sugar in it So… oh… As we were talking about presents And I talk a bit about this What else? There is something else that I wanted to say Dolls… I will stop here xD For me, if I can receive your heart and your letter and you guys clapping for me when you guys come to see my musical I’m satisfied, really I’m talking about it since we have mentioned it just now. I will talk about it in more details next time There is something really funny but it’s R-rated The fans gave it to me as a present Seriously… Although this is an internet broadcast, I have my reputation to maintain I think it’s better for me not to talk about it Next time we can… It won’t be only today. There are a lot of things that we will be doing later I will tell you guys more next time Firstly, what’s good about this setup is that From now onwards I can internet broadcast whenever I want to do it So that we meet more like this I’m really sorry As I mentioned I have many fans who are in their 10s I’m sorry I will stop here I will inform you guys in advance there will be above 19 segment The fans who are in their 10s I know there a lot of you guys Until you guys become an adult… Ah! I also read this a lot “I’m becoming an adult soon” There people who say that And that you guys can watch the broadcast And… we can… what is that… Cho Drunkard! We can spend more time There are people who say that. Everyone… Your 20s will come It will come anyway everyone You can’t refuse or ask it to come faster. It will come So you can just wait, just wait patiently and it will come There are a lot of fans who are in their 30s Then we can enjoy our time together at the above 19 segment Today… that’s right… Have you guys bought/prepared? For later To cheers with me It’s not good to drink a lot Drink responsibly There are people who say three years more (until they are 20 years old) Five years later Yes… I think there are a lot of oversea fans I should greet in other languages Hello Everyone Thank you Enjoy There are a lot of Chinese fans too Hello everyone, you are now watching? (Kyuhyun) That’s right Please be healthy And… There are a lot of Japanese fans Thank you for coming. Let’s… Let’s have a good time together Yes, and so… Hello (in Thai) Assalamualaikum (greetings in Arabic) There are more. Hola! (hello in Spanish) There are a lot There are many fans who are from different places overseas Gracias (thank you in Spanish), there are also fans from Spain Good Please wait The guest today just messaged me

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  1. Es bueno que conserve Kyu las cartas y los presentes de las fans,creo que alguna chica que vea que está su sobre en esa bolsa está emocionada ojalá y las pueda leer🇰🇷💙🇲🇽👑🎶.México💖

  2. Can u please translate heechul's live youtube last time? I really wanna know what he said, but i dont understand anything:(

    Ps: wow, thankyou for the this awesome subtitle. Fighting!

  3. Very curious now as to the content of said gift that is probably x rated??? Oh dear poor guy. Scary or what!! 😲
    Kyu you were very tactful in telling everyone to please STOP feeding me sweets/lozenges.. 🤚.
    Thanks so much for subtitles 🙂👍

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