[ENG SUB – We Got Married] Tae-min, Na-eun (34) #03, 태민-손나은(34) 20131207

Let’s open the envelope. “I wanna check it out.” -It’s not money.
-It’s a letter. Dear Tae-min Lee. This is our gift for
you and Na-eun. Hope you guys enjoy your honeymoon
under the sky of Seoul. -The sky of Seoul?
-Hope you guys will be together happily ever after.
From Sooho, Kai, Kwonho. Helicopter tickets for
Jamsil Heliport. -“What’s that?”
-“Helicopter tickets?” I feel nervous about the helicopter. -“Wow, that looks nice.”
-“Wow!” Nice wedding helicopter. -I’ve never seen that.
-Hello? -I heard you were just married.
-Yes. -Congratulations!
-Thanks! -You can get in now.
-Okay. Let the honeymoon begin. -“Can we do that in Seoul? -“I guess it will fly around Seoul.” -“I wanna try it, too!” Beautiful sunset. Here. -“He gave her flowers.” Enjoying romantic
atmosphere in the sky. -“Are they flying in the sky?” -“Yes, they are. Look at that!” -I missed you, Na-eun.
-Yes. Can’t hear it clearly. I missed you. First time alone after
the wedding ceremony. I missed you, too. Really. They have flown quite far. They’ve arrived at cheong-dam dong. -Let’s find where our house is.
-Can you see it? Cheong-dam,
close to the house. Wow, like that! That might be special to
look down at Seoul from the sky. Looks good. Where’s his house? I wanna ride it, too! Isn’t that our school? -“They graduated from the same school.”
-“Oh…” -Oh, there it is.
-Yeah. Their school looks smaller. Souvenir photograph. One, two, three. Let’s wait for the real honeymoon! They’ve arrived home. Wanna watch TV? Or check out our wedding photos? Their wedding photos. You look like a queen. She looks like a queen. They were taken as well! -You look like a baby.
-It’s gonna be a happy memory. I think I look like a marshmallow. You look like a baby, 1 year-old. Looks cute like a baby. -Doesn’t Eun-ji look like my mom?
-Yes, she does. -She’s a bit mature for her age.
-Yes, I think so, too. You look so cute.
Look at those red spots on your face. What’s next? -You are in there.
-That’s right. -What?
-What’s that? Looks like a scene from a scary movie. I’m watching you. Great cover for an album. Use it on your album. You shouldn’t see the next photo. I wanna see that! Baby… I think you…
You shouldn’t see this. Romantic jujube kiss. You’re too young to do this!
You’re just 20! They are the same age! He’s 21! -I’m just 20 and I’m married!
-Will you be okay? What did you think that moment? Well… I don’t know! It happened so fast. What about you? That jujube tasted awful. That’s funny. I want it to be a peanut
instead of a jujube. Or a plum. -Would it be yummy?
-Plums are yummy! It won’t be fair because
plums have a seed inside, too. Tae-min ate a jujube seed. -That jujube is torn off.
-At that time… Who will take the leadership
in this house then? -You ate too little of it.
-Yes, I did. -I think I’m the leader, then.
-I ate too little. So I think I’m the leader
in this house, right? -No, you’re not.
-Why not? The seed was in my mouth. You didn’t eat the jujube seed,
so, anyway… No, I’m sure it was in my mouth. Why are you lying? Do you wanna be a leader? No, let’s just forget
about the leader. Why? I wanna be a leader! -After the wedding ceremony…
-Yes. Do you feel something different
between us? -I feel like I’m really married.
-Yes… Seriously, I feel like I’ve done
the real wedding ceremony. I felt very weird. Yeah, it’s like we were
very serious about it. You guys looked serious. My friends looked very
serious as well. Oh, that’s right. Let’s be a good wife and
husband to each other. Agreed! Then lean on my shoulder. What? What’s that for? -Because we are married.
-So what? I’m your husband. Gently… -This is it?
-Yes! Lover’s quarrel! -Lean on me helplessly.
-What do you mean? -“He is a manly man!” She leans on him. -That’s what I meant.
-Okay… Their sweet married life is about to begin!

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  1. What would bts fellas will do if they come on dis show
    😉😂😂😂😂especially jk😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Omg what is thiiis!!! Can't stop watching the ep.😘 Even tho I google them like is that real or a mini movie, cos I don't know their backgroung so… I believed 🙁

  3. it’s really sad looking at this couple because it ended badly and how so many people disapproved of her and him
    i genuinely thought they were a very good couple and i really enjoyed watching them 🙂

  4. Who’s watching this in 2019?! Hehe still
    Can‘t get over with this two 😍 my heart is still longing for them 😭 i want them back together
    😊please MBC jebalyoooo!!!

  5. Can tamin and naeun have a renuion and ignore what the netizens say? Can we let them be happy? If they end up being together can we let it happen and not be jealous of them? It really shows that taemin loves her. I want them to come back ):

  6. <3 <3 i loveeeeeeeeeeee seeing the together! i hope destiny bring them together to be a real couple, they deserve it ! they were really in love

  7. 여기서도 태민이가 나은이한테 애기같다고 애기라고 자꾸 그러는데 마지막에 헤어질때 태민이가 입모양보면 "우리애기 고생했어."하면서 안아줬음.

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