[ENG SUB]My lord ordered me to get married with another girl?!🔥Dr. Cutie🔥(2020)Ep20!萌醫甜妻20預告!

Showing your affection in public, ruining the rules of Mansion Ji. You two are so shameless! Please don’t be mad, cousin. Chun Hua is my maid. Though I’m reluctant, still I have to obey the rules of the mansion. My lord,Chun Hua saved me once, she did good to me. I heard Chun Hua is in trouble, so I came here right away. Chun Hua said she is a bit of cold, I’m just helping her get warm. That’s all. My lord, please believe us. I can prove it, my lord. Dr. Tian is an honest man. Please believe us, my lord. These two are trying to prove for each other. That’s ridiculous. Tian Qi. You said that you have found the one. Is she the one? I… I… You didn’t deny, that means you agreed. Fine. I’ll help you. I’ll help you get married. In this way, you don’t need to secretly meet each other. Help them get married? Then, there’s no violation the rules of the mansion. Tian Qi saved me once. Out of gratitude and logic, I should do this for him. But General, this… The wedding will be held in three days. Is there an objection? My lord, I’m so grateful for your kindness. But… I don’t deserve Chun Hua. Can’t you… Can’t you take your order back? Do you want to live with this order, or let this maid take the charge of adultery and die under paddles? Thank you my lord for your consent. Thank you my lord for your mercy. I’m willing to follow Dr. Tian for the rest of my life. After you get married, leave Mansion Ji right away. Marquis Marvel is short of hands, you can serve there. My lord, my lord, please don’t. My lord, you can punish me. I can’t accept this great mercy. My lord, my lord. Sheng Anhuai. Yes, my lord. – I’ll leave here to you. – Yes, my lord. Be casual and quick. I’ll handle this well. My lord.

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  1. I don't if I should be surprised or sad or cry and laugh too girl marrying another one that's not cool it's time to tell general the truth

  2. This shit is getting out of hand… Thankfully they had divorce lol otherwise it would have been much more complicated! 😂😂😂

  3. Este dorama es un remake de un dorama que años atrás protagonizará Jang Nara ( actriz coreana ), he visto este y otros spoiler y SI, no cabe duda es el mismo.

  4. Спасибо за перевод, не поверите смотрю серии без перевода, очень нравиться игра актеров!!!

  5. How poor she is ! She has no right to choose her wife/husband by her own choice.why all problems come to her way this drama has full of thrilles i love it

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