[ENG SUB] TXT TMI Part 1 – Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu | DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW

[TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [For the first time
ever, too much information profile] [No skipping allowed]
[Time for TXT to scan for too much information] [Beware, it may be more detailed that
you’d like] [So many tmi for you to become their fans!] [No. 1 leader Soobin] [Soobin’s profile]
[Name: Soobin] [Birth: 2000. 12. 05 (20 years old)] [Height: 185CM] [Weight: 69KG] [Blood type: A]
[Family members: 2 brothers and 1 sister] [Nickname: Sloth] [Habits & skills: Reading,
listening to music, spacing out] At first, I thought he would be shy. But he feels comfortable around us. And he starts to wink whenever we meet eyes. [Winks]
He winks all the time. He must have fun doing that. When there’s at least one person that
I don’t know really well, When there’s someone I don’t know,
I get really shy. I’m different when I’m with the members. [21 years old, the eldest]
Soobin is younger than I am but he’s a really good leader and he’s so
considerate. And he’s really kind. [Scanning (Soobin)
Please wait for a minute] You’re complete. [Loves bread] [Bread, rice cakes, chocolate,
sodas, on a diet, easily bloats, has the most
chubby face] [Soft skin like rice cakes] [Reads all of the fan
comments every day, loves snowy days] [Loves being at home, cute dimples, has a habit of
closing his mouth tightly, minus hands, sweats] [Likes JIN of BTS] [Soft skin like rice cakes] [Stretches]
It stretches out really well. [Wow!!!]
He’s like a frilled lizard. My cheeks and neck stretches out easily. [Time to check out his TMI profile]
We can’t stop here. [Where are you from?] Let’s see how much
the average person’s neck stretches. [Whoa!]
That hurts. [Average person] [Hueningkai can stretch out to
3cm. What about Soobin?] -3~4cm. – 3~4cm. [Wow!!]
– 6cm. – It’s 6cm. [He really does have stretchy skin]
Does it stretch out that much? [Loves bread] [Yum] [Chewing] I can do everything else but I can’t diet. [Biggest concern]
My favorite thing is… [Shaking] [Oh no…]
Do I have to pick just one? [He loves everything] I love bread, rice cakes,
and snacks. [Just as much as he eats] I’ll try to take care
of myself and try to show you the best of me. [No.2 Eldest Yeonjun] [Yeonjun’s profile]
[Name: Yeonjun] [Birthdate: 1999,09.13 (21)] [Height: 181,5cm] [Height: 65KG] [Blood type: A]
[Family members: Only child] [Other special: No double eyelid]
[Habit & skills: Dancing, Riding S board, eating] I love hip-hop. I love to dance. [He’s the best]
He’s a good dancer and rapper. He’s so tall and he has so many talents. [As a trainee]
On the first day, he called me and there was a monthly score board and he asked who was first place. Who is the first place for rapping?
For dancing? For singing? It was Yeonjun. That’s me! [First place as trainee, strong first impression]
He said “that’s me”. [That’s me]
And it was so cool. [As they got closer]
But as we got closer, [Now he’s not like that]
I learned that he’s like a cute younger brother. [Scanning (Yeonjun)
Please hold] [Bumpy ball] [Habit: pulling his hair back,
biting his nails, loves a thrill] [Big hit as a trainee, sentimental] [Loves old
fashioned jokes] [Cried while reading a poem,
dog person] [1st for dancing, rapping and singing! Free
spirited, loves accessories, many boyfriend
-like video clips] [Can’t run well but has great posture, lots of
hair, only member that can cook] [Dented ball] My head on this side is bumpy. So my nickname is “Jjigong” which is
short for dented ball in Korean. [Here it is]
Oh, right here. I love this about him. [Pressing hard] [Loves old fashioned jokes] I want an orange. How long has it been? [Um…] [Proof that he likes old fashioned jokes. jpg] In the beginning, [The legendary trainee]
they used to say I was really cool. [Haha]
But now I’m just Yeonjun. [Big fan 11]
He’s so charming. [Big fan 22] [Haha]
He’s so adorable. I’m going to go now. [(Hey… Oh…)] [Yeonjun’s TMI is over]
I’m going to go now. [No.3 High tension Beomgyu] [Beomgyu’s
profile] [Name: Beomgyu] [Birthdate:
2001,03.13 (19)] [Height: 179cm] [Weight: 55kg] [Blood type: AB]
(Only one) [Family members: 1 older brother] [Nickname: Bamgyu, Bbamgyu, Cookie] [Special
fact: From Daegu] [Special skill: Guitar] When I first met Beomgyu,
he seemed to be quiet. [#Shy #Quiet]
He kept to himself. So I thought that he must be really quiet. And the next day… [Argh!!!] [So cute] [(Beware) High tension 24 hours, 365 days]
I always have high tension. [Trying to hold back]
I’m trying to hold it back. He gives off a lot of positive energy. And he’s really talkative. [Apparently Beomgyu’s interview didn’t
end for a very long time…] [Scanning (Beomgyu), please hold] [Cutie] [Eyesight: Left-4, Right-3, noisy, bites
his nails, favorite foods: Honey rice cakes, tripe] [Studying to write music] [Scares easily, likes
Polaroids, too much talker, must have item
(hairband)] [Daegu dialect] [Owner of parrot Toto]
[Loves the guitar] [Daegu dialect] The alarm went off all of a sudden. [Hometown dialect (feat. Daegu)]
Eating this after dancing is so… The sucker keeps sticking to me. [Loves guitar, sentimental guitarist] [Snap]
I should start over. [So cute] [Nervous] [His guitar playing is so amazing and sweet]
He’s good. [Total insider]
Beomgyu can be friends with anyone. [Hueningkai can vouch for Beomgyu’s talents]
He has so many talents. He’s adorable. [Cutie] [Heart attack] [- From the great
history book of idol’s cuteness -]

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  1. so Soobin likes Jin from BTS and winks like Jin?! damn son we lovin’.
    Bighit called Yeonjun’s nose bumpy and said he’s a sentimental cry baby I can’t- 😂😂

  2. soobin is my bias. he likes jin ( i love jin) and he winks when he meets eyes just like jin ( and i love jin) and he likes to eat like jin ( i love jin ) his bday is just after jin ( did i mention i love jin)

  3. I really had fun watching this video, I hope that other people are just as entertained when they watch one of my own video's.

  4. Taehyun saying yeojun as a younger brother 😂 sorry i don't get the feels.
    Taehyun is so small and cute.
    He's my bias

  5. Noo he can’t be 20 when he was born 2000 like how can that even be possible???! My brother was also born 2000 and he’s 18 ! (Turns 19 this year) he must be as old as the year for example it’s 2019 so he must be 19 or 18 but why 20 ????? And if I look At the exact birth my brother IS EVEN OLDER than him Wtf ?! I‘m so confused ! Same yeonjun he must be 20 or 19 not 21 if he was born 1999 🥴🤨

  6. Am i the only one who thinks yeonjun is really similiar to jin?? He likes old fashioned jokes and he can cooks!!!!

  7. 1) Okay Soobin does NOT need to be on a diet he's already nearly underweight for his height 🤨come on BigHit stop doing this shit he is perfect the way he is

    2) omggg Yeonjun and I are the same age, same blood type, neither of us have siblings or can run well, we both have thick hair, both love to rap and sing… we're obviously meant to be 😏😏😏

  8. It's decided. Soobin is my ultimate bias and yeonjun (he got Jin's vibe tbh) is my bias wrecker 😂 Why did I have such a thing for leader lmao (namjoon is my bias wrecker lol) I could tell that soobin is lowkey savage and he seem to be so font of/close with beomgyu tho. TXT hwaiting ! I hope you guys got this year rookie award ❤️

  9. Can't wait to see them grow and become successful, sadly I did not have the chance to watch over BTS from the beginning since I got to know them at the beginning of 2017 and they were my first k-pop group ever and I still love them soo much and I FINALLY HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO TO THEIR CONCERT IN LONDON 2 OF JUNE:) They will always be my fav k-pop boy group. I am a person who does not stan many groups but I can like other group and listen to their music. The only group I stan are BTS but this year I actually started to stan Oneus, I fell in love with their voices and their talent If you have not heard their debut song Valkyrie then I recommend you to listen to it. So now I can finally watch over Oneus and TXT grow together with us and share their happy moments and hardships.

  10. Я был удивлён когда увидел такое количество субтитров, может это я тупой и первый раз такое вижу..но как же это прекрасно!!!✨❤

  11. Why wouldn't he love Jin 💜 where are my Sagittarius people we all should be happy we share a zodiac sign with this 2 lovelies
    Jin's birthday is 5 days b4 minez
    Soobin's is 4 days b4 minez
    Ain't I blessed or wat😂😂😍😍♥️♥️♥️😁❣️💜💜💎

    But if you share a birthday with them then s***♥️

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