[Eng Sub] Birthday party ideas الفكيرة 119 | أفكار لعيد ميلاد و هدايا 1

Welcome to Fokaira channel Moody sent me on Facebook asking for a video of Birthday decoration and Birthday Buffet And as it was Damir’s Birthday on 24th of June so I will show you what preparations I made for the Birthday all the food here is Vegan without any animal products That’s because Damir is Vegan This video is part 1 has part of the preparations and the coming part will include the gifts and the cake If you liked the video please thumb up in YouTube And subscribe in the channel to get notified of new videos I will leave you with the preparations

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  1. You did alot sweety but as always the result is a beautiful relaxing video (as always) and recipes that must be tried ☺ did u see my 28th video? "wink wink"

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