[ENG SUB] PENTAGON having a team dinner without Jinho – STAR ROAD Ep. VIII

uploaded by TENTAVERSE Who eats the most and who is a picky eater? – Hongseok, Hui.
– Hongseok. – You’re a picky eater. – Hongseok, Yeo One.
– Hongseok, Jinho. I eat well. I am not a picky eater.
I just only eat what I eat. – That’s what a picky eater is.
– There are lots of things you can’t eat. [Confused]
You can’t eat, no you don’t it. Yeah, he doesn’t eat greasy food. – No greasy food.
– Yeah. Do we have a group dinner often? A group dinner…
We don’t have group dinners well, right? – We…
– We just had a group dinner recently. Only Jinho couldn’t make it. [Never heard]
– Right. – Right. – We promised to meet at 10 AM.
– On Lunar New Year’s day. – It was 1 PM.
– It was 2 PM. – Right. As Hui said he didn’t come,
I didn’t go. – It was a trap.
– Was it? – Yeah. He didn’t want to come I guess. I had something very important. But I told them I can’t go
as everyone would gather. – My schedule finished early that day.
– But it was cancelled. – Right.
– So Hongseok, Wooseok and I… – Then it’s not a group dinner.
– Yes, it is. – It’s a group dinner.
– Yes, it is. – How come eating sundae soup
is a group dinner? – I bought it. – Mixed kimchi stew…
– Wooseok bought it for us. – That’s right. – You spend…
– You don’t want to brag about it but… – You’re bragging well.
– Yes, you are. [Bragging!] – You can treat us on next year’s
birthday. – I’m just pretending. What’s your favorite dinner menu? – Beef.
– We really like seafood, too. – Lobsters.
– I bought a lobster for you back then. – And…
– You… – You bought it.
– Yes. – We ate steamed seafood, too.
– Right. – Steamed seafood.
– It was fun that day. – Right. – We went to an escape room.
– That’s right. – We did. But our favorite menu is [Meat] – Beef? – Meat.
– Beef. – I think it’s beef.
– There’s a menu we eat outside Korea. – I want to eat it.
– In fact, our favorite menu is – kimchi fried rice, not beef.
– Right. – It’s kimchi fried rice for me.
– Me too. – Have we had beef for a group dinner?
– No. – For 8 of us?
– Yes. – Right. We went to eat meat once. It was before the world tour. It was a place next to the 2nd floor house. [Only he remembers…]
– Okay. – Okay. – Yes. – When was it?
– It’s on the 2nd floor. Who’s the best griller? – Kino, – Kino cooks well.
– Kino and Hongseok. – Kino.
– Kino and Hongseok. Yeo One is good, too. – Anyway, I think me and Shinwon are the worst.
– Kino buys food pretty often. – Shinwon is the worst.
– Yeah. – Hui is just…
– Shinwon is good. [Factual attach]
He doesn’t seem happy with it. – What? I’m happy to do it.
– Hui is like, – I’ll buy it, so you grill it.
– Yeah. – No, Hui is like this.
– Like what? – I’m trying to help them.
– “You go ahead and eat”. “We’ll do it”. – “Oh really?” Then, he eats it again.
– What are you talking about? – At group dinners…
– I’ve never seen Hui [Factual attack]
grilling meat. I’ve never seen Shinwon picking a tong for grilling. – What are you talking about?
– For 3 years. – Both has never seen it. It’s more comfortable to sit next to them
at a group dinner. – Right. – Shinwon and Hui. – Right.
– Have you had meat together? We did once last time. – Who grilled the meat at that time?
– Who did it? – He did it for me.
– We grilled it together. I can’t wait for Hui grilling the meat. – Why? – You keep flipping meat over.
– He does it like this. – No, he keeps flipping it over.
– No… – Then…
– Yeah. [Eating it rare maybe]
I need to check if it’s cooked. – That’s right.
– How can you check it? – That’s right. But…
– How can you check it? – I usually guess it.
– Yeah? Anyway, pass. Or, you can use an thermometer. Anyways, there’s another question box here. – What is it?
– It’s a questionnaire from our fans. We will pick one by one. [See you again on March 3]
We will try our best to answer it. – Let’s start from me…
– Okay. Why are you…

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