[ENG SUB] JIN’S BIRTHDAY Celebration on VLIVE ft. Tae, Kooky, JIMIN, Hobi

Hello, everyone. 3 more minutes left until
world start BTS Jin’s birthday. To read the comments with you, Right to my live show. Hold on. What a great picture quality. These days… That… Good cell phones…
Good cell phones have a great picture quality. Wait. I can’t read the comments with this. Hello, everyone. 2 more minutes to go, until world star Kim
Seokjin’s birthday. Check your clock, everyone. And… Turn on the watch on Naver and… Oh, I should type in time, not watch? Right.
It’s 11:58:35 now. Exactly 1 minutes and 20 seconds later,
it’s my birthday. You know people do the New Year countdown
on December 31st, right? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I know you would feel embarrassed but
if you’re watching this, please do the countdown, like 10, 9, 8, 7…
And after that, please say “Wow, happy birthday”!
I wanted to do this. I will do it, too. If we all gather our embarrassment together,
it’ll become confidence. So, don’t be so shy. I urge you to participate in this. We have 40 seconds left.
Everyone… Please say you’ll do it with me
in the comment. Or I’ll be so embarrassed. If you’re not going to do it,
I won’t do it. How much time do I have?
We have 30 seconds left. If you’re not going to do it,
I won’t do it. So, please tell me in advance. Because the most important thing is
the communication with you. “Of course I’ll do it”.
Oh, here’s “Of course I’ll do it”. How much time do I have now? 52, 53! 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time’s up! Kim Seok jin, happy birthday! Everyone, it’s my birthday now. I’m so happy. In fact, I didn’t know that my birthday is today. Yesterday… Yesterday… What was it?
We had a rehearsal for MAMA. While we were doing the rehearsal,
somebody said, “Oh, it’s Jin’s birthday tomorrow”.
That’s when I knew. As I’ve been so busy,
my birthday… Birthday.. How can I put it? Now I know that I can forget about my birthday. Well, now it’s past 12 and
it’s my birthday. So, reading your comments, let’s talk… Right. When it hits 12, the notification of Twitter
goes off. I heard that Big Hit Entertainment
made a congratulatory image for my birthday. Then, let me check out Twitter. How can I find it? What should I type in? Hold on. I don’t know. Well, I heard that it’s on
BANGTANTV. So, I’ll check out BANGTANTV. The latest..
What’s this? I didn’t play it. I’m sorry. If you go into the BTS Official… BTS Official. I’m good at computers.
I mean it. There it is. This is BTS Official.
BTS Official Twitter. This is it. What’s this? This is the congratulatory message?
It’s just my face. How can it be lagged here?
It’s not right. Well, the internet connection is….
It’s good but… It’s a little bit bad, so..
Oh, it’s working now. It just recorded 1,217 hits. Everyone, let’s watch it
from the top with me. It starts with a hand kiss. WWH Jin Day… It’s not an abbreviation
of “worldwide handsome Jin”, is it? Well, people think alike. It’s not started… “Cannot play media”, it says. Let’s not get panicked. Who are you? I told them to come at 12 sharp,
and they did! Who is there? – My bros!
– Jin! Can you see the three candles? – Hey, you can’t curse on a show.
– Hey. – Decided not to say nasty words. – I think I just heard something.
– No, I don’t swear anymore. – Hey.
– Hey, can you see the three candles? Hey, I’m not 30 yet. – Hey..
– Well, if you round it off… If you were going to round it off,
you should have rounded it up since I was 25. We just want to congratulate
your 30th birthday in advance. So, we prepared something special.
Three candles. Wow, I’m so touched.
But what about other members? – I hope you understand.
– Why, why, why? – We came back from the rehearsal….
– Right, right. – And almost 2 hours passed since then.
– Right, right. – We can fall asleep…
– I’m so moved by you. – But I…
– You should blow them out now. – Not yet. We should sing him first.
– Please sing now. – Okay. Turn off the light. I’m sorry but we should sing
after 14 seconds. – Okay, okay.
– We have 1 minute left. – Let’s turn off the light. – We shall do it
at 12:04 a.m. sharp. – Okay, okay, okay. – In the waiting room, I said, “Guys, it’s my birthday
after 2 hours”… – Time’s up. Okay. 5, 6, 7, 8. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jin,
happy birthday to you. What? As you blew them out,
you’re thirty now. No. Hey, you blew them out, so you’re thirty now.
Okay? I mean, I’m not thirty yet.
After my 28th birthday, – And then I shall have my 29th birthday…
Don’t say that I’m old. – No, you’re not… Happy birthday, Jin. Happy birthday, Jin. – 30 is not old.
– Guys, I’m so moved. – You shall eat it.
– Okay, I shall. – You made it.
– Have one. – That’s not…
– You shall have a bite. – It’s been so long since I stopped swearing…
– You should try one. – This… I shall eat if you ask me.
– No, no. – Eat anything.
– Happy birthday to you~ Your birthday always falls in the awards season. – Right? – I always had my birthday in Hong Kong.
– That’s what I’m talking. – Happy birthday to you. – But I had it
in Korea last year. – You got so many cakes! That’s a hat, don’t get mistaken. Oh, right. – I was so surprised.
– It’s not a cake. It’s a hat, guys. Jin!
Whose cake is this? – That’s BTS…
– Can I eat this strawberry? Eat it.
I’ve prepared it for you. You… I thought all of you would come,
so I prepared a lot. I grew them myself. – Really? – Yes.
– Wait. No, don’t bring them here. It’s fine.
They must have fallen asleep as they’re so tired. Don’t bring them here. It’s okay.
They must be sleeping. I was joking… Hey, look at the congratulatory message.
It’s made by Big Hit Entertainment. As it’s a congratulatory message, I thought
Producer Bang Sihyuk and Lee Hyun,
be in the video, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER
would be in the video. But it’s just me. – I couldn’t wake them up.
– Good job. – They’re sleeping, really. – Right. They must
be really tired. – They seem to fall asleep. – Then…
– What’s that for? What is that? – What is this? – This is the congratulatory
message from Big Hit Entertainment. – Congratulatory…
– Cute hat. – Made by our agency.
– What does it mean? Congratulatory sending? – “Chuk” means congratulatory and..
– Okay. What about “jeon”? Jeon…
Jeonmal (really) congratulate. Don’t laugh like that. – It’s crazy. – Chukjeon means,
happy birthday, jeonmal happy birthday. – Who is it?
– Happy birthday, really. – Yeah. – Happy birthday, really.
– Who is it? My bro! – Hey.
– I didn’t want to come because I’m so ugly now. – No, you’re not.
– Hey… – I didn’t want to come as I’m so ugly now. But I came, out of loyalty. – Yeah, that’s really loyalty.
– We don’t do birthday punches anymore, right? No way! – Jin!
– j-hope, j-hope! Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin… – Jin, Jin, Jin… – You know we’re not supposed
to do such things, j-hope. – What are you doing here?
– Don’t you remember? – On my birthday?
– j-hope.. – It’s so flashy. – I asked them to prepare this.
– Hey! j-hope, do you remember my last birthday?
December 4th? – December 4th. – I asked for your watch.
– What? You’re making me feel sorry. – It is still valid. – Hey, eat something delicious.
Like this. – Where did you.. Our staff brought this.
It’s a sincere agency. Do you want to try it on? Anyways, because of MAMA, we can officially wish
you a happy birthday every year. So honored. Thank you so much.
You came for my last birthday as well. – You know, right? When I was playing that game.
– Happy birthday, bro. I think you should wear it when we
walk on the red carpet. – But where does this sound come from?
– I know. – I played it.
– You did? Hey, seriously. You should wear it
when we walk on the red carpet tomorrow. – Seriously?
– Yes, seriously. If you mean it,
tell our agency that. – Okay?
– Jin, please wear it. I’ll acknowledge you then. Okay. I’ll ask for their confirmation. I’ll tell them, “j-hope said I must wear this”… – It’s your birthday. You can wear it.
– “Can I wear it on the red carpet”, I would ask. What a nice computer
in a hotel room. – What’s this?
– You always carry it around? Sorry. I need to play games.
I had no choice. Amazing.
How can you set it all up? I’m sorry. Jimin, you can’t touch it. No, no.
I set it all up. You shouldn’t change a thing. – No, no, no.
– Yes, yes, yes. – No, no.
– Yes, yes. – My face looks like this.
– Not that one. You should watch the other video. – What? – Before… – Congratulatory message.
– This is not it. Happy birthday. Where is it? – Oh, he’s watching TV.
– Here it is. What’s that?
9-second video? It’s made by our agency.
It’s their congratulatory video message. But the internet connection is not good now. Hey, can you move aside for a bit?
I was working on it. – As the message “Cannot play media” popped up..
– Done. Jin! Jin! You’re laughing? You’re laughing? The timing was exquisite. You’re laughing? – Is that all? – Who is that again, who?
Hey, let’s take a guess. – Who do you think it is? – Jin!
– It’s Jung Kook. – Jung Kook?
– It’s either Jung Kook or Taehyung. – Jin. I think it’s Jung Kook. JK! I knew it, JK! – Happy birthday. – How did you know that
it’s Jung Kook? – Huh? – How did you know? I have a hunch. Did you take a shower? – Huh? – Did you take a shower?
– I can tell he didn’t, at a glance. – I worked out.
– You worked out? – You chose me over working out.
– JK! – No. I said I worked out.
– You did? Okay. – JK. Then, we should finish watching
the congratulatory message. – They worked hard to make it.
Jimin, there.. – Congratulatory message… – That’s my seat. Please move aside. – Hey, there’s no such thing as your seat.
– Jung Kook, introduce yourself. – Hello. You did a nice job there.
I just saw it. – Jja handsome.. Jja happy birthday…
– So handsome. – Jja handsome..
– What is that? Jja handsome. It means really handsome. I thought it means you look small. Jja handsome, jja happy birthday. – I thought..
– Jinjja (meaning really) happy birthday, Jin? Oh, really handsome, Jin,
really happy birthday, Jin. – You.. You are…
– Jja handsome, jja happy birthday… You seem to be older than me. – Jja handsome…
– I really thought so. You need to reflect on yourselves.
And please move aside for a minute? – I… – Let me play it, guys.
– I have some ideas. I worked out hard today. – You don’t have to work out here.
– Here we go! Jin! – Jin! Why does it always stop here? Why does it always stop here? Why are you sneezing? – It just came out.
– I think the air is not good here. – What do you mean? There’s even an air purifier.
– Let me play it again. I’ll work now. Here we go. Jin! Jin! They did a good job, right? You filmed it alone?
Without us? – V’s video will come out.
– Really? Around the latter part of December,
V’s video message will come out. Don’t worry. – What? – You just… You’re releasing that
on your discretion? – No, I just worked out. – I’m sorry.
– Say, ah. – No way.
– Say, ah. JK, are you going to do this? – JK, strawberries are okay. – JK.
– But Jin always has his birthday like this. – Tomorrow should perform on MAMA.
– JK, are you really going to do this? – No, I can’t eat it. I can’t.
– JK, MAMA or me? Choose one. – JK.
– MAMA or me? – It’s Jin’s birthday cake.
– Lots of ARMY are watching us now. – JK.
– If I choose you, I shall eat it? – JK.
– Right. If I were you, I already ate it. – JK, JK, JK.
– JK. – No. You should eat it, too, JK. Jung Kook, there are three candles. – Huh?
– Hey, don’t say that. I’m not thirty yet. 29. – Oh, 1 year in advance.
– Yes, 29. 29. – Whether it’s 28, 28 or 30… It doesn’t make much
difference. – This strawberry is so good. – See? I mean, so.. What are you going to do with us now? – You were going to do something?
– He said he prepared lots of things. – Well…
– Hey, tell us all about your plans. I mean, I didn’t think that far.
I was planning to play games with ARMY. So, I tried to contact many games. – But.. – You tried to contact?
– Which game can you play now? – I did and… – You can play it online only, right?
– That’s right. I tried to contact many games but… This one company… – What a popular guy.
– You need to take a guess. – Should I take a guess?
– I think… – It’s Taehyung. – No, no.
– If you guess it right, the door opens. Okay? – No, no. It can be SUGA.
– No, no. It’s Yoongi. It must be Yoongi. Because this person
didn’t ring the bell a lot. It means, it’s Yoongi. Is it really Yoongi? Then, Namjoon…
He runs away after ringing the bell? He was here. – He already left?
– Yes, he was here. – Nobody’s there.
– Open the door. – He must be ducking down.
– Is this “ring the bell and run away”? If that person is ducking down there,
it’s Taehyung. – Nobody. – This is what they call, “ring the bell
and run away”. – Nobody’s there? I never thought someone would ring the bell
and run away at a hotel. Listen. So, I… – He’s going to come back, I’m 100% sure.
– Right. So, I tried to contact many games but.. – About.. – He came back, right?
– He came back. – And? This company..
This company offered me that… So, I said I’ll do my best and play the game.
So, I was waiting for it. And then, I forgot about my birthday. – I think both of us forgot about my birthday.
– Really? – So, I couldn’t do it.
– Then, what should we do now? – Oh, he’s here. – As both of you forgot about it.
– Yeah, I think we both did. You want me to open the door?
But nobody’s there. I’ll do it.
The owner of the room is supposed to do this. We’re not babies anymore.
Who does that? Taehyung… – He’s going to catch him. – Okay. If we don’t
open the door… – If we don’t open the door.. Starting from today,
Jimin, j-hope and JK, 3J’s V Live begins! It begins. – 3J. – 3J. – 3J! Today..
– Today, j-hope will show you poppin’ dance. – Today.. – Today, j-hope will show you
poppin’ dance. – Poppin. Bukchigi bakchigi. Get it, get it, get it. Bukchigi bakchigi, bukchigi bakchigi,
bukchigi bakchigi, bukchigi bakchigi… Buk, buk, buk, bam! Yes! Okay. Jin’s here.
Jin’s here. – Jin came back.
– I was watching you, boys. – Do you mind if I eat a strawberry?
– Not at all. – Boys, then move aside now.
– You do anything you want now. Don’t you want some cake? V is here! V! It’s really funny to listen to our show
in real time. – I thought you were all sleeping
but you were not. I became a cameraman again. I’ve never expected that you would
set up your computer here. – Almost…
– Twitter… You know there’s such thing
as hot trend. Search.. What should type in?
Will it come out if I type in Seokjin? “Seokjin’s birthday injang” comes up first.
What does it mean? Injang? Injang? – What’s that mean?
– Doesn’t it mean a stamp? – That’s “ingam”.
– That’s that? Seokjin’s birthday injang..
What does it mean? – Twitter has “Worldwide top Twitter trends”…
– Injang? – Jin is the most popular!
– Most popular? – Most popular! – Most popular? – Jin is the most popular! Injang.
– I envy you. – Birthday injang.
– Okay, this one… – Jin..
– This one! Doesn’t it mean a stamp? – You did hair for your birthday.
– See, this one. – No? I don’t know.
– Hey, they’re asking you to turn the sound off. Turn the sound off?
Hold on. – You’re so.. – Wait. I’m not good at this.
– Oh, there I am. – Oh, I can see me, too. – You’re all there.
– We can watch it in real time, guys. How our face looks on the screen.. – Let go of me.
– I want to see it. So, I’m going to play that game. – Shall we play “3-6-9”?
– Good idea. – 3-6-9.
– 3-6-9… Honestly, I mean… Let’s play 1-2-8-7.
1-2-8-7. I’m really good at 3-6-9.
Sit here. – Out of the blue?
– Yeah. – Sit. – Hey, we have many people now.
How about playing Mafia Game? No, I don’t play Mafia Game. – Boys.
– Are you okay? – Sit.
– Okay. Let’s play 3-6-9.
If you lose, leave the room, one by one. – What if you lose?
– Nice. – If you lose, you should leave.
– It’s a gambling. – Okay, good. Let’s play it.
– No! – It’s dangerous.
– If you lose, we’ll wrap it up. Have you ever heard of “Ugh, focus”? – I’ll focus so hard.
– Okay, okay. – I’ll focus.
– I can’t play 3-6-9. – Then, we’ll play 3-6-9 and if anyone loses,
they should leave? – Yes, the loser should leave. – Okay. – If I leave, this V Live is over. – You wrap it up.
– Do you mean it? – No way.
– It’s getting fun now. – Honestly, that’s how you make it fun.
– Do you really think I mean it? Plain 3-6-9 is not fun.
Let’s play 2-4-8-9. – 2-4-8-9?
– Yes. – Okay. – 4 numbers are too many. Let’s just play 2-4-8.
– Let’s play 2-4-8-9. – Then, 2-4-8-9. – Making it difficult.
– 2-4-8-9? Okay. – Everybody, sit down. – 2-4-8-9, really…
– I didn’t understand it, 2-4-8-9. I mean, we clap at 3, 6, 9, right? – Instead, you clap at 2, 4, 8, 9.
– Yeah, instead clap at 2,4, 8, 9. – If it’s 43 or 49, you clap twice.
– Or.. – Let’s do 0, 2, 4, 8.
– 0… – No, let’s put 0 later. – 0…
– No, let’s play 2-4-8-9. – 2, 4, 8, 9. – As it’s my birthday,
do it as my birthday present. – Okay, okay.
– Hey, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 7…. – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8…
– Just play 2-4-8-7! Sit now! I’ll go fast. 2, 4, 8, 9, 2, 4, 8, 9,
2, 4, 8, 9, 2, 4, 8, 9! – 1
– 3 – 5 – 6
– 7 8! – I forgot the numbers. What were they?
– 2, 4, 8, 9. – I said 8. – Oh, you were 8?
– Get out, get out. – Bye. – What just happened?
– Bye. – You’re just sending me away like this?
– Get out, get out. Next, it’s 1, 2, 6, 7. No, no.
It’s funny so just wait there. – Okay. I see.
– He sounds so funny when he said okay. – Okay. – 1, 2, 6, 7, 1, 2, 6, 7.
– 1, 2, 6, 7? – 1, 2, 6, 7. – 1, 2, 6, 7, 1, 2, 6, 7.
– Okay. 1, 2, 6, 7, 1, 2, 6, 7
1, 2, 6, 7, 1, 2, 6, 7. – 3 – 4
– 5 – 8
– 9 – Get out. – Get out, get out.
– Why? – Should have clapped twice.
– Twice, twice. – You stay here. Stay here. – Next. – Let’s do 1, 2, 3, 4.
– 1, 2, 3, 4! 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4. -5 – 6
– 7 – 8 – 9 Epic. – Get out.
– Get out. Jin is so good!
He’s so good. He’s going to win.
Okay. what now? Anything two people can play? It’s the final round. – I want something special.
– Amazing. Then, how about playing “Tangsuyuk” game
with “Army saranghae”? – That’s really tough.
– Let’s go! – Ar – My
– Sa – Rang – Hae – Ar – My
– Sa – Rang – Hae – Ar – My
– Sa – Rang – Hae Sa! – Let’s go.
– We all lose! – Jin beat us all!
– Hey! – Reset, reset. Hey, you didn’t lose on purpose, right? Is it my birthday present? – What are you going to play now? You can’t
think of anything now, right? – What game now? – I was…
– So, what are we going to do now? I was going to play that maple game but… – Huh? Excuse me?
– Do you want to play 3-6-9? – I was going to play that maple leaf game!
– What is that? – Maple leaf story!
– You know the game I always play. – By any chance, that..
– The maple leaf game! – Oh, the maple leaf game! – I was going to play that game but
due to the internet connections.. – You can’t. – The connection is not good here.
– As it’s too slow. As we’re in Japan, so… I can’t play it because of the bad connection.
So, I prepared another game but.. – Who ate all the strawberries?
– It’ll take so long to install that game. So, I can’t play it, too.
So, do you know that lion game? – Lion king?
– Right, lion king! – You know the game of the past. Lion king.
– I don’t know. – What’s Lion king?
– You know.. – Lion king!
– The one with Simba. – Oh! What’s that game?
– Okay, okay. – Please don’t lie down on my bed like that.
– It’s your birthday. What are you talking about? Your body temperature is the birthday present? – You know, he never get on his bed
if he’s not wearing pajamas. – Right. My pajamas are getting ready,
right over there. Hey, please get RJ’s pajamas.
Hey, don’t! He went to the bathroom! Am I supposed to get happy birthday wishes
or get bullied on my birthday? I think it’s the day when you get bullied. Oh, it’s the day when I get bullied. – Then, I can’t help but get bullied.
– In fact… I know what he’s like so,
I won’t wear them. – You were going to wear them? Epic!
– If you put them on, Jin’s ears would turn red and he would get so mad.
But he wouldn’t be able to show – that he’s mad as we’re filming..
– Well, my ears don’t turn red, if not for attention. – I mean!
– Happy birthday. – I! – Are you going to wear it
on the red carpet tomorrow? I..
j-hope, get a permission from them. – Right, the network…
– If you get a permission for that, I’ll wear it. – We can’t use it now.
– Strike a cool posture and then… – You take out this hat.
And wear it like this. – Hey, we… – How about that?
– Hey, shall we play Mafia game? I don’t know how to play it.
I forgot how to play it. – Can we play it on “Run, BTS”?
– If we play Mafia game, we’ll disturb Jin. No, no. All of you coming here is enough. – Really?
– Jin’s birthday continues. Jin, birthday!
Done. Go now. Is it over? Everyone, see you next time.
Bye! – Ending it. – Thanks.
– Happy birthday, bro. – Thanks. – Turning it off like that?
– What if I turn it off now? – Are you going to get mad?
– I don’t get mad. I can turn it on.
I’ve decided not to get mad. – Then, it’s over.
– Okay!

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