[ENG SUB] 200202 Kyuhyun’s Birthday YT Live Part 7 – Raise V over your head #2YA2YAO

KH: How is the taste?
RW: This is really delicious KH: Really? SD: You did a good job seasoning it. Homemade seasoning sauce is really different (compared to eating outside). EH: Are we now giving honest reviews?
SD: Yes RW: We are giving honest reviews
EH: Since I like dakgalbi EH: I’m really picky when it comes to dakgalbi SD: It’s really delicious
RW: It’s really spicy KH: Is it spicy? The chilli today is spicy EH: Firstly, it’s a bit spicy but I like spicy food RW: But it really good because it’s spicy
EH: So spicy is fine RW: It’s a delicious kind of spicy
SD: I like spicy food RW: It’s a delicious kind of spicy, right? EH: The noodles are a bit soggy RW: You cooked it tho SD: You cooked it
EH: It was me? SD: Let’s all look at the big camera there SD: That big camera SD: Shindongdengdong~ RW: This camera is yours? RW: What is this? RW: What is this? Are you a gangster? EH: Are you doing live too? SD: Mine is not live KH: He says Shindong is a gangster SD: You the biggest gangster SD: Who are following on Ryeowook’s Agit? SD: They are following for Super Junior
RW: That’s right, I admit KH: Wait it’s too hot
EH: You are good at cooking SD: It’s good, right? It’s good
EH: You never cook for us previously KH: I don’t have time previously SD: Why you guys are not going to (Kyuhyun’s) musical?
EH: Hey! EH: The potatoes are not cooked
SD: Ah really? EH: The potatoes are not cooked
RW: The potato is red in colour KH: It’s like that
SD: That’s carrot RW: Oh that’s a carrot? EH: So this is your style? SD: This 4 members combination is really special RW; Why Donghae-hyung didn’t come? SD: These four people…
RW: Donghae… KH: Donghae?
RW: Yeah you didn’t call him? SD: There are people who are looking for Donghae
KH: The people who came today KH: Why did you guys come?
SD: That’s right? Can we talk about why we are here? RW: Actually you didn’t ask me to come SD: For me, we decided to do a YouTube live together and just nice that it is Kyuhyun’s birthday RW: Ah really? KH: As for Ryeowook RW: There’s no one ask me to come KH: Shindong and I already said that we are going to do YT live together KH: And for Eunhyuk SD: You guys stay together
KH: We stay together. As for Ryeowook KH: When Shindong and I were talking about the YT live, he went “what about me?” KH: “Do you want to come?” that’s why he is here SH: So you came at the wrong timing, you come next time EH: So this is a gathering for YouTubers KH: You are not a YouTuber
EH: Except me SD: You should start YouTube too EH: Well… EH: If I learnt how to do it EH: Really EH: I will start YouTube too after I learn how to do it
RW: (The potatoes) are really not cooked yet SD: But it’s really delicious
KH: It’s delicious, right? KH: This should be eaten while drinking RW: Let’s something else later (for drinking) and we just eat this
KH: There are a lot (of food) outside SD: Let’s talk more before drinking later SD: I can’t drink, I will leave before you guys start drinking. RW: You are going home?
SD: Yeah I should go home.
KH: It’s time for him to sleep SD: It’s time for me to sleep. It already 30 mins passed my sleeping time.
EH: Then I will go home too. KH: It’s just there tho
EH: Yeah hahaha RW: If so…
SD: Since we are all here, I will give Kyuhyun his presents now EH: Really? RW: This is really touching
EH: That hyung is really here for broadcast purpose RW: I… EH: Are you real?
RW: Really? EH: I saw this just now EH: I was thinking who bring such an expensive thing SD: It’s just the bag EH: It’s something different inside SD: The first present, for our Kyuhyun who likes to sing SD: A mic for him to say anywhere and anytime he wants SD: It’s a Bluetooth mic. It’s really good. SD: This is very popular recently
EH: Did you get this free from SM? SD: No~ I got it from one of my hyungs EH: So it’s a free stuff SD: This is my favourite drink KH: Kyuhyun likes wine SD: But I think Kyuhyun will like this too KH: You are spending too much, no?
RW: Ikr, it’s so expensive
SD: Actually for this SD: I got this from someone
KH: I need those to cook fried rice later RW: Oh right
KH: How can you put it in again?
SD: I got this from someone SD: asddfghjk I’m giving you the present now asafghj RW: Then I will eat this
EH: There are really a lot of freedom at YouTube SD: This one, to be honest, I got it as a present from a show SD: I got so I bring one here today SD: As for this, I usually buy one whenever I go oversea and collect it SD: I have a few at home and bring one here today KH: Is it a limited edition?
RW & SD: It is the most expensive one KH: What is this?
SD: This is most meaningful so I prepared one SD: Shindongdengdong goods! EH: It’s confirmed that Shindong-hyung is here to promote his channel SD: Of course~ SD: If not, why I prebooked the session for?
RW: You are the worst SD: Even so I brought some presents here today KH: Shindongdengdong RW: Is it a birthday present?
SD: You can put it in here SD: Since it’s Kyuhyun birthday I brought some presents, I didn’t prepare specially for it SD: I just some of the good things I have at home KH: Really thank you
RW: Really amazing SD: Since you like to drink so I bring something for you to drink
KH: I will drink it well SD: Okay since it’s a good alcohol drink RW: Next up, Eunhyuk-hyung SD: Eunhyuk, what present you have prepared? SD: Hold on, I will leave first EH: Really?
SD: A little bit more SD: I only ate a little… it’s a bit… SD: I still want to eat more
KH: I was full when I eat yesterday RW: Let’s cook fried rice
KH: Let’s cook fried rice SD: Let’s cook fried rice first KH: Since he is cooking fried rice, let’s continue with three of us EH: Are there any noodles left? RW: It’s here
SD: Are there noodles left? KH: Shall I cook noodle for you?
EH: No no it’s fine SD: Let’s remove this chair SD: This is interesting
EH: Can we do KyuTV without Kyu? RW: How to open this again?
SD: Ah you want to use that? SD: If so… you click here… RW: We can just use this
SD: Like this… Like this? SD: If not, like this RW: This screen looks nicer
SD: If not like this SD: Like this, open up all three
EH: Is this Kyu’s? Why he is not eating the meats?
SD: Yes, it’s Kyu’s SD: I know right RW: The potato is nice
EH: But it’s not cooked
RW: It’s nice because it’s not cooked EH: Really?
SD: What will happen if I click ‘x’ here? RW: This is cooked
EH: The live will end? SD: What if I click ‘stop recording’? EH: Let’s try. Is that any different between ‘stop recording’ or ‘stop live’? SD: So if I press ‘stop live’ the live will be stopped?
EH: There is a button says ‘end it’ EH: Let’s try to click ‘end it’
SD: Oh it’s here. Shall I click it? RW: Don’t do it SD: If I click ‘end it’ and can it be open again?
KH: Oh no you can’t! RW: So cute
KH: What needs to be in fried rice? SD: Now we have more than 15,000 viewers RW: Fried rice? Seaweed seaweed SD: This is amazing
KH: We must have seaweed flakes KH: I will tell you guys a tip if you don’t seaweed flakes SD: Really?
KH: Seaweed like this KH: You just…
SD: Put it inside? KH: Throw it inside a bag RW: Wow you really know the stuff SD: Do they sell seaweed flakes too?
KH: Yes they do KH: You really don’t know EH: I have finished it
RW: Really too much KH: It’s ok if I cook fried rice RW: This is really good SD: The aunty’s preference is still the same. The plates and stuff EH: Rather than preference, it’s just she didn’t change it EH: I have not been to the dorm for a really long time but the things are still the same KH: The seaweed flakes are done SD: If we don’t this seaweed too SD: Can we use the Masita seaweed that has your face on it? KH: That already expired
SD: It has been so long already? KH: It’s not my face now, it’s NCT’s face now
RW: Oh really? SD: Is it Ten? EH: For Masita? EH: I’m not sure, should be
SD: I think so too EH: Ten is Thai
RW: Ten is good Since three of us are here, the vocal team is here. Let’s sing a song SD: Hey hey are you okay? SD: It’s hot. Be careful KH: I wanted to sit down RW: Hot hot hot SD: If you are hot, raise V up on your head KH: Let’s talk a bit about our album RW: Here? Suddenly?
SD: Why are we talking about album here? SD: It’s ok if we don’t talk about it, everyone here knows about our album SD: We don’t need to say it purposely. It’s better for us to talk about something they don’t know SD: Is this your pyjama?
EH: Yes, it’s my pyjama SD: This looks good
EH: It’s silky SD: Where did you buy it? EH: This is given by a lovely ELF who wants me to wear it comfortably SD: The person who buy this, please send the URL? It’s URL? SD: Please send the URL to buy the pyjama EH: I really like this material EH: Normally you have to wear thick pyjama during winter EH: But this is really soft SD: I wear the Super Junior pyjama
EH: That’s nice too SD: I like that
RW: Oh do we have something like that? EH: Super Junior has a pyjama
RW: Is it merchandise? EH: Not sure
SD: He was in the army EH: Did you do Super Duper? RW: No I didn’t SD: You were in the army
RW: I join during the encore KH: I didn’t do Super Duper too SD: Both of you weren’t there RW: I heard that it was written by LeeTeuk
SD: Yes it was written by LeeTeuk RW: Really? KH: Who ate so much? There is not much seasoning left?
SD: It’s not a rumour, it’s real EH: That’s why you have put more seasoning
RW: In that case, add some red pepper paste KH: There are still some seasoning left
RW: Okayyy EH: Is what we ate just now?
KH: I just take it out just now RW: It’s just nice now
SD: Is there any ventilation here? SD: Is it ok? KH: I can just open the window
EH: Since it’s his room RW: Open the window kkk SD: Oh right… it’s his room SD: There is also a big projector EH: What should we do now? SD: We just do the live with three of us KH: It’s a live show, why three of you sitting there and don’t talk EH: But seriously if you gather 3-4 SJ members at one time EH: We need to be paid SD: That’s right, we should get paid KH: How much? EH: This is an online show
KH: So how much is it? SD: Kyuhyun should buy each of us a macbook KH: There is not so much money SD: Really? Not so much? SD: Now we have more than 16,000 viewers now KH: If it’s a live show…
EH: 16,000 SD: Promise, let’s make a promise SD: Let’s do something if we surpass 20,000 EH: Give me 20,000won SD: If we surpass 20,000 viewers, Kyuhyun will give us each 20,000won WOW SD: This is not bad EH: Now it’s 16,000

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