[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] 613 BTS HOME PARTY Practice – Unit stage ‘삼줴이(3J)’

[‘3J’ Hope&Jimin&Jungkook are practicing their dance for Home Party] V: It looks great! *high five is rejected* [They easily go through a dance that seems exhausting just by the looks of it]
. [They easily go through a dance that seems exhausting just by the looks of it]
V: Wow, it looks great! [They easily go through a dance that seems exhausting just by the looks of it]
. [Like a small sesame seed, a yellow baby chick Min Suga enters] [The day before the performance, 3J practices the parts they mess up on once more] JM: Oh there was that too. I missed it. JH: Wait, the beat JM: The way I see it… JH: Should we only do the arm? JK: If it goes over… JH: Yeah. Let’s only do the arm. Yeah. JM: Just the arm?
JH: Yeah. It will be easier with the jumps. JM: So, just the arm?
– Just the arm. [They practice the parts again right away] JH: This explosion feeling has to match up perfectly. JM: So cute. [They complete the dance that they practiced multiple times!] [On the day of the performance, The Urban Dance Unit ‘3J’ rehearses] [They finish off the practice after doing their best as if it was the real performance!] [At the Billboard Awards, Hobi dances with no accompaniment!] JH: Wasn’t I right? JH: How am I supposed to know this? [After just listening to the 1st verse, he is attempting to dance along to his music]
. [After just listening to the 1st verse, he is attempting to dance along to his music]
JK: You started to go faster. / JH: Oh really? JH: It’s impossible to not go faster. You try it. JH: It does go faster. It’s unavoidable. [For the sake of a good performance, 3J doesn’t miss an opportunity to practice] [Jjimnie enters while still wearing a shower gown and a face mask] JM: Everyone, this might look weird, JM: My complexion isn’t good right now. JH: This is pretty much the last broadcast. JK: We are doing it thoroughly. JH: We have about 3 weeks left. JM: I don’t know this last part. I just started to learn it.

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  1. I litterly looked up the Eng sub version just because I wanted to know what Tae was screaming in the background😂😂😂

  2. Are we gonna ignore the fact that Jimin was in a bathrobe and a sheet mask looking hella adorbs. My heart caant take much more of this #bias

  3. songs?
    nvm they're in the description lol, except for the first song which is coco by ot genesis

  4. jimin is a sexy ballerina, jungkook is a stage dancer or music video dancer and jhope is like a street dancer turned choreographer

  5. Here's the songs they were dancing to
    1. O.T. Genasis – Coco
    2. Chris Brown – Take you Down
    3. Kyle – Don't Wanna Fall in Love

  6. Some people might say “They don’t know what they’re dancing to so it’s ok,” but when you hear them sing the lyrics and put that much emotion into every move you can tell that they know exactly what they’re doing. WHICH IS WRECKING ANY BIAS LIST YOU HAD

  7. oh my god this was so freaking cool they are SUCH good dancers and so inspirational I wish I can one day be even half as good as them jESUS

  8. I couldn't understand why Hobi is my fav dancer but now I know. Kookie has super sharp and clean lines and jiminie is smooth and precise but Hosoek dances like he's breathing. Like it's not something that he's doing but just how he exists. There something so carefree and natural about the way he dances( of course he just work very very hard to get there) that it just clicks.

  9. Hobi has such amazing energy and charisma when he dances, how can you NOT love this man??? 😤❤️❤️❤️

  10. They did amazing as always ugh yes TALENT. I love our boys sm😍💜 And also I can't stress this enough, but this was HOT AF 😳🔥

  11. I still can't get over on how great Hobi is as a dancer and a choreography leader. His footwork is insane! And the thing here is that he gives his 100% during practice and his 200% on the actual performance. 7:12 The way he pops his legs, how can he even do that perfectly?!

    0:47 And I love how Jin is hyping up Hobi

  12. 1:06 Like a small sesame seed, a yellow baby chick, Min Suga enters. I wheezed so hard what are these captions 🤣🤣🤣

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