Everyone, JIN’s birthday party is back. You might not have known this but we were doing a V LIVE on our own
like a rehearsal. This rehearsal mode is complicated. Again, 5, 6, 7, 8. Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Kim Seokjin. Happy birthday to you. – You’re really 90 now.
– 90 years old. – He blew out the candles 3 times. – 3 times.
– 3 times! – 90 years old! Blew them out 3 times. 90 years old!
90 years old! I blew out the candles 3 times! – Congratulations. Jin!
– Jin! Hold on a minute. It’s up now. It’s up. It must have been on rehearsal mode earlier. It’s up now. – That’s a cue for a strawberry.
– I’m eating a lot of strawberries today. That’s a cute for a strawberry. OK. Were where we? We were talking but I can’t remember. I’m going to be on my way so that you
can really enjoy your birthday. – That’s fine but my watch…
– Nose. What are you talking about! – V.
– What about his watch? – I’m leaving. – I’ll go now. Happy birthday.
– Bye j-hope. – OK. You’re so cool. – What about the watch? – Last year, j-hope
said he brought a present for me, and I was like, “Is the present the watch you’re wearing
right now”? j-hope had bought this really expensive
watch with all the money he had. And he was all bewildered so I tried that
same joke again this year. – So what are you going to do now?
– I was going to play a game. The game with the lion. – I don’t know what game that is.
– What game is that? – You don’t know? – Nope.
– You don’t know that game? – Lion Kong?
– Right? I know that. But is there a game? This must be a generation gap.
That was popular when I was little. – I played the Tarzan game.
– It was on a video game. – Yeah.
– Back then… – Video games seem like so long ago.
– The internet guy used to download it on your – computer for free if you got new internet
service. – Yeah. It was released as an official game lately. – It was released as a real game…
– Wasn’t that the official version? That was probably just a copy version. Something like that. So I downloaded the official one. So you’re going to play that game
with the fans today? – How do you play that?
– I was going to, but they can’t play this with me. – It’s not an online game though.
– This isn’t online. – You’re going to show them you playing games?
– Yes, the best I can… A while ago I… – Put it in words…
– The animation company… What was it? – Copy rights.
– The copy rights issue is really serious. I’m not sure if I can say the name or not. Can I? – No?
– Say it differently. “Please turn the sound off”. – I thought it was working.
– Sound! Wow this cellphone is good. – Yeah.
– Since we’re all here anyways, we’ll leave after just one game. – All right.
– We won’t say a word. – I’m a great… – We’ll just watch.
– I’m the game expert of BTS. That’s right. – Do you agree?
– Yes. – You seem… How should I put this? You’re really good at simple games. – What about complicated games?
– No, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re really quick on your feet. – Quick thinking. OK. – You’re good at quick
thinking and concentrating really fast. Quick thinking is really important for this game. – For real.
– I have it downloaded. Focusing in a short period of time…
Wow this brings back memories. Don’t you know this? I’ve never seen this before. – You don’t know this?
– You don’t? – You can jump. – There you go.
– This… – You can jump up.
– You can ride on a giraffe. – Yeah, that’s the 2nd version.
– This is so cute. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this. I used to play that Tarzan… – Yeah! – I was always unhappy about
something on this game. Even though the lion is a baby,
how can he be hit by a chameleon? – The lion.
– It’s not realistic. A lion has his pride! – You were worried about the lion.
– Of course you should worry about the lion. – A kind heart for animals.
– That’s right. – Chameleon…
– Then what about the chameleon… – Why did you fall?
– I don’t curse when I play games. There are items here. You should make sure
you get them all. That’s how you play this game. – Control!
– Was that fancy? What lion gets punched by a hedgehog? Beetles can’t hurt a lion. – So close.
– What beetle can blow himself up! Wait, I think I’m out of lives now. – You haven’t even cleared the first round…
– No wait. I’m really good at this. Hold on. I’m really good. – Can I try?
– I died. – Let me try just one.
– The lion was killed by the hedgehog. OK, after just one more round. There’s one last life left. Is it the last round? I’m really good at this. Hold on. What kind of hedgehog isn’t surprised by
a lion roaring? – What’s going on? – You die if you get
punched twice. – It’s not like I want this to happen. You’ll get it once you try this game
but it’s pretty hard. If you pounce on it, it blows up. – That’s…
– There you go! It’s done! What’s that? A blowing up beetle? – What?
– A life. A life. A life. I’m an expert. You know that, right? Step on it! – What is it?
– Isn’t that like a title? – What’s that? Like a medal?
– Meow. Hold on. – You can ride that up.
– Then I’d get hit. – Yeah. – No…
You’re supposed to step on the tree? – Like this.
– Did you know? Like this. Like this.
You saw that, right? – Why did you come here?
– To get more lives. That’s important in winning this game. – You know that you can win by being hit
by the monster on purpose, right? – There you go. Amateurs like you might not get this – but you have to go through all of these too.
– I do know this. Jung Kook is OK. – Why not us?
– You’re a little… – It’s like the game you can get bigger by
eating mushrooms. – That’s right. – On that game you…
– Huh? – You cleared this round. – You’re done. – Finished.
– Round 1 is easy. – What!
– Hold on. Did you see that? Control? – You’re losing to a hyena?
It’s only a cub. – Hold on. – What?
– You have to pounce on him when he’s sitting. – When you jump… What? – What?
– It’s finished. Round 1 is easy. – Round 1 is like a tutorial.
– It would be funny if that was it. Round 1 is a tutorial. – This is…
– Eat it, eat it. It’s Tumbaa. Tumbaa. – I’m an expert.
– Pumbaa? Isn’t it Tumbaa? – Isn’t it Pumbaa? – Pumbaa, Pumbaa!
– Pumbaa, Pumbaa! – You’re really good at it.
– Pumbaa slobbers a lot. – Expert, expert, expert.
– You didn’t miss anything. Expert, expert, expert.
Did you see that? – We’re watching.
– Can you see how good I am? – There’s a special tip for this.
– Your eye movement is really important for this… – There’s a special tip for this.
– Isn’t that a lot? – That’s a lot of bugs.
– It looks like you ate a ton. As long as you follow him around, you
can eat a lot of bus. – But the speeds are all different.
– Really? – Cake. – This, this, this.
– This, this, this. – I like this one. – Fans who are about the same
age as me, all know this game. – This elephant…
– Nose! – What? – In the meanwhile…
– It’s a rhinoceros. What? – Monkey.
– It tossed it to you! – This is…
– Jimin, you’re bothering my game. You can slip off the giraffe when he
tilts his head. – Really? Have you tried this game too?
– Yeah. You have to change the location of
the monkeys. Yeah. – What? How did you do that?
– Only experts know this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Or you can’t go there.
– In my opinion… Go up! This way! – The cake is really… – I bet Jin practiced
this game to show on V LIVE. – Yeah.
– I played it once last month. It was so hard. What? What? What’s up with the ostrich? – It looks really good.
– Go ahead and dig in. No, we have an important awards ceremony
tomorrow. No. I did everything that I was told to do.
I did a double jump. But why is he by himself and not with his dad? Simba’s dad… – I forgot the story.
– Simba’s dad… He died after being trampled on by
a herd of deer. Scar is like Yeontan’s dad… Yeontan’s dad is that mean? – What?
– It looks like Yeontan. – Tan is…
– Scar had an evil plan. – And Simba’s dad died because of it.
– They’re not human. What are they?
Leopards? I know the name of Simba’s dad.
It was similar to a ramen brand. It was Mufasa. – Oh yeah!
– Mufasa! That’s right. Mufasa, Mufasa. Mufasa! “What are we supposed to do”? “Just talking about it gives me the chills”. – “Mufasa”. – “Once more”.
– Stop it. “Mufasa”. “What are you guys doing”? – Don’t do it here.
– “I’m going to eat you”. We’re going to show you. – Show them what?
– Show them what? – Then we have to do something special.
– Sure. That meow sound is so cute. Can you
make that sound again? All right. In the 5th round or so, the lion
is kind of grown up. The chameleon doesn’t die anymore? – The chameleon isn’t in other stages.
– Then Simba… – It’s because they’re scared.
– What was his name again? – Simba.
– Simba gets bigger. – Why did you do that?
– I didn’t do that. He can’t jump. – Hey. – Why are you getting angry?
– Don’t get mad. I didn’t get mad. I don’t know how
to get mad. Are you going to let us play too? V, you try playing it. Jin…
What if V turns out to be an expert? – When he was younger…
– Which keys do I use? – C is the jump and X is the meow.
– What does meowing do? To change directions… When we were younger… V, you’re not going to die soon, are you? I didn’t change this. – How do you change it?
– It’s the rhino right now. Yeah. Isn’t that a hippo? – A rhino. Rhino.
– It’s a rhino? – It’s cute. – Do you know why rhinos
keep moving their tails? There. – You have to change that?
– All of the pink ones. – So that’s why they’re pink.
– There you go. You must have been pretty good at this game. – I used to like it. – But everyone dies
at this part. I’ll be looking forward to it. The part where everyone fails. What are you trying to dodge? The hippo, the hippo.
There’s a hippo on the bottom. You’re good. – He’s done.
– It’s over. It’s over. Jin wasn’t able to clear this round. I was going to clear it the next time. I didn’t clear it at once for fun. You should jump up at once. You’re not being safe. The tail, the tail. – Can I try? I’ve never played this.
– Yeah, go ahead. – It starts here. Check point!
– Check point! I don’t know this. Should I try it? At once! – At once!
– It’s impossible. You try. – Hey.
– Don’t get angry. You promised not to. – Don’t get angry.
– Why are you getting angry? – I don’t get angry when I play games…
– Come on! – No.
– That was the last life… – I didn’t know it would start right away.
– That was the last life. – The last life!
– Just this once! – Come on you guys.
– Look. – I thought C was…
– You should all get me gifts when we get back. Do a back step. – The last life…- Come on.
– You can continue the game once. You can keep playing on the computer! – You can’t because this is the official game.
– You can’t? Then what? Do you have to start from the
beginning again? – That’s right.
– Hey let’s go. – Good work.
– Good work. – Yeah, yeah, happy birthday.
– Happy birthday. – Happy birthday.
– Bye. Bye. Congratulations. For real. – Hey, hey, hey.
– What? – Fighting!
– OK. Happy birthday, we hope you have a
good time with ARMY fans. – Goodbye.
– Thank you. – We’ll say goodbye now.
– Bye. – 2, 3! Bangtan!
– Before we go… – Should we do some PR for tomorrow?
– Sure. We’re going to be going now. – And it’s been a year since we were in MAMA.
– MAMA awards ceremony. No, let’s do this where they can see Jin. – Since it’s his birthday.
– Yes, we’re… Someone go over there. What kind of performance will we be doing? – It’s been a long time.
– Yes. So we should show our fans
something new, right? – That’s right.
– Are you sure it’s new? – Be quiet. Play your game.
– All right. – So they can feel new emotions.
– All right. We had a rehearsal today. – But…
– How was it V? I loved the performance. What did you think V? – I…
– The cheering sounds… – That’s…
– Hush, hush! – How was it?
– There will be an animal. Animal… Animals are good. Does a lion appear… – Why did you say that?
– I’m sorry… They might be disappointed later when
then see the actual performance, – so just think that there’s a cockroach joining us.
– What? A cockroach? How far are you taking this? – Just… – Anyways, we prepared a lot for
tomorrow, so please look forward to it. And we hope you have a great time with
Jin and his birthday party. – Yes that’s right. – You’re late. It’s almost
time to turn it off. We hope you and ARMY enjoy the
rest of your time. And we’ll go and take some warm baths
for tomorrow and come back. What do you mean, come back? Don’t come anymore. Shall we go for our baths V? – Yes, we’ll be back afterwards.
– No, don’t come back. I’m not going to leave you alone.
You in the room across from me. – Yeah.
– I’m in the room right of you. And the room on the left is mine. – We’re all next door. – I found this really fun game. – You’re playing – All right.
– At your next birthday. – OK. – On your next birthday.
– Preferably on my next birthday, – you guys won’t be there.
– He’s going to be 120 on his next birthday. 120 years old… No it’s 121. – I don’t know…
– So you’re already 30? – What do you mean?
– We’ll be on out way. Bye. Why do I keep dying here? – Come on let’s go you guys.
– Ask him. – Can’t you get past this part for me?
– I’ll play it for you. Why do I keep dying there? It’s weird. – V was the better player. You weren’t that good?
– No that’s not it. It’s weird. The game is a little…. You were the bad player. No that can’t be. Let’s go. – We’ll go now. Bye bye.
– Yes, thank you. I’ll go after V is done. I’m leaving. – Yeah, goodbye.
– Goodbye. Silent game show. Nice and cool. That was sincere. – I’m up next.
– I’m up next. – Thank you.
– Goodbye. Bye Jin. – Bye Jin. – We’ll go now.
– Goodbye. Goodbye ARMY fans. Thank you. Today’s game show with ARMY seems to be… Out of the question. Since this isn’t going to be an option, I’ll read some of your comments and
turn it off. It’s been about 50 minutes and this is a hard
game. I spent 30000 won on this. I’ll try my best to clear this stage in the time
remaining. If you have any questions for me on my
birthday, please write them as comments and I’ll try to answer them. One of our members. A manager. Let’s read the comments. “You have a handsome I’ll read your questions. “How does it feel to be 30”? I’m not 30 years old yet. The members wanted to tease me about getting older so they used 3 candles. But I’m not 30 yet. I’m still 29…
No, I mean… I’m 28 years old. I will be 29 next year.
I’m still very young. But that doesn’t mean that being
30 makes you old. I… I’m not as old yet. But that doesn’t mean I’m calling you old
if you’re older than me. The members always tease me on things like this. Let me read the next question. I’m not 30 years old. For those of you who
just turned this V LIVE on, I want to tell you that I’m not 30. I’m 28.
And I’ll be 29 in the new year. Please remember that. We must be pretty global now. There are so many English comments and
questions in foreign languages. I should have studied English harder
when I was a kid. “Please were the birthday hat on the red carpet”. I’ll have to talk with our company first. I’ll ask if I can wear this hat tomorrow. There are people who manage of our outfits. I’m pretty sure they’ll say no.d say know. But I’ll try anyways. Trying hard is important. I’ll read just a few more. “What kind of birthday present do you wish
to get from the members”? What’s so important about birthday presents? It’s… Coming over and playing with me on my
birthday is meaningful enough for me. I don’t really want j-hope’s watch.
It was just a joke. It’s about 12:50 right now. And I think if it were me, I would have been tired
to come over. They could have just sent me birthday messages but they all came over to congratulate me in
person and I’m thankful for that. “Jin, do you have any behind the scenes stories
about MAMA”? MAMA hasn’t started yet, so I don’t have
any stories yet. There was something I wanted to tell you. “Who put the sign up on the board”?
This is a very important question. We always thank people on stage when we
get awards at ceremonies, but there’s a team that takes care of all
our pictures and videos. They worked hard on this sign for me. Yes, they made sure it was printed out nicely. And brought it all the way here from Korea. They were on the plane with us. So I want to tell that team thank you. And… I should learn some more English. I can read the comments. No… No… And… Yes, “Happy birthday”. Someone wrote, “the most handsome guy
in the world”. I’m “world wide handsome”.
Not the most handsome guy in the world. I don’t think I’m worthy of that nickname. Why did someone write that? I’m WWH. World wide handsome. World wide handsome forever. And… The most memorable birthday ever. The most memorable birthday ever. On my birthday, I always blew out the candles
at midnight with my family. On my brothers, my dad’s, mine, and my mom’s. We always blew out the candles together. And I usually don’t eat cake but we always had to eat a piece. And talking about this is making me
kind of homesick. It was fun. If you have time, I hope you
spend your birthday with your family too. They’re all precious memories when you
get older. Like it is for me. And what else… I… There’s a RJ for BT21… RJ…
Since it’s my birthday soon, I asked if I can get a RJ gift. And they asked about the size.
And I said, “About 2 meters”. And I’m waiting on their reply. But I’m
really looking forward to it. Since it’s all Naver. Anyways, another birthday has come… It’s not over but here it is. I want to thank our members and our ARMY fans who have been sending
birthday wishes from far away. I really want to thank everyone. I really didn’t realize that it was my birthday
until yesterday. I was kind of busy and had a lot to work on so I wasn’t able to prepare anything special. So I want to apologize about that to our
ARMY fans. It would have been nicer if I had prepared
something for you. Last birthday, I had more time but this
birthday I was busy. So I couldn’t work on anything else. But for the next birthday, I’ll prepare something
great so please wait another year. I had so much fun with you all. I love you!

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