English conversation topics – Meeting a friend at a party

Meeting a friend at party Are you interested in expanding your English
conversation topics? In this video I’ll share with you a simple, useful English conversation
that you can use immediately when meeting friend at a party to improve your English
quickly and without overwhelm. Stay tuned. Meeting a friend at a party Hey Christopher. Hey Buddy. How’s it going?
Good, thanks. And you? Yeah, I’m well.
What have you been up to? I’ve been really busy, working hard. What
about you? I’ve been busy too. I’ve also been working
hard. Are you having a good time tonight?
Yeah, it’s good to have some fun. What about you? Yeah, I’m enjoying myself. What are your plans for tonight?
Not much, stay here for a while and have some fun. I’ll head home later.
Sounds good to me. Yeah, I hope so. What about you?
The same. Have some fun and head home later. Good one. Hope you have a good night.
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  1. [English Conversation Topics] Meeting a friend at a party

    In this video of the English Conversation Topics series, I will take you through a common English conversation when meeting a friend at a party.

    Click here to watch the video: http://davepearl.com/english-conversation-topics-meeting-friend-party/

    In this video series I share simple English conversation topics that you can use immediately to help you learn English quickly and without overwhelm.

    Enjoy the video.

    Any questions or suggestions for conversation topics leave them in the comments below.

    #englishconversation   #learnenglish  

  2. Your video helps me communicate more easily and effectively because sometimes I tend to become less confident when using English. I just use simple English sentence structure that I know is correct.

  3. There are few things that I am uncomfortable being in a conversation its either on a topic I intensely dislike or I have nothing to say about the topic. Thanks for your videos I have some key points in mind now.

  4. This video is very helpful especially to those who are  not fluent enough in speaking or making conversation in english. This can help in practicing the language. 

  5. Nice tip on how to start a conversation during a party. thank you for sharing this video i found this video useful. Going to share this to my friend on other social media.

    Thank you Dave

  6. Hello Dave! I really enjoy watching your videos. It does not only improve my English skills but it also fun watching at the last portion of the video. I am having fun while learning! 🙂

  7. I sometimes go to a party and I found this video very useful. Now, I know on how should I start a conversation at a party. I must admit, I sometimes don't know on how to start a conversation when meeting a friend at a party!  Cool topic. I learned a lot.

  8. I wonder how should you end a conversation without being abrupt? thats my usual convo stopper, I hesistate because I might not be able to continue talking about the topic

  9. Great conversation. It gives us idea on how to have a good and sensible conversation in meeting a friend during parties. It also give tips on what topics should be shared and talked about.
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. I try to listen to your video not just to what the words mean, but on how the person says them. Notice which words the person links together in a sentence, or when they say “hey” instead of “hi”. I try to remember these details the next time I speak and my English begun to sound more natural.

  11. My worry is how to keep things interesting when starting up a conversation in a party? I might actually get to a point where I have nothing else to say or nothing will come up in mind.

  12. I'm a party goer and I sure like this video not because of that, but because of the idea it gives you to talk to people in the party rather than just dance and drink till you drop. 🙂

  13. Conversing properly is important to making a connection. Great way to practice when communicating with a friend the next time. Thanks for the video!

  14. Although I don't attend parties that much, but I still find this video helpful whenever I meet some friends, not just on parties but maybe on the street or the mall. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. This video will be of use everyday. I can surely use this example when I meet my friends during parties or reunions. Thanks for sharing your videos with us.

  16. I can definitely use this sample, especially that I love going to parties and meeting different people. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Perfect video. From time to time, I go out to parties and meet friends. But this video, will not only help me in talking during parties but in my everyday life. Great Great video.

  18. i really find this video helpful because i find it hard to start conversations with friends i do not often see. this is really great! thanks again!

  19. Parties are a good time to improve communication skills. This is one good way to strike a conversation with friends. Thanks for uploading 🙂

  20. Thank you Dave! <3 your channel have really been a great help in expanding my English conversation topics. Specially this video could really be a great help for me in the future parties and events that I will be attending. 

  21. Another thumbs up for this topic. I have a lot of friends and some I don't usually see and this can be a great help for me to start a conversation with them at parties.. thanks again.

  22. parties are events intended for one to socialize with other people.but there are other people who are still very shy.thanks to this vid, it would be a great help.

  23. and this is what im looking for…hahaha now i won't have any anxieties talking with some buddys in a party…can't wait to apply the vid's topic.hahahah

  24. party! its always exciting every time.. meeting friends, Food, Boost, Music, Fun.. a really like this conversation i can realate

  25. Now i know what is the proper way in opening a conversation to a friend. I cant wait to use what i learned from this video. Thanks.

  26. we always meet new friend everyday.for shy people its just so hard to communicate .and this video will helps me to have good and fun conversation with new friends.

  27. confident is one of the attitude we must have to create a good conversation..watching this video helps me to crreate best ideas to converse with my friends.

  28. Thanks for the videos. So far, so good. Keep it up. Meeting a friend at party and starting a conversation in a sense that you understood each other could lead to a more awesome and fun party. ;]

  29. With this  video I realized that I made a lot of mistakes in my casual conversation with my  friends. Thanks you have corrected me through this video.

  30. I love meeting new people on parties. This is very helpful so that next time when in a party I will be fluent on what to say 🙂

  31. Yeah, i do agree. If you know on how to communicate well with your friends, mostly likely they will stay longer talking to you.

  32. This video is great! I used to go to parties and it is really useful for me to use this kind of conversation.Please make more videos like this, it is very informative.

  33. Yeah, having fun talking at a party is a nice place where you can create a more good relationship towards each other. Thanks for the video….

  34. Being able to engage in a good interpersonal conversation will open new windows of opportunities. Great video. Thanks

  35. I should have watch this video earlier ! Thank you dave, it is quite useful, I will keep on watching more 🙂

  36. I would like to thank you Dave about this great and  wonderful video. Just another great  channel to help us learn and improve our English. Keep it up. 

  37. This is very interesting video that helps many new learners to know the best methods to use english language in a easy way. Thank you so much for sharing

  38. very interesting video. I love to talk to friends whenever we meet not only in parties but everywhere. this is a very simple conversation and I have learned from it.

  39. Thank you for your interesting video. I had fun watching it especially at the last part. you had put much effort in making this video for us to learn.gt

  40. Years ago I used to struggle when responding to such simple greetings as “Hi, how’s things?” I would try to respond with a thorough answer, and it would confuse both me and my conversation partner. Nowadays I can engage in typical English small talk,swapping pleasantries and mostly talking about weather!

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