[ENG SUB] [VLIVE] Jimin Live Stream ‘Seeing Army Before My Birthday’ TURN ON CC

Hello. Hello. Hello, everyone. Hello. Well, I just woke up. I just woke up and I’m half-awake. Now, it’s 11:30 AM. In the morning…
It’s been a while. Actually, it’s my first time
to do this in the morning. My hair is messy. It’s 11:30 AM. No, I didn’t have breakfast.
I turned it on as soon as I woke up. It’s been like 30 or 40 minutes
since I got up. I thought it would be fun
if I do this in the morning. It’s fun. Right. But I am still half-asleep. I am not having a cold. I’m hoarse because
I just got up. Everyone, nice to meet you. Hello, I’m Jimin. With Jimin on a live show. No, I didn’t have breakfast yet. I just woke up and washed my hair and brushed my teeth. Then, I started going live. Can you hear my voice well? It’s not loud enough? Can you hear me well? Thank you for saying
that you can hear my voice well. Yesterday, after finishing the concert, I came to my room. I slept in less than 2 hours
after I arrived. I went to bed after
washing and eating something. So, I slept a lot. I started sleeping from the midnight. I slept like for 10 hours and a half. I slept for that long. I had a lot of fun at the concert yesterday.
I haven’t been on V LIVE for awhile. I planned to go live after finishing my vacation. I wanted to talk about what I did during my vacation. I planned to do that but I was busy preparing for things. So I couldn’t. Now, I have some time
after the concert. Also, fans congratulated me on my birthday
during the concert yesterday. I wanted to say thank you
on the next morning. We’re going to Korea today. I might not be able to
go live on my birthday. So I wanted to say thank you
to fans today. Hello, ID Jeonghee. It’s not my birthday yet. Well, well… well… Anyways. Anyways. I’d like to talk about the concert. I was so glad to
have a concert after sometime. Did you see our concert yesterday? A lot of fans came to see us. So, we didn’t expect to come
here again and have a concert. It was a lot of fun. It was so much fun. The thing I really missed
during my vacation was a concert. It was so much fun. I had a great time.
During the concert yesterday, which song was it? When we performed “DOPE,” it was a part of the medley. So, I sang the song and members came forward
while saying “It’s dope!” Members came forward
to the thrust stage. Jung Kook and hope rushed to the stage. There, three of us were standing on the stage. Hang on. We were on the stage, I was doing this there. I saw others and Jung Kook was in front of me. He was really enjoying the moment. He was so excited. After I saw him, I felt like, since we had a concert
after awhile, I had a lot of thoughts
about my performance. Like I should get relaxed now
and emphasized this… It felt like I had too many thoughts. I had a lot of thoughts, but when I see Jung Kook was doing like this So, I saw him and tried to hold it together. Then, I saw things in front of me clearly. So, I started enjoying it fully. Since then… It was so much fun. Jung Kook was like an angry tiger. He’s quite tall, you know. It was so funny. I was excited when I saw him
and started enjoying it together. It was so much fun.
I need to enjoy it with fans at a concert. Since it was a concert
after awhile, I guess I had a lot of thoughts,
wanting to do it well. When I saw other members
having fun with fans, I got relaxed and had a lot of fun. I enjoyed yesterday’s concert.
And many fans congratulated me
on my birthday. I was… Oh, sorry. I hope you can hear my voice well. Many fans congratulated me
on my birthday. At first, members started singing an unexpected song. We didn’t plan anything about it beforehand. But they started singing the song. So, I was like, “What?” I had some regrets that
I should’ve checked it out more carefully. I thought, “I should’ve
checked the script more carefully”. So, I just started lip-syncing there. Without knowing what the song was, I was lip-syncing. But the song was familiar. So I heard the song. I thought like,
“Oh, it’s the happy new year song”. I thought they were singing
it to celebrate a new year. So I was watching them. But there are a few months
left before New Year’s Day, right? So, I was hearing
wondering what all this was about. I heard Park Jimin.
I heard it. I looked around and asked, “What?” Then, I realized it. They are adorable, right? They prepared a surprise event for me. I was on the lift
during our rehearsal. We had a rehearsal yesterday and I was up there alone
on the lift. When I was there,
they planned this. Lovely ones. So… It was broadcast live around the world. I was so happy thanks to a lot of
fans wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you very much. You know, my friends told me,
“Your birthday is coming”. They told me but I didn’t think it was important. My birthday? It’s not a big deal. I thought like that and I forgot there.
I had a concert here after a long break,
and I had to pay attention to many things. I forgot about my birthday and they congratulated me
on my birthday. Tens of thousands of fans
celebrated my birthday! I was so happy. It was fun! Now… I don’t know. Thank you for wishing
me a happy birthday yesterday. I’m so happy for that. I guess there must be some fans who forget their birthdays. I thought my birthday was nothing special, but… How can I say? Well, I thought it would be better
if I put more meaning to my birthday. Everyone would… I can’t speak logically. I slept a lot. Thank you!
Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday! Can you stay with me
for a while? I don’t want to turn it off quickly. Since our flight is scheduled late,
I can spend some time for this. You’re watching my face only
because you’re at the workplace? I hope I look fine,
but eyes are puffy. When I woke up in the morning,
my phone didn’t recognize my face. I wanted to start streaming
as soon as I woke up. What time is it?
I checked out my phone but it kept failing to
recognize my face! It was so annoying. So I threw my phone away. Even though my eyes are puffy,
my phone should recognize my face! How come a phone can’t recognize
the owner’s face! I opened my eyes to unlock the phone
and I threw it away, thinking it was annoying. What’s wrong with my phone! It was annoying that
my eyes were puffy and it felt like my phone was ignoring me. Are you at school now? Isn’t it Saturday? Saturday?
Are you at school? Isn’t it 5:30 there? Jin texted me early in the morning,
saying “Happy birthday”. It’s Saturday, right? Oh, it’s 5:28 there. The local time here is
6 hours behind Seoul. I thought it would be very hot
in Saudi Arabia. It was hot.
Really hot. But it’s not humid here. When you stay in the shade,
it’s not that hot. But the sunlight is quite strong. There’s some residual heat
even in the evening. But it’s okay. It was fine. So I liked it. How can I say? It’s not like a deadly heat wave. It feels like, “Oh, it’s hot”. “I can feel the heat”.
It feels like that. Was it 35 degrees Celsius yesterday? When we had our concert? It was hot but I didn’t think
the temperature was that high. It wasn’t that hot. I thought it was like 22 degrees Celsius. In fact, I don’t know. I don’t know how it feels
at 20 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius. Cutie Minjoo, Hello. I can see you, Eungwon. Hair color?
What hair color do you recommend? I want to dye my hair but
I need to give some time for recovery. “Orange hair”. Orange hair… Orange hair.
Orange, orange. Orange, orange. Orange… sorry. I guess I’m still half-asleep. I don’t know what I’m doing.
Sorry. I haven’t done this for a while. What should we talk about? I think it’s so much fun. It’s fun to chat with my fans together. Do I like live shows? It’s so funny. I complained
it wasn’t easy. Right? “What are you going to have
tomorrow?” What do you want? Who is it? Who is it?
What do you want? “Among the food you tasted these days,
what was the best?” These days?
Rice noodles. One of my friends
really like rice noodles. Bun Cha, right?
My friend loves it. So, I thought, “Why do you like this so much?”
I tried it, and it was delicious. It was delicious. A lot. “Today’s TMI”. Today’s TMI. I brought two pairs of shoes
when he came to Saudi Arabia. I just saw them there. I brushed my teeth. Have you seen the Vlog? I heard something strange… Never mind. Isn’t it a Vlog?
A compilation of daily clips? Only long video clips
are called Vlogs? I guess not. I don’t know the difference. People say like, “It’s not a Vlog”. Should I talk a lot on a Vlog? I talked, too. It’s strange. Hello, Kyungeun. It’s a Vlog, right?
But mine was shorter than others. Did you like it? It was… Right, it’s about my daily life. I shot them in my daily life
and added together. Why is it not a Vlog? It’s a compilation of video
clips shot in my daily life. And I also played music. That’s a Vlog, right? It’s about my daily life. It’s about my daily life…
Why do they say it’s not a Vlog? “It was fun”. “Heart-warming”.
Thank you. What did I do during my vacation? It was a bit mixed at the end. I traveled throughout my vacation. I enjoyed short trips in Korea.
I went around and came back to Seoul. Then, I went to my friend’s place
and stayed there. At my friend’s place, I had lunch and took a nap. When I was hanging out
with my friend, I asked, “Hey, do you want to go to
somewhere?”. “Where?” He said. “I don’t know, just outside?”
We didn’t have a plan. “Shall we go out?”
I asked. He asked me back,
“Where do you want to go?” Well, I wanted to travel around with this friend. He has traveled a lot
around the world. And he liked Paris. So I said, “I wanted to go to Paris with you”. “What about going to Paris?”
That’s how it all began. It was 4 PM. At 4 PM, I woke up from a nap
and we agreed to go to Paris. So, we went to the airport
at 5 PM. Without any suitcase.
I was carrying a backpack. I just brought what I had there. “Shall we go?”
That’s how it all started. So… I brought a backpack and went to the airport. It was around 6:30 PM
when we arrived. We flew to Paris at 7:30. We were so spontaneous. We went to Paris. It was far away!
It took 15 hours. We arrived at Paris. I didn’t want to do
tourist things. So I took naps there. I slept a lot.
I slept a lot there. When I woke up, “Let’s grab something”.
So we went out and ate. Then, we came back to the hotel
and I slept for a while. After that, we drank beer together. That’s what we did for 3 days. And I came back to Korea. As soon as I came back to Korea, it was in the evening. It was like 9 or 10 PM
in the evening. Was it Sunday?
I can’t remember. I guess it was Sunday. As soon as I arrived at the airport,
I went to Jung Kook. It was his birthday.
So I came to him from the airport. Hoseok, Jung Kook and
I met together. With my friend,
we celebrated his birthday. We had dinner together,
ate his birthday cake, and had fun while taking pictures. Then, I fell asleep and went to Hawaii on the next day. I’m so proud that
I had a lot of fun! So, I flew to Hawaii
with my friends. Why did I go to Hawaii? With members, I wen there
on “Bon Voyage”. And I liked Hawaii so much. There, we saw stars
and climbed up a mountain. We enjoyed surfing.
I liked it so much. Who is it? Yes. Hang on, please. – No.
– No? You need to have breakfast. It was our manager.
Sorry. Our manager.
Our manager. Where were we? What was I talking about? Where were we? Where were we? I went there with members. I mean, Hawaii. I liked it so much. I wanted to follow the route
again, with my friends. I wanted to show that to my friends,
since I loved when I traveled with members. So, we planned to go to
the same mountain, surf in the same beach, and eat at the same restaurant. We enjoyed surfing
at the same beach. And then, when we tried to
go hiking at the same mountain which was on another island. But the mountain was not
open to the public, at that time. So… There were three islands. So we went to another
island, instead of Big Island. It was another island. Unfortunately, the mountain was lower than the mountain
that we went. So, when you watch my Vlog, you can see me standing
next to the cloud. I wanted to go over the clouds but the clouds were next to us. So, we missed the beautiful
landscape but it was pretty nice. We hung out like that, and I went to Busan
as soon as I came back to Seoul. I spent some time with
my family, and came up to Korea… I mean, Seoul.
As soon as I came back to Seoul, I went to Russia. That’s how I spent my vacation. Like that, I enjoyed
my vacation in full. Trip to Russia…
We decided it spontaneously. Before I came back to Seoul, my friend bought tickets. He’s so nice, right? So, I made reservations
for accommodation. We had a lot of fun there. In Russia, we did nothing special. My friend likes to take pictures. So, I asked him to take a lot of
pictures. “I want to be your model!” So, we went around
taking pictures. In front of the river, Was it the sea?
In front of the river, we sat down there for an hour. We watched the sea
and it was so pretty. I was so thankful to my friends. I spent an hour for
watching the sea. When I looked back on,
they did it with me, without talking. I thought, “Oh, we’re like-minded”.
I was thankful for staying with me. I walked a lot with my friends. Then, I came back to Seoul.
That’s the end of my vacation. And I felt this. As the vacation was quite long,
I wanted to perform. So, I wanted to come back… I wanted to make a comeback as BTS and have my makeup done. I wanted to look into the mirror
and see a handsome guy in it. So, I wanted to have
my hair and makeup done. ON the next day,
we had work to do. Well, it was a photoshoot. “Finally! I will look better!” So, that’s it. That’s how I spent my vacation. I enjoyed it.
It was beautiful. I spent my vacation well
and came back. You know, when you travel, Just enjoy the trip without thinking a lot,
without trying to do something special. I guess that’s the best. I don’t know how you feel about this but I think it’s better not to
have thorough plans. Just go there,
take a rest if you want. If you want to see something,
see something. If you want to stay at the accommodation,
just stay there. That’s the best. You don’t have to do all the
tourist things to do and see there. Just visit a country, do something you’re interested,
take a rest, eat, and rest. I think that’s the best. When I came back to Seoul
after doing that, I felt a lot of things. I felt a lot of things
about my friends. While I enjoyed a long vacation, you know… well, in short, you can relax
and chill out when you travel. Can’t you hear me?
I should go closer. What’s this? That’s how I enjoyed my vacation. I was happy. When the vacation was over, I was a bit tired. Because I traveled a lot
throughout my vacation. I was tired. Oh, I got a driver’s license. As soon as my vacation started,
I got a driver’s license. Now I have a driver’s license. Amazing, right? Actually, my goal was
just to obtain the driver’s license. Because my friends and parents
teased me by saying, “Hey, I have a driver’s license
but you don’t”. I thought it was too funny and said, “Hey, do you think
I am not able to get it?” “Do you think I am not
capable of getting the license?” They said, “Anyways,
you don’t have it”. So… My mother teased me, “Hey, I have one”. “What? Hang on. Wait”. “I’m going to get a driver’s license
as soon as my vacation starts”. So I did! That’s a fruitful vacation, right? Namjoon is the only one
who doesn’t have the license. I got one!
I have a driver’s licence. But the best part
of my vacation was all members gathered up after a month.
All of us met together after a month. Well, I don’t know how they felt
but to my eyes, members liked when
we gathered up. They were excited
to see all of us. I saw that. When I saw them,
Yoongi played jokes on others. I still remember this. We came back from
overseas trips and it was a bit cold. He gave flu medicine to us and bluntly said, “Take it! It was so cute. I was glad to be back
to this noisy daily life. I was so glad. Since I was able to see
members got excited, it was so much fun. When we gathered up after a long vacation,
I felt we were back. Right, 7 of us… I don’t know, but I had a lot of thoughts about us. I analyzed about us. Why do we like when we are together? I gave a lot of thoughts to this . For example,
when you travel with your friends, you may have small fights
when you disagree with each other. And I started wondering
why members and I don’t have such issues. Well, at first, it wasn’t okay. We did have a lot of quarrels. We don’t fit each other!
We don’t speak the same language. Now, we are fully aware of
differences we have, and since we’ve been together
for a long time, we know what to do or how to fix
when we have a difference. Members got that after spending
a long time together. So… solving issues,
when we have them… I think we solve issues very fast. For example, when I have a problem
with another member, other members watch us, and tell us what to do. Then, we don’t have get into an argument. That’s done very quickly
now that we’ve spent a long time together. So, I’m okay traveling with the members. Really fast. I thought of that a lot
when we gathered together this time. Let’s give more thoughts into marriage. She suddenly asked me to marry her. Let’s think about it. I’m still young. I don’t want to try to watch it from far. No, back then… Reading comments like this. “Jimin, can you help us out
on your birthday party”? What do I need to do? Date?
I’m not dating anyone right now. “What are you having tomorrow?”
Tomorrow? Well, I don’t know since I’m not back yet. Maybe I’ll have Bun Cha. Seoyoon, hello. “I can see fruits in the back”. Wow, there are fruits. There are fruits. I’m not tired.
Not tired. “Are you good at peeling fruits?” No, I’m not. Those are not plastic shapes.
They are real. Who would put fake fruits in the hotel? They are real. You asked if I’m good at peeling fruits. When mom was peeling an apple, I told her, “I’ll do it”. And the apple turned this smaller. I peeled it so deep. And there’s another episode. Brother once asked to have an apple
in his room. So…do you know… slicing knife? I think that’s right. It’s shaped like a cutting board, and
there’s a knife in the middle. So you do this, and you get slices. So, since I can’t peel it with a knife, I decided to make slices for him. But while I was doing it, I was cut. After that, I’ve never used that. I don’t peel fruits. It’s not potato peeler. Is that a potato peeler?
I don’t know. That’s called slicer? Slicer? That’s dangerous. Hello from India. “Marry me”. “I miss you, Bora”. “What’s your favorite fruit”? I loved green apple the most as a kid. What’s it called exactly? I called it green apple. I liked the green colored apple the most. I like fruits a lot. I like apples, pineapple, kiwi, grape, Asian melon, and others. I like sour fruit. “”Chicken Noodle Soup” Tik Tok is so funny”. “Chicken Noodle Soup”…
j-hope is so great, isn’t it? I kept watching it, because it was so great. “Chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup,
chicken noodle soup”. Because if we do this like this, it could be funny. But how can it be… My dialect! It looks great! “Which song do you listen to recently”? “Chicken Noodle Soup”. What else am I listening recently? Now I can open my eyes. “Tomorrow is my birthday, too.
Please tell me, happy birthday”. Hyun A, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday!
You’ve got your wish come true. New Zealand is so pretty.
I just loved it. “Do you want to change your hair color”?
Yes, I do. I wanted to change it from May or June. Just after I got this hair done. I love changing hair color. I want to change it everyday. But for my future, to make sure I don’t get baldy, I’m putting up with it. “Is Jimin an angel or a fairy”? It’s difficult. I should be an angel.
Fairy is below me. Fairy is below me. Fairy answers to me.
I apologize. “Saudi ARMY loves you”. “What’s your plan for tomorrow”?
I have no idea. “You’ll look great bald, too”. You’re lying! “Right I am. I’m the proud ARMY!”. I appreciate you are proud of me, but I know you wouldn’t like me
when I get bald. “I look forward to the concert in Korea”.
So do I. I look forward to it a lot. “You changed your hair style”. They’re just growing. “I miss you”.
So do I. “I love you”.
I love you, too. “I love bald Jimin”. How can you start calling me bald Jimin?
I’m not bald yet. Don’t call me bald Jimin. I’m getting upset. I almost hit “report” button. “Stretch out your finger, and
promise me you’ll be my friend”. Aren’t you trying to trick me? “Please sing “Promise””.
My throat is in such a bad condition. “Do you like “Lie” or “Serendipity””? I don’t like “Lie”. Well…considering the song only, Well…I’m not saying I don’t like it. Since it’s dark… So… I appreciate you love the song, but I think it’s a little too dark. I don’t hate it.
I love it, of course. I was very attached to it, working hard on it. When I’m on stage, I get very attached. “Your shoulder looks broader today”.
Because you can’t see it. It’s my manager. It was my manager. “Jimin’s disappointed voice
makes me happy”. I don’t know what that means. “How many piercings do you have”?
I have only 3. I have 3.
1, 2, 3. Shall I have one more here?
I have to have it here. “What did you order to eat”?
I haven’t ordered yet. What do I eat? Cooked rice? “Who’s that”? That was my manager. “I wish I get a chance to measure your hand
against mine”. It’s small. Too fast. “How was Hawaii? Tell me about it”. It was really funny in Hawaii. The ones I went with were quite crazy. I had so much fun there. They were so full of energy, so
I didn’t even have to talk. “Do you know it’ll snow in Seoul tomorrow”?
Is it going to snow in Seoul tomorrow? It’ll snow in Seoul?
Isn’t it too warm? Snow?
Seriously? It’s great.
I love snow. Snow… Once I had drinks with my friend. We came out to grab a taxi to get home,
and it snowed. I don’t remember fully, because I was drunk, but he made a video on me. I was like this. “Snow!” I was like this. He makes fun of me all the time. When it snows, I’m like a kid who sees snow for the first time,
and so excited like I’m in a fairy tale. He says it’s so funny. It’s snow to celebrate my birthday? Why the snow to celebrate my birthday? They make snow? They make snow for a party?
Is that possible? Are they going to cover up the sky and make snow fall? Do they throw snow from a helicopter? How do they make snow fall?
Artificial snow? “Are you going to make more songs”? I’ll talk about that later. “Can you celebrate my birthday tomorrow”? Let’s celebrate the birthday together. “I’m going to bed now”.
Good night. “Where is Jung Kook”? I don’t know.
I was going to go work out with Jung Kook. Work out… I think he’s just lying down,
or sleeping. I went to bed so early last night. “Can you please sing a song”? Which song do you want me to sing? Which song do you need me to sing? Which song do you want? Which song would you like? This is interesting. “I love you everything about you,
but please correct one thing”.
Mangerella, please tell me. What should I correct?
I’m waiting for Mangerella’s comment. You should’ve mentioned that, too. I can’t find that. What should I correct? Please put it up fast, Mangerella. Mangerella. When are you writing?
What should I correct? I’ll change it, so just tell me. “Brazil, I love you. I miss you”. Thank you. Mangerella, what are you doing? What should I correct? Suyeon, and Sowon,
please wait. Mangerella should put it up fast. I’ll give you 10 seconds. Mangerella, my heart?
How can I change my heart? The one thing you want me to change
was my heart? How can I change that?
I’m not a doctor. Ok! I have a piercing. What should I eat?
What to eat? When I woke up this morning,
I wanted to have hamburger. Hamburger sounds good. “Did you see the movie, “Joker””? People recommended it to me,
but I couldn’t have time to watch it. I heard it’s really good. I’m not that hungry yet. What do you think I should eat? I’m not hungry. “Above you…”
Who? “I want to dye my hair,
which color do you recommend?” It think I’ll have to see your face first. It’s already been an hour together with you. That’s why I’m not sleepy anymore. “Play the BTS game”. Do you mean… You’re not supposed to drink here. BTS game, I don’t play that. I don’t want to be my manager. Actually, I wanted to raise Yoongi. So I was debating about playing it or not,
but I’m not playing it. I don’t think I can watch the videos of us
acting. It would be fun to raise Yoongi. “Jimin, please tell me to go study”.
Go study. You go study! “Please upload a lot of as-if-boyfriend pictures
on Twitter. This cellphone… Okay,
I’ll ask to take a lot of pics of me. This is quite catchy. “There’s a lot of types of milk in the world”. “What I can give you is
I love you (Korean pun: “you” sounds like milk
in Korean). That’s cool.
Cute. “Soranghamjjeo” (I love you in Jeju dialect)
Soranghamjjeo too. I know what that means.
I learned. That meant I love you, right? Doesn’t it seem like I’m losing my puffy-ness? Yes, I should go get something to eat. Should I ask for a hamburger?
I’m hungry all of a sudden. Meal, meal, meal, meal. Hamburger. “Anyone in the room?”
No. Should I show you th There’s really nothing in the room. Slippers. This is my room. I’m not tired. There’s this. I feel lazy?
Lazy lazy… “Which country are you in?”
Saudi. “Jimin, the moon looks pretty”>Oh, there’s this. When we were performing yesterday, the ceiling was open at the performance hall. And the moon was really pretty. I could see the moon there. “Does it feel good to become an idol?” I’m confident. It’s good.
Yes. I’m proud and I respect all. I’m in bed. “It’s my dream to become an idol star too.
BTS is my role model”. Thank you. You really don’t do anything
when you’re here. What would you do
if you’re in a room like this alone. “If you weren’t a member of BTS?”
If so… My face is not this red right now. It’s because of lighting. If I wasn’t a member,
I actually don’t know. I said that I wanted to be a cop,
but that’s not an easy job to do either. It’s probably not something I could do. It was just that I wanted to be one
without any specific plans. But if not that,
I don’t know what I’d be doing now. What would I be doing?
If I couldn’t make the debut? I don’t know at all. If you’re here,
you really have nothing to do. So… You don’t play with the phone either.
I just lie here like this. My viewpoint. I just look at that,
the ceiling. Members are resting too
when we’re here. So we see each other
whenever we can. I was showing you what I see. What my eyes are looking at. If I look above,
this is what it looks like. Sideways. “What time do you go to bed usually?” I go to bed really early these days. It doesn’t go any farther? “Jimin, go to bed if you’re sleepy.
Our A.R.M.Y understands that”. “Please say Guozu mandako”.
Mandako! It’s over though. “Why do you look sad?”
I’m not. “Please read my comment for once”. My brain… Me?
I don’t think I’m that sleepy. I’m just feeling lazy that’s all. I’ll grab something to eat later, It’s 2…
What time is it now? I’ll eat and then work out with
Jung Kook and then wash up, and then head back to Korea.
I’ll be going to the airport. “Grab something to eat”.
Yes, I was about to. Then I’ll stay for 5 minutes more
and then go. Anyway, everyone. Thank you so much for
wishing me happy birthday. Thanks to all of you, my birthday became a very meaningful day. Thank you. I really didn’t care about my birthday. But thanks to you,
my birthday found its meaning. Thank you so very much,
it was really nice yesterday too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for congratulating me. It’s actually not that important a day. But you made it so much more meaningful. Thank you. I really like you a lot too. And the next time we see each other would be, at a concert in Korea? We’ll be doing that for the first time
in a while, And we’ve been doing a lot of practices too. And we did practiced before we came here too. So I hope we have a good time then too. Is this an abrupt ending? But me… with you… having this kind of time…
it feels great and so fun. So I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll try to come see you as often as possible. It’s so fun to talk to you like this. Tomorrow, I won’t be able to come see you.
Make a note of that, okay? Which day is it tomorrow? I won’t tell you exactly when I’ll be coming. Next week… W I’ll come next week too. I don’t know which day. But I’ll keep in mind
about coming back next week. If it’s a weekday,
I won’t come this early. “How about coming to us at 7 a.m.
as a wake-up call?” I don’t think I can do that.
Sorry. For real…
“Somebody’s sitting behind you.” Don’t do that. “Are you a camera?
Because every time I see you, my face..” Anyway, thank you so much for
making me laugh so much. I came to see you. But thanks to that,
I can start my morning so refreshed. Thank you. Then I’ll have some breakfast
when it arrives. Work out and go back to Korea.
I’ll see you in Korea. Thanks for wishing me happy birthday! Doing this makes me feel very alone. I’m heading out now. We spent a long quality time,
in a while. Bye bye. You can see me still. This is like a horror movie. Sorry. Something’s behind me again. Stop lying to me! If this was Yoongi’s V LIVE,
he would have laughed at it. I’m going now, bye!
I’ll see you in Korea. I’m going to go and take a rest.
Bye bye.

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  1. You do know that the vlives gets subbed English after,it got subbed at vlive in like a few hours.(this just popped up on my feed btw)

  2. those vacations are the best, i don't like having to go see everything and rush around, to me that isn't a holiday. Rest , relax, eat, drink and be happy!

  3. 지민
    I love you so deep that's hurt me even the distance, even I know I never gonna kiss, touch or meet you.
    사랑해요 꽃🌸 아르헨티나🇦🇷
    Te Amo Flor de Argentina

  4. 35:22
    Jimin: can’t you hear me ?
    I should go closer
    Me:oh no no jimin no no
    Also me: my heart is going to explode 💗😭

  5. 방탄소년단 박지민. 수고많아서요 에ㅡ고목이 많이 쉬었내 ㅡㅡㅡㅡ건강 챙기새요🙄🙄🙄😚😚

  6. You know everytime jimin go to vlive and do the stream, communicate with army, my heart always fluster. It’s really kind of him to spare his free time to think about us, and say hello to us. He’s really an affectionate and thoughtful person. Anybody will be so lucky to have him as friend or partner.

    And as for me, i’m so lucky to call him my idol 💜
    Thankyou for being you, Jimin..

  7. jimin- fans told me my birthday was coming up but I didn't think it was important-
    gets triggered
    Me- hahahh your funny cries inside (why did you have to say that)

  8. Noooooo!!! Why does he think he needs hair and makeup done to look good. That broke my heart when he said he wanted to look in the mirror and he a handsome face again. He’s literally the most beautiful human alive when he’s barefaced.

  9. Привет! А мне суббота Харькове парк горького вечером 19.00 я сама гулять.

  10. Одно слово мне тебя молитва просил о богу господи даёт душа сердце любовь друзья. Аминь!

  11. Ugh!! He is so freakin adorable and cute! I literally can’t stand it! Like, it physically hurts me to look at his face. I can’t decide if I want to squeeze it, caress it, kiss it, hold it and make cooing noises or make out with it! Anyone else feel this flustered by jimin?

  12. Happy Birthday JiMIN Hope You Have as Great Birthday!!.N Have Fun… Wish I Was There With Us On You're Birthday!!! YOURSElf Greatest!! I HEART You!!….Send You Big Hugs N Kisses!!

  13. Thank u fir really lighting up my whole mood Jimin-shi!!! And to the person who have who upload it here ❤ 💕 really u make me smile for like 1:18:46 straight😊😚thank u🤗

  14. Makeup to see a handsom guy? Bro, Jimin! You are handsome without makeup. I whish i could wake up like this, but i look like a dead fish instead. Also, it's libra month! Happy birthday again! 💜♎🎂

  15. U just wokeup but u looking so handsome, and u move ur hair back it gets me crazy…😂😂 .he's so fine and sweetheart ur bday means alot to Army.

  16. BTS BRING THE SOUL 2019➝[[ bts-full-movie-hd-putlocker.blogspot.com ]]

    In Tailandia, John Rambo si unisce a un gruppo di mercenari per avventurarsi nella guerra birmana devastata dalla guerra e salvare un gruppo di soccorritori cristiani che furono rapiti dalla spietata unità di fanteria locale.

  17. ahhh Jiminiiie Jiminiie __ just by listening, and without even watching at you, may fall in love with you.. the other part is just bonus.
    His personality is everything.. his laughts, and even his cough.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Perfection

  18. Jimin-ah saranghe!
    Know that ARMY'S love ya
    We don't expect anything from you
    You're perfect the way you are armys love you for yourself!
    I hope you will share your troubles with us or if not us then your members and the ones around you who will always love you

  19. Como me gustaría despertar con él y ver ese hermoso rostro a mi lado… 😍🤤 No digan nada! quiero seguir soñando :v

  20. “If this was Yoongi’s live he would have laughed at that” [army saying there’s someone behind him]

    Oh lol never forget savage Yoongi telling people to knock it off and that they didn’t understand him because they didn’t actually speak Korean, so they wouldn’t understand until subs came out and their grammar was bad. 😂

  21. Te amamos park park jimin que cumplas muchos muchísimos años más HBD gracias por existir BTS, que más te falta por hacer y que no harías?

  22. How can Jimin not realize how beautiful he is bare-faced? Jimin you're beautiful with or without makeup, beautiful inside & out, beautiful without even trying, beautiful beautiful–every inch of you is beautiful!!!😭

  23. I felt sad at min 33 ! PARK JIMIN you are literally gorgeous with our without makeup 💔😭 I’ve never seen someone as handsome as you

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