[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] V’s Surprise Birthday Party – BTS (방탄소년단)

[Before the Gayo Festival’s broadcast, Jimin prepares for TaeTae’s birthday party]
JM: At this moment, we will be preparing Taehyung’s birthday cake. JM: At this moment, we will be preparing Taehyung’s birthday cake. [He writes a message on top of the cake with a choco pen] At this moment, I will… JK: Come in, come in. JK: You still didn’t do anything? JM: I just started. JK: This looks good. I’ll be eating this. JK: I could eat this, right? This is it. [They suddenly mentioned his birthday and almost ruined the surprise party;;] JH: Try making a heart. JM: Wait a second. Wow, it’s really pretty. JM: You have to sing the song fast! JH: The heart! He’s blowing the candles! Hurry up! JH: Taehyung, look at this. RM: Wow, this is an expensive cake! J: Yeah, Taehyung. I went and bought it myself. JM: Isn’t the cake decorated well? V: Who decorated the cake?
JM: Why are you doing this~ JH: These things… JH: Eat this. JM: I put “maturity” here so you can become more mature, I put “health” here so you can stay healthy, JH: You really do need to become more mature. Hurry up and eat this. JH: Hurry up and eat this. Become more mature.
JM: Eat it in front of all of us. He has to eat maturity properly. J: Hey, he took the maturity with all the letters. JM: Here, eat “health”. JM: Now eat this. JH: Congrats! JM: Eat “Happy Birthday” too. RM: World winner, stay healthy. J: Eat love too. RM: Our world…world’s 1st place. JM: Happy Birthday. S: Wow, it’s really your birthday.
V: Thank you! J: Taehyung, congrats! JH: When it’s Taehyung’s birthday, that means the end of the year is approaching. JH: Another year is going to pass! V: Wow… JH: Do you remember last year? V: The thing we did with KBS…that… V: Wow. V: To be honest, I had no idea about this because it’s not my birthday today. So I didn’t expect this at all, but since the members prepared this, I’m so thankful. JH: Look at the heart. Jimin drew that himself. V: Wow…Seokjin hyung said that he bought this himself, but I don’t know about that… J: Of course I bought it. V: Jimin, thank you. JK: Hyung, did you just cut it in half yourself?
V: Yeah. JK: You cut it beautifully. He’s really good at cutting this. RM: Is it chocolate? Yeah it is.
RM: It is? J: It sounds good. Me too. JK: This is a really expensive cake. J: Me too! JH: Wait, wait. What did you do? Hey, go like this. JH/J: Wow. JM: Hyung, did you try the stuff on top?
JH: Why? JM: It’s really sour. JK: The red is really sour. JM: It has lemon flavor. JH: If I eat it with something sweet, I’ll be fine. JM: This is really sour. JK: The purple ones are okay. JM: I don’t think you can eat the red part.
JH: Alright. V: The red part tastes good. JM: It’s really sour. S: Red flavor? I’m curious honey~ S: What flavor is it? Red Flavor! I’m curious honey~ J: I have brought chopsticks for you all. Wow. S: I’ll try the red part. J: Be thankful that I’m prepared. JK: I gave Suga hyung that one. S: Let’s see how this red flavor tastes. JM: It’s sour.
JH: Oh, really? Is it that sour? JH: Oh, it is really sour. S: Why do I taste red pepper paste? J: It reminds me of that old thing… V: Mm! It tastes good! [Says a brand of something I don’t recognize] RM: Eat a lot! It’s really tasty! S: It really tastes like red pepper paste. Try the red part. V: Yes, hello everyone! V: It’s finally my birthday at KBS Gayo Festival on Dec. 30th 2017. JM: No it’s not. It’s tomorrow. V: I’m just going to start my birthday today since you got a birthday cake for me. [This has been the exciting and warm World’s 1st place TaeTae’s birthday party!]
JM: Happy birthday, Taehyung.
V: Fighting.

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  1. It wasnt subbed but at 5:15 jungkook says
    "The purple ones are okay but if you eat the red ones you die"

    Just thought it was funny and a little disappointed because it wasnt subbed

  2. Joon: "is it chocolate?"
    Tae: "it is"
    Joon: "IS IT!!!"
    -seconds later
    Joon: waits patiently to get the taste of chocolate
    Tae: feeds him the red decoration that the other members are clearly saying its sour and shouldn't be eaten
    Joon: immediately regrets even joining

  3. Justin seagull Chim chim taetae 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 My fav. BTS member is JUNGKOOOOOOOOOÒOOOOOOOOK KOOOKKIEEEEEEEE 😘

  4. Happy birthday how manny old are you 😺😻👪💖💗💟💞💝💓❤💎👑🐴🐇

    EDIT: this was my 7 y.o. sister, not me

  5. They ate cake with chopsticks😂😂😂…m done😑😂😂😂 bye👋✋✋👋✋👋✋i luv my dorks😂💜

  6. Jimin got V a cake his ass only likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  7. Well.. Jimin is the official cake decorator 😎but I wonder 🤔who will decorate his cake this coming Saturday 13-10-2018😅😗😗 advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY😘😘

  8. RM'S FACE AFTER EATING THE RED THING !!! hahaha I love you Joonie!!
    Mochi so cute always decorating the cakes for the members! <3 Also, being considerate of Jhope who probably doesn't like sour things, oh my hearteu!!
    Suga so hyper hahaha! He was happy to eat the cake
    JK looking dapper in his suit, omg.
    Jhope being his angelic self <3
    Jin: "I bought it!" after V doubted him aha! He's always spending the big bucks for his lil' brothers.
    V looked really happy!!! Can't believe this was in 2017! Now his birthday is around the corner again. One year really does fly by so fast :O

  9. happy birthday veeeee you're my fav #2018 I'm right now crying here becoz I can't meet you and wish you face to face saranghaee v may you get a lot of success in your life lots of love I'm a huge fan of yours !!!!!!!!!!!!kim taehyung happy birthday todays 30dec 2018 so I wished you

  10. I love you vmin 😘😘😍😍 you are the best couple for me. My bunny 🐰 and my heart💜❤💜❤. I purple you 🎂🎁🎉👑🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  11. Wait.. in Korea when a new year starts they age up 1 year right V's birthday is december 30th? So that means every year on v's birthday he ages up, then ages up again a few hours after that. So on his birthday he ages up twice in less than 24 hours.

  12. Jimin is the one who always prepares the cake, he’s so precious, always thinks about his members, their health and safety on stage and well-being I can’t handle this mochi😍🤩

  13. ok so there’s no one want to talk about JIN who buy the cake specially for V? i’m soft with taejin💖

  14. Jk laughed at suga cause he give wrapper instead of chopstick but still suga can't stop singing

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