[ENG SUB] TXT TMI Part 2 – Huening Kai & Taehyun | DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW

[Name: TAEHYUN] [Birthday: 2002,02.05 (18)]
[Height: 177cm] [Weight: 53kg] [Blood type: A] [Family: Youngest]
[Hobby/skills: soccer, talking] [Nickname: Cutie] [Loves good quotes] [Confident eyes, nose,
mouth] [Right foot’s little toe doesn’t
touch the ground] [Confident eyes, nose, mouth] [TAEHYUN has huge eyes, nose, and mouth!!!]
TXT: 1, 2, 3. – They’re huge! [They’re going to compare]
BG: We prepared something.
HK: We’re all prepared. [SOOBIN]
1,2cm. [YEONJUN]
BG: The biggest you can open them. – 1cm. YJ: The biggest you can open them.
BG: Bigger. [Huge]
YJ: Open them wider. – No, no. [Wow!!!] [Easily scores 1,8cm]
– 1,8cm. – 1,8cm? [His sharp nose]
BG: Now the angle of his nose. [His nose is so high, 60 degrees]
– Isn’t it 50? – 60. [Wow]
BG: How is that possible? [The conclusion? TAEHYUN has big eyes, nose
and mouth!!!] – Huge. – Huge. [TAEHYUN has #big_eyes #high_nose]
He has big eyes and nose. I’m half Korean and I thought TAEHYUN
was too. [For sure]
I’m Korean all the way. [Good sayings] [1 good saying per day]
The members say I make up good sayings. [TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s official quote maker]
– Quote maker. – Today, [What is today’s quote?]
I prepared a quote to lead happy lives. [- Smart TAEHYUN -]
“Leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow”. – Realistic.
– Then you can sleep well, – and worry tomorrow.
– Nice. – Nice. SB: He’s really mature. [The eldest thinks he’s mature] I’m older than
he is but I can learn a lot from him. [HUENINGKAI’s profile]
[Birthdate: 2002,08.14 (18)] [Height 181,5cm] [Weight: 61kg]
[Blood type: A] [Family: 1 brother, 1 sister] [Special information: Half Korean] [Nickname:
Huka, Ningning] [Hobby/skills:
playing instruments] [Self introduction]
I’m a bit off the walls. [Proud]
And I think I’m a cool guy. At first, he was really shy, [Unique and bright member] [So cute]
but now he’s a unique member. [I hope everyone knows he’s cute] He’s
cute no matter what he does. [Scanning [HUENINGKAI], please wait] That machine looks like it’s going to break. [Midas hand]
[No flexibility whatsoever] [No flexibility whatsoever] I’m kind of stiff. Like a tree trunk. [for Stiff HUENINGKAI, testing how far he
can split] Let’s check this out. [TAEHYUN 191cm]
Why so far? [YEONJUN 197cm] [BEOMGYU 185cm]
Please hurry up and measure. [SOOBIN 203cm]
203cm. [What will he score?]
[Worried] [Confesses beforehand]
You might be surprised that’s all I can do. That really will be the very best. [Everyone~ come and watch him do a split!!!]
I’m nervous. [Looking forward to him]
I can’t wait. [Argh]
That’s the furthest I can go. [(Serious) This is it]
This is it. [Surprised] [Are you sure? Are you all surprised
at how stiff he is? ] Really? [TAEHYUN’s foot] [plz]
Please don’t! I mean it.
You’re hurting me! [Last place]
Huening Kai’s flexibility. 130 cm. [Golden hands,
Play musical instruments] [Musical instrument genius,
His specialty is playing the piano] I’ve been working on music since I was a kid. A person who moves people’s heart on the stage, and touches their heart. I wanted to become such a person. That’s why I wanted to become a singer. [TOMORROW X TOGETHER]
[Too Much Information Profile – The End-]

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