[ENG SUB] VICTON 2nd Anniversary Party

Since I came first I’ll sit in the center It’s chicken and tofu kimchi Who is it? (accent) Hello? The concept you came in is weird Sorry I’m late Cute! Let’s eat! Can we have some ice water please? New world! Hello, this is Victon. The reason we are here is of course.. To drink alcohol! No, we came here to celebrate our second anniversary! It’s already two years.. We reached out second year, we are going to drink some alcohol. We’re going to have fun conversations and a party! – It’s a party.
– A party! Firstly, while coming here The members agreed on a dresscode, right? Please show us! Let’s each show one by one! At home I didn’t have a blue shirt What’s yellow? Yellow… it’s on my underwear.. Because there’s blue there has to be yellow right? so I wore a yellow sweater A yellow sweater Byungchan? I was going to do a navy or yellow, but it wasn’t there. But I searched and I found this. I match in both ways. I’m wearing Alice’s colors. You’re matching with Seungwoo today I’m wearing blue shirt and yellow shoes! Alright, yellow shoes~ Chan? I wore a blue shirt but I have yellow on my watch. That’s nice This looks like a set, right? This is a set of two, and this is a set of two.. You two together, you two together It’s blue, yellow, blue, yellow, blue and blue… Ah, no, Subin hasn’t said anything I have a yellow shirt and here too blue. I really like this point. We all shared, but we haven’t shown the important part – What is it?
– What would it be Alcohol! – What is is the important thing?
– Alcohol! Right, it’s alcohol. Our maknae will choose.. Bluenine? Let’s not drink excessively so only one bottle. Let’s just drink one glass now Before we are talking how well do you drink? Me? Ah I really… just one drop of that Just one drop? I’ll be drunk from just one drop. You can just drink one drop? Yes! Seungwoo? One glass (cup) of beer. One cup? How about this much? Just one cup (as big as a washbowl) – Okay, Byungchan
– One truck? Truck? Two bottles It was four bottles! What happened to the four? When Byungchan was 20 years old, he had a lot of energy I told us he drank four I drank four bottles and got in trouble There was a big incident It was a funny incident What about Hanse? Actually, I hate the smell So today I’m nervous He gets drunk just by smelling alcohol I get drunk just by looking at the green bottle Ah, right. Wait what do you mean “right”? Seungsik’s face is getting red Chan is already red He get’s drunk by hearing the word alcohol Just by hearing A bottle and a half? I don’t drink often What about Subin? I really can’t drink alcohol by nature at the peak… His peak! Why are you laughing? He can drink! Alright, at your peak? There was a peak, but I couldn’t drink lately so lately almost… as much as the pacific ocean? /Why are they accepting this..?/ So today we.. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary Who is going to mix a drink for Victon? Someone who makes a drink for Victon. I think since Subin was at his peak it would be fine if he does it. How should I make one? Like when you were at your peak Ah, ok so how I drank it was first, you pour one, then the other then you drink, and go like this. I’m crying~ So Subin will make a drink for Victon after he does that, we’re going to make a toast. Wait hold on hold on, we We have to look at Subin The master is here. It looks alright. You could drink that Wait, the members need a drink too I’ll do it. /Members getting their glasses/ Subin You know this, right? I love you as much as I fill up your glass Make it full /refusing his Hyungs love/ This guys is funny Why is your hand shaking? It’s cold Should we make a toast? Is there something that comes to mind? I think you have one… /busted right away/
He does, he does… I will say it. Then Sejun do the toast! How is it if I go “Alice!” and you go “forever!”? Do you not like it? – It’s good
– Fine Then, “Alice and Victon together” – Alice and Victon…
– Forever. Over there “Victon”, here “Alice” and then “forever”. – Okay!
– “Forever”? /so embarassed/ This is so embarassing Please close your eyes (embarrassed) Close your eyes please! I think it’s the first time we’re doing a toast by ourselves. I’ll go first! Victon! Alice! Forever! /leader’s one shot/ /getting rowdy over snacks/
That’s good! Since we’re here to celebrate we should all eat what we want to eat /Preparing to eat lots/ Nice nice /me, me, me/ Tofu kimchi is Byungchan’s favourite, right So I’ll feed him kimchi
– Yes. /Rice and kimchi for Byungchan who likes kimchi/ Seungsik’s favourite is pizza. I like East and West combined. Pizza and kimchi. Ah, kimchi pizza. It’s good! – Chanie!
– Our Chan-hyung too! – Our beloved..! /can’t eat kimchi…/
Thanks for looking over me and loving me from 2016 till 2018 Since you said your last words we can actually give you kimchi? He likes chicken feet, so I’ll give him two chicken feet. I won’t give you kimchi Our maknae has been waiting Earlier, Subin said he wanted to eat chicken feet So I’ll feed him chicken feet. Wait a second, look at that, Subin keeps looking over there… because he really wants to eat it. A little more.. Okay now Subin for Sejun! The last one! What do you want to eat? /what Sejun wants to eat=as much as possible/
Just fill this up with whatever I .. pizza. I really want to eat pizza. So as a wrap /A speacial pizza wrap for Sejun/ Pizza wrap! – Ah pizza wrap..
– I think it’ll be good It should be perfect. Will it fit? His mouth is big. Sejun has been on a diet it’s really nice to see him eat like that. It’s really good to see! Has it really been that long since you ate like this? Yes If you eat that much we’ll need 30k won just to feed you It was so good! This time… Victon’s keyword… our beloved…DAY~ Not a good day but a beloved day. Ah, yesterday’s good day.
(t/n: the joke doesn’t make sense in English as it’s built up on Korean tenses, sorry!) Right, good days we remember. Please bring out the keywords. Ah I’m scared really, keywords are here. – Then who will go..
– Since I’m closest, I’ll go ahead You just wanted to see, right Fanmeeting It’ll be soon now The 17th and 18th of November That’s when the fanmeeting is going to be Because of that I get remembered of old times This time the fanmeeting is going to be on two days it’s on two days, but I’m excited and I hope that everything turns out well It’s been so long! Since it’s as shame, should we do an acrostic poem with “fanmeeting”? When you suggest it, do it You have to one shot if it’s boring /(foreshadowing of it being no fun?)/ One, two, three, fan! Because I’m missing the fans Mi! I cried my eyes out Ting! They are all swollen~ That was alright You did enough Alright next keyword Ok, me! I’m going to look V – I – C – T – O – N I think it would be hard if we did spelled it out. When we debuted. V – I – C – T – O – N ! Hello.. Should we greet like we did back then? We didn’t have “New World” back then We’ll do the fist two letters.. Let’s do as if we were rookies. You know it right? Right when the debut stage ended I say V – I and we C – T – O – N /(cringe)/ Do a one shot It changed through the years It changed to something cooler I think Should we greet like we do now? Our recent greeting Much cooler With Victon it’s a very special name to debut with. We had a lot of names to choose So what’s Victon to Seungsik? With Victon.. For me In these two years, I brightened up. Yes, I became brighter.**** What about Chan? What is Victon to you? I always have this thought That it’s the same as my name. My name is Heochan, but the name of the group I debuted with is Victon I’ve always seen it as another name of mine. Oh, you sound so cool. Can we hear our leader’s thoughts…? It came so fast I thought of something while listening To me, Victon is… Venom! (Why Venom all of a sudden…?) What does that mean?
(They can’t understand) (please listen to me) I haven’t finished yet Venom has both a monster and a human living inside of him, right? (Like Venom ~talking about how both Han Seungwoo and Victon live inside of him~) /(No one understands more than before)/ /(Ah, whatever, let’s drink)/ Next keyword? Yes, should we look at the next keyword? I’ll look at it Ah this is a nice word The reason we exist, right? I think this is the most important word, right? When we hear that you like our songs and receive some healing through that, we feel healed as well We want to show even more sides of ourselves /Alice are the reason why Victon exist/ Mostly… gratefulness and feeling sorry are a big thing Those two feelings really are the most prominent. I want to show more sides of us good sides, that’s what I think a lot In a time where we thought we couldn’t do it, they waited for us and cheered for us, that’s what I’m feeling really thankful for Before we debuted there were people that liked us Before we debuted, we did a busking at COEX And we thought “would there really be a lot people coming?” “People who come just because they like us?” Right at our showcase..!! But then! The whole place was packed. And at our debut showcase 600 people came! So many people came I was to touched then, I think I cried When it ended, I cried. I felt really grateful because so many people seemed to like us. It was amazing to me that people liked us.. Since it’s Alice that makes us (?) Let’s drink to Alices The last keyword. Dark history Put it down, please. No, this won’t do. No.. What did you say earlier? “I am”? “my past” So dark past. You don’t know our dark past, right? You have a video? You have a video??? If there is a clip of me crying, i’m gonna… I won’t eat. He really is a baby here! So cute~ Shots! /(So much cuteness)/ He really is a baby A baby for real. Wasn’t he only 16 He was so cute This is just history!! “While live streaming” It’s Seungwoo Isn’t it Seungsik? Wh… who is this? Seungsik and Hanse /(can’t look)/ My poor eyes Wait Once more, there’s more Why watch again? I haven’t seen this before! I think the fans would like to see this again too. I like Seungsik the most. He’s been surprising me lately, shouldn’t he do something sexy right now…? Oooh, this is bad! Please come out Show it! Kang Seungsik! Show it! Let’s do this You have to drink soju sexily and dance! Let the music start! End it properly. – Do I have to…? I have goosebumps What is the next dark past moment? There is none? What a relief. Thank you They don’t have a dark past moment from us! Dark pasts can also be super fun memories I’m glad you (???) There has to be a history… that’s what memories are. I remember that.. Byungchan… Byungchan’s audition tape! When he went like this? There was this medium test… Where you have to listen to the music and then come in the middle and dance A freestyle dance But Byungchan, he No wait, you have to explain the situation first. There were five people who were auditioning, they told us to all come to the practice room and take a step forward and do a freestyle But Byungchan, how he danced.. Please show us. Get up So in that audition, Byungchan was together with these five auditionees, but he just took the center spot. You are all applicants.. Here, next to him, the applicant looked at him like this /(This peron is kind of weird…)/ What’s that.. Are you boxing? I’m going crazy I wish we could see the video I wasn’t relaxed But! The people that looked at me they thought “You.. You can’t dance .. but..” “We see confidence and potential to be famous in you…” When I first saw you I thought “He must be a vocal then” “He must be really good at singing” – But then you heard him sing
– Yes, I heard him sing, so Ah, acting! I thought “he must be so good at acting!” Then I saw him acting! “What on earth is his position?” No no, I watched the video of him dancing and I thought “Oh! That’s why he got in!”
/Byungchan’s vigor who captured everyone’s heart/ Spirit, spirit! So when everything was over, I asked him “This question is weird, but what do you think you’re good at?” Back then his confidence was up in the sky… Back then I was like “I can do it all~” I watched that video and later he got a lot better. Compared to then Byungchan got a lot better – I am…?
– my past! Let’s drink! I am? My past! Alright~ /Truly victon’s mood maker/ Let’s make it exciting~! So this time, Victon’s much anticipated…. /Victon’s gift exchange
ft. Gifting and receiving useless gifts/ So, the present.. you already heard, right? It’s such a nice present Right, you’re curious In here are numbers We will receive the present of the number we got and we will watch the video made as a part of it Then, should we show it? The fist.. it’s a 5! Present five! I got present five It feels heavy Show us! This.. What is it? What is that? This is so mean /The ambiguos identity of the gift maker… is Chan!/
Where did you get this thing you gave me? Where did this came from?! Right this is good until October 2019 I haven’t used this more than tw- once! It has got lot’s in it Is this used? It’s used?! Wait… this is used? It is used.. But… I used it only once (changing the topic)
But I was worried he was gonna miss me, So I also put in the VikiBong photocard of me Burn it. Actually, what I gave you are two pictures, not one. Oh, really? It’s not one, it’s two. It’s the same twice? Burn it. It’s such a sad present This is so mean Thank you for the presents Should we watch the video? Let’s watch the video. Oh there’s a card in there. There’s a photocard in every Vickybong package… Ah, nice! I prepared two things That’s very smart. He has no shame. He’s shameless. Very shameless. Isn’t that something everyone needs? Take my present! “Take my present!” I’m super relieved! I’m really relieved that Sejun got my presents Take my present!! I’m curious about this one I’m curious. It’s number 3! The third present! I feel like this is mine! I think it’s mine! Firstly.. No no let’s see it first Is it something hard? What is this? A mic, speaker Ah this! “Hello this is Victon’s maknae, Subin.” You have to look there I put in the chip of a console game that only Sejun and I play. He doesnt have a console though! I don’t really play games Right, that you received this… It’s useless If a member who doesn’t play games receives this, This really won’t have any use But this isn’t sold anymore! Because it’s was a freebie… Sorry but can I pull another number? Can I pick another one? But that’s fine, I got it from Subin! Since it’s Subin’s, it’s fine. You go ahead I pulled one What did you get? Byungchan? Number 7! – Seven!
– Lucky seven! It’s the lucky seven present It’s very light! What is it? No way it’s a leaflet for a pig feet restaurant! – Show us the video
– Yes, let’s watch the video “This is…” “A leaflet for…” “a pig feet restaurant” “because…” “I always-” “Everytime I want to eat this” “Make sure to call here” “and order this for us” The highlight is that you order it for me when I want to eat it That day is the day after you couldn’t sleep well? Really that day? Not that one? Hanse’s present is amazing! Byungchan, please say something What are you doing to Hanses present? Quick, show my present! I sometimes order from here So I’ll use it well. Ok, Hanse. Do I have to keep it like this? How many numbers are left? Six, and.. He doesn’t know but is thinking “What number would I get?” I must be a little drunk Number one! Number one~ Number One! Oh it’s something heavy! /(A knowing laugh)/ No way Give it, it’s mine, IT’S MINE! I’m so curious, what is it? Byungchan is liking it Masks! This isn’t ice cream? It’s Seungwoo’s! It’s from Seungwoo! It’s the same sweater “I prepared something… that could be good for your skin,” It’s a nice present! “We’re busy during our schedules..” It’d be funnier to know the backstory… This is the most valuable present so far, aren’t you grateful? Yes I think it’s fine Please say thank you Thank you. Explain a little about the backstory… I was gonna give one to all the members… When you’re done with schedules you can just wear one in your room. Then, Seungsik. No way! I’m worried.. I won’t possibly pull my own present, right. That could be This could really happen. Number 4 Give it give it Let’s see Lipbalm Wow that’s nice I’m not lying, when I was looking at the presents earlier my lips were so dry and I thought “it would be nice if there was lipbalm in there” I need lipbalm too Who is this from? – Who is it from?
– Subin? I am giving lipbalm It’s so nice Byungchan looks a little (???) in the video It’s not something he bought? “I bought this” /(proving them wrong right away)/ “…and the smell is very nice too.” It was great when I used it… Use it well Use it well! Thank you But when you travel it.. You’re going to use it right away, right? Of course~ It has a smell. Strawberry.. Be honest, when will it expire? In about a year I think… Still, thank you! I really like it Who’s presents are left? Sejun’s and Seungsik’s. Then I’ll reveal it right away Mine is the best. Number 6. My present is the best. I think this is Sejun’s Shake it! It’s not Sejun’s! Why are you laughing! What is this? What… Why? Huh, what is that? Vitamins! – Let’s watch the video
– Who is it? What, the person who said it’s Vitamin You went “Who is it” I thought “who is it from then” So the present I prepared It’s a kind of candy It’s candy Candy It’s really good for your nose and throat (when you catch a cold). Seungsik, you look like you weren’t at your best there… I was sick back then “I bought one more” The sound it makes is nice.
– Is it new? Yes, it’s new, it’s still sealed. I don’t know who’s gonna get this, either when singing or rapping, I hope you’ll use it well. When I said either when singing or rapping I was thinking about you. It’s really good! – Eat one
– Tell us if it’s good Ah, I know what it is Eat it Ah I – Eat that I can’t talk! Please inser a peep tone here. Okay, the last! It’s really useful… What number is the last one? Number 1! /Subin is receiving a gift from Sejun!/ I really wanted this present, because I already checked You saw? It’s underwear!! “This is the present I prepared” “is underwear” I don’t know who… if any of the members is gonna use it or not, but I thought it was not a bad idea for a gift. That’s why… I prepared this. “It really is new, it’s new!” “So don’t worry” “The zipperbag isn’t even opened but I’ll open it now” Why did you open it? “It really is new!” You’re not gonna wear it right? I will try it on! This is new, I’m gonna try wearing it once everyone. /the neverending underwear shaming/ He might have worn them before taking the video. He might have wore them once he stopped filming. Because he was so curious. (repeating what Sejun said)
This is new but I’m gonna open it now to show you. Subin go ahead, try them on! Try them on, right now! How am I… For the party! We all tried our presents! For the sake of the party! /(Why are they sighing over this so seriously…)/ – The present .. were so funny
– It’s really funny I think you and I have the most useless presents Between the two, who got the most useless one? This doesn’t have sincerity, but it has a use. This has sincerity, but I can’t use it So it’s the same Today’s 2nd aniversary was fun, right? Yes it was really fun! The year went by faster than we thought. This party went by just as fast. It’s a shame really. I hope we could keep going for a little bit more. Since it’s over, it’s a shame. So starting from here, let’s all share how we feel about the anniversary, even if we have to make it short. Firstly, it’s really nice that we got together and had some glasses, played games and talked on our second anniversay It’s nice to hang out like we did back then Two years.. it might be short but /A heart that quickly changed the course/ Since we were able to spend them together while doing many things, I felt grateful for many precious moments, I hope the future will also be filled with cool things. So Alice and Victon hwaiting. Okay.. We are celebrating and drinking.. it’s was fun and since I think Victon still have a long way to go, We’ll word harder in the future to show you a good side of us so please look forward to that. Thank you. It’s been a while since we drank together Yes, it’s been a while since we drank all together. It was a really really fun time During these two years we really worked hard We’ll work even harder in the future so please look after us, Alice! thank you so much And let’s have a fun fanmeeting! Thank you! It’s already… getting darker outside. Time went by so fast we had fun talking and I think it was good content For all the hard moments and all the nice moments I want to thank the member’s for being there And also thank you to the Alices that were by our side and waited for us Let’s do a shot. Ah and also, I was thinking, the two years we as Victon without our Alices by our side we couldn’t be doing this, we wouldn’t be where we are now. So, I’m really grateful. In the future too, as much as you’re waiting for us, We and I will try to be a Victon that you can be proud of. Thank you It has already been two years There’s not much left of 2018 as well, we safely finished and I’m glad we’re all healthy we will show you various sides of ourselves next year too, spend more time with the fans and I hope you can look forward to the fanmeeting, and I hope for the members that they will be healthy and that there will only be good days for them. Thank you for running with us for two years And let’s run together in the future too. Victon loves you. Make it look nice. The ends are not quite alined… Ah I can’t see where… Congratulations to Victon for two years Also congratulations to Alices In the future… I think that the immediate present is important, but the future is important too. Ah.. future… Future, future. I hope it will be filled with only good days Victon will work hard, thank you. Today.. was nice Yes, it was really nice. I am really happy – Ah
– Is that it? No no no Alice, Sejun is really happy. Sejun is happy, that’s it! If Sejun is happy it’s all good! Is it because it’s been a while since you ate like this? Because he drank again I’ve been drinking together with the members after some time and talked a lot all through the day, received presents I really enjoyed today And out fanmeeting is getting close now, We’re preparing a lot right now so please watch it well When we had our first anniversary, we all thought we had grown so much but on this second anniversary, I thought “Oh, that’s how much of a difference in growth a year can make!” I’m very thankful to our Alice, for always steadily being with us, watching over us and loving us. In the future, There is still a long way to go but I will work hard. Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday dear Victon~ Happy Birthday to you~ Let’s do a toast and let’s end it. How are we going to make the toast? Happy Birthday! Let’s do “Victon, Happy Birthday!” Let’s do it like Hanse Victon! Happy Birthday! All together Did you blow it out? Sejun did it’s fine
(It’s fine we can light it again) Thank you! Good job everyone~

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