[ENG SUB] We Got Married, Tae-min, Na-eun(18) #07, 태민-손나은(18) 20130817

Right before entering Na-eun’s room.
Thump-thump. Swish. Finally…
First time in her room. Wow, it’s clean. -It’s really clean.
-Of course.It’s like a teenage girl’s room.-The lower bunk is yours?
-Yeah. -It’s a bit embarrassing.
-You sleep here. Feeling weird being alone. Uh, what should I do? It’s like my private place
just for me. Actually, I didn’t really want to show
it to anybody. Except…my husband. This is where I live… My things and my toys, I wanted to show him that I
always sleep next my toys. Other than my manager,
he’s the first man to be in my room.-The first man.
-The first man in my room.Q. What did you want to see? The toy. I was thinking…
Hoping it would be there. What I wanted to see was… The bed! Where she sleeps. It sounds weird to say
that I wanted to see her bed. Try again. The toy… -I’ll do it again
-It’s done. -It’s on TV now.
-Why? I wondered if the toy was there. Oh, God, I’m going crazy. His face tells the story. Okay. What I most wanted to see
was her bed! I wanted to lie down on it. I wasn’t thinking anything bad. It felt like seeing my sister’s room. Looks too happy to say he’s seen
his sister’s room. Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed.He can’t hide the truth from his face.-Do you want to see anything?
-Where do you write your diary? -My diary? Here.
-Okay. The diary in the bed. Can I see it? -No, no way!
-Why not? Just show me a recent one. Just show me a recent one. No, I don’t have a recent one. Just show me a recent one. Sitting on the bed together naturally.They’re sitting together.Sitting together.His face shows his happiness. But she protects her diary. Did you write anything about me?
Something that we did together… Nope! So, nothing about me? Nope, nothing. -Not at all?
-Nope. -I’ll just have a look.
-No, you can’t. No. I can’t show that, not that one. Q. Did you write anything about him? Yeah, I did. Q. Then why did you say you didn’t? He might have asked me to show him.-Yeah.
-Nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud. Keeps smiling, happy to sit together. In their own world,
gazing at one another. Awkward. Have you kissed this? -No, I haven’t.
-You’re lying. I can see it.
He’s lost his hair around here. Around here. You kissed him a lot! How hard did you do it? See?
There’s no hair. One kiss and A bunch of hair… Teh, teh He’s never had any hair there. -No, he was hairy there.
-No. Am I cutting off too much? No, it’s all right. Oh, my God, they’re having fun
on the bed. -What?
-What? You kissed the teddy bear? Blush. Talking about all the details. No, I didn’t. Gets angry. So jealous. Whatever other people say,
they’re happy… Nam-ju brings them fruit. Who’s interrupting our happiness? Swish. Nam-ju. I brought you some fruit. -Are you 19 years old?
-Yeah. -Ah.
-She’s my sister-in-law. -Hey.
-Yeah. You can leave, now. Hey, that’s harsh. You can sit here. -I’d better go.
-That’s perfect. No, I didn’t mean that. I mean, that’d be better. Just leave. I didn’t want to come in. Good girl. You can leave. Only trying to be nice to them. Kicked Nam-ju out of the room. Ah. Glance.That’s why they did it.Look at her.Jealous. If she sees things
like that…Keep doing that.Continuing. -Should I eat it?
-Yeah. Friendly. Offers a piece of water melon. Ah… Do you like it? Is this… Happiness? What are they doing in the room? Oh, my God. Why is she still there? Plod… Plod… What are they doing? Guess what they said to me. You can leave now. And he said, “You can stay,
but it’d be better if you leave.” What? What are we doing? We invited him to our place! If they wanted to be alone,
they could go to their own place! -Why!
-Are you here to show us that? Yeah, they just want to show off! -God, I’m so jealous.
-Listen! -They’re all jealous.
-Yeah. Can’t hear. -What’s that?
-I’m gonna tell him the secret! -Let’s see if I’m gonna do it.
-Or we can make them jealous. That sounds like a plan. That’s gonna be fun. Wait till they come out. I don’t think they’re ever coming out. When they come out, we can show them They’re coming out. -Heeeey!
-Wow! Excessive welcome
to cover up their plan. Someone’s visiting. -Someone’s here.
-Who is that? -Did you order something?
-Yeah. -Food?
-Really? Black-bean sauce noodle. Actually, I got something for you all. -What’s that?
-Awesome! Something else? Wow, I’m so excited now. -We’ll wait for you like this.
-He’s making himself look good.Manager Hoo is there too…-Hello.
-Wow! Hi. Hello… I’ve been waiting an hour. -Oh, no. Thanks for that.
-Thank you so much. -Thank you.
-Thanks for your help. -I’d better go.
-Thanks again. He doesn’t want to leave.I want to be with them too.Looks nice. -Thanks for this.
-You’re welcome. Thank you. Gives Tae-min a piece of pizza first. Just feed him. That’s not good enough. Should I feed him? With your hand! Big smile. Was that too obvious? Take your hand away! Tries not smile too much. Embarrassed to feed him. Just feed him. I’m jealous. Should we eat? If I envy you, I’m lost. We should enjoy the pizza… -It’s really nice.
-Ah… Just feeling sorry. Did you see that? See what? Na-eun… The touchy-feely things that she did
on the TV show. Oh, I didn’t watch that. -Oh, really?
-No. She always watches something… Your photos at the airport
or on your way to work… -When did I do that?
-You did. He’s got the same blue case as you. Okay, I saw you with the blue case,
so I showed it to her. She’s always with him:
On the way to work, at the airport… Even today! So jealous… She must be. Even I’m jealous now Why don’t you give
each other nicknames? Yeah, right. I can’t do that because… Nickname… Only interested in pizza. What’s that? You know, for your partner. Something like, “Hey, piggy”? “Hey, piggy”? I’m so sorry. Sorry. Na-eun, can you get me something
to drink? Get it yourself. Swish.
Help me, Cho-rong. I’m thirsty too. I want some orange juice. There’s something going on. I’ll go then. What’s the plan?
They’re sending her away I’ll come too. Going out together Tactful…
She’s gone. Actually, I asked her to get a drink for a reason. There was a reason? -Yeah…
-Why is that? Because I want to say something. Awkward laughing.
Hahahaha. Who’s your closest celebrity friend? But she can’t know. What’s that?
Why shouldn’t she know? -My best friend?
-Yeah. Kai? Yep. Gotcha! Why? She’s really interested in him. Yeah? But I’m just worried that he’s wearing some kind of mask and… He’s just smiling…?-He’s quite fixated.
-Yeah. What’s he doing?What…?
What’s going on… When she’s watchingThe Wolf…At the end of that song, Kai does -something like this.
-You know, this dance. Yeah, yeah. She replayed Kai’s part… Smile…
It doesn’t work.That doesn’t work at all.Why is that? Embarrassed by trying to
make him jealous. Q. Were you jealous? I just realized something about life. What’s that? Whatever they may say,
she still loves me. So confident. Q. Why do you think that? We talked about something,
but I won’t tell you what. What? What? I’ll ask her first, then tell you. -What’s that?
-They talked. About what? I really want to know. “You’re so much cooler than Kai.” Maybe something like that? Looks like they had an
interesting conversation. What did they talk about?

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    태민이란넘은 느끼하고엿같이생겻는데 뭐가좋은지 ? 취향독특허네

  2. 우결은 꼭 ㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋ커플이 서로 먹여주면 다른 멤버 끼리 서로 먹여주는데 ㅋㅋㅌㅋ개웃김 ㅋㅋ귀여움

  3. 이거 당시에 볼때도 진짜 광대 안내려와서 끝나면 광대 스트레칭 해주는게 순서였음 최강 풋풋했닥우….

  4. Taemin wants to kiss her bad coz he keeps asking about her kissing. 😘 lol 🤣 Also about him thinking about her bed and lying in it and not thinking about bad stuff. Yeah right, uh huh. lol 😂 That’s ok Taemin. 👍🏻

  5. i just discovered this yesterady, so sad how this beautiful upcoming love ended, being forced to end cuz of inmature fangirls

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  7. i'm missing taeun so i'm re-rewatching for the fourth time now
    and i'm just … like oh goood taemin why where you so tensed up ? 9:00

  8. Naeun is like a child having her boyfriend over and her mom comes in her room to give fruits them. So, naeun wants a happy moment with her boyfriend and she shoos her mom away lmao

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    진짜 궁금한게 곰인형 & 각자찍은 사진들 어디있을까

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