[ENG SUB] Kyuhyun Birthday Party Live Part 10 – Soju Suju with Eunhyuk & Ryeowook

Can I take this away? Yeah can take all of it away Hey it says ‘Kyuhyun only’ Really? Let’s drink water too Just like Kyuhyun, when it comes to soju…
(it rhymes with a famous soju brand – just like the first time) I got this a gift yesterday RW: Wow what is this?
KH: This… I got this from a fan after the musical It says “just like Kyuhyun” but if you drink like Kyuhyun, you will die Don’t drink like him “Just like Kyuhyun”, they gave it to me Let’s eat the cake first Is this cake sent by SM? RW &KH: This is from SM KH: There are also cakes from the fans, shall we eat the cakes from the fans? You can bring it here too. Wait, this thing… Let’s eat the delicious one This is delicious too Do people drink and eat cake together? They do it together Okay Me too I will drink a bit Drink a bit I will go to sleep I mean I came without thinking of appearing on the show I just want to wish Kyuhyun happy birthday They gave the same cakes Then this is not right KH: This too…
RW: Is it something similar? KH: The same…
EH: What? It’s different Ah it’s strawberry cake What is this? Everyone, are you enjoying your time? KH: Why are you here?
SD: I forgot my bag SD: I’m leaving~
Everyone else: Bye~ RW: What is it?
KH: He is very tired now Is this mine? Bye hyung~ KH: We will start the cake party now
RW: Cake party EH: Cake party?
KH: Hyung, you can move slightly You can sit like with the chair like this Ryeowook can come here a bit too. Look at the screen here Do I look here? Where should I look? Here? Why you do need to arrange all these? Isn’t this an useless live broadcast? Ah here… KH: So it comes out nicely
EH: Where? Alright, I will try to shake it Now there are only adults viewers, right? Since the adults are talking, the kids go to sleep Alright, I will make a tornado Wait this doesn’t work because it’s frozen What are you doing? You brought a frozen soju and say want to make tornado? EH: What are you doing?
RW: It will nice if it melts It can be frozen like this? I will try to make a tornado now Wow how do you do it? KH: The tornado training…
EH: I want to try it KH: One for each person
EH: I will try without training first I can do it tho! KH: But…
EH: I did it, right?
RW: I can’t EH: I can do it without training too
KH: Come in a bit You see Eunhyuk originally know how to do it KH: You see…
EH: You just need to turn it around You don’t just turn it around like that There are people who do it like this There are also people who can’t do it EH: You have to turn it
KH: That’s right because you see Take the bottom of the bottle as the centre and turn it Like this You are saying that there are people who do it this way Holding the bottom of the bottle like this and turn it around RW: I thought you should do it like this
KH: There are also people who do it like this If it’s a tornado, don’t you turn it like this? Tornado! Tornado! RW: Like this
KH: You seems like you did this a lot EH: This is my first time
RW: If you turn it too much If you follow the logic, you don’t need to shake too much, you just need to shake like this and it will come out Can you see? Tornado Oh you need to hold it straight And you can do it upside down too It’s really cool when you do it upside down My hand hurts Does each of us drink one bottle? So the way how you drink it is KH: You can even do it with both of your hands
EH: Twin tornado Wow you are really good at this As expected from drunkard-kyu KH: So like this…
EH: As expected from drunkard-cho So our lesson is finished for today When it comes to drinking, you are really good at it Just like what we said earlier EH: I’m gonna open it
KH: This is not a champagne I want to let them hear the sound Ah you gonna spin to open it, right? I thought you will open it like this Nah… I like this sound I gonna open it EH: This sound
KH: It’s a nice sound EH: And then, you always
KH: There is something that I always do EH: With a cup
RW: Oh wait wait give me this We should drink it like how we usually do Why? There is no number why? Isn’t this that the… Vita 500? No it’s not, there should a number KH: It’s number 1
RW: Is it number 1? KH: It’s number 1
EH: Is it the first one? There is number 1 to number 50 KH: Or is it until number 25?
RW: 25
KH: 25 EH: You are amazing. You know everything
KH: I used to drink a lot This is how I drink I throw away this part of it I drank a lot of traditional alcoholic drinks on KyuTV This is my first-time drink soju EH: Oh really?
KH: Today is this green bottle You guys come at the right time This is a good time for you guys to learn how to drink soju Choum Chorum sent the soju to me I’m going to pour the upper part of the soju Like this much It’s like around half a cup If I pour this on the cup Half of the cup… what will it be! EH: You are really amazing
KH: We’re throwing away this much EH: You could how much is it by feeling it
KH: And… Hey try that On a big cup Pour out around one small cup of soju based on your feeling Just one cup I’m sorry but… KH: Am I a sommelier?
EH: But you are able to do it, right? Am I a sommelier? Pour water into the bottle And see guys… could you see it going down? Can you see the swirl? EH: It doesn’t show on the camera
KH: It shows KH: You guys can see, right?
EH: Oh you can see it You can see the swirl, right? The water is going down now The water goes down And now If you drink it The hangover won’t be so serious for the next day But if we drink as much as you we will still get a hangover If you drink a lot, you will still get a hangover Even you do this trick, if you drink a lot you will still get a hangover KH: I just finished a show today
RW: Can you drink? KH: What about tomorrow?
RW: Don’t you have something to do tomorrow? No one tells me anything about tomorrow KyuTV always have a drinking session I will give everyone one cup We need to let them hear the sound It needs to show on screen too The sound is really good Alright, now Ryeowook RW: Happy birthday
KH: Thank you Today birthday boy Thank you To Kyuhyun Happy birthday KH: Okay and…
RW: Why do you go one round like this? EH: I don’t know where to put it
KH: We have a tradition at KyuTV Ryeowook you are not showing on the screen Drinking while looking into your eyes I really hate it. It’s the worst Changmin created it EH: Oh so Changmin created it? Then it’s pretty cool
KH: Changmin came out as a guest last time The viewers are also holding their cups and they will cheer with us It’s like a wireless Wireless toast Yeah something like that Looking into your eyes EH: What should I say? Something like “ganbei” or cheers Looking into your eyes cheers Cheers One-shot? I think I’m already drunk Why? Do you need to do until that extent? Why is the soju so strong? Is it because it’s number 1? It has been a long time since you drank, right? Me? Yeah I don’t drink much recently The soju is not strong today, it’s… It’s sweet, right? RW: It’s strong for me
EH: It’s smooth tho The best drinking habit that I learned from you Drink water after every one cup of soju Yes that’s right this is really a good habit I follow this rule every single time Eat and drink… ah… drink soju and drink water that No matter what EH: It’s good for the second day
KH: This is a really good habit This is a way for you to drink healthily Recently, my drinking habit… EH: You look like a person who already drunk
RW: No no I’m not Does it show on the full shot? Sorry we can see your leg is here (The way he sits) is really annoying EH: You’re the worst
RW: What to do? Don’t be like this You are the worst xD

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  1. Thank you sooo much for the subs!!(≧▽≦) I love Kyuhyun drinking classes! Eunhyuk looks sooooo cuteeee (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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