[engsub/ indosub] BTS Live: dinner party

Please wait. – We need to wait for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
– Right. – From my experiences, as a frequent broadcaster on V LIVE,
we need to wait for 90 seconds. It’s on. On LIVE. – Let’s wait. – This was our pledge
for winning a Billboard award.
– We look better than I thought. – Much better.
– Right. We look great. From the side… – Taehyung, please show your face.
– There you go. OK. – Eating broadcast we promised.
– I need to go behind.
– I need to be in the middle. – You can go behind further.
– Can I? – Yes. – Good. – It’s hard to see Taehyung.
– Taehyung, sit close. – We promised an eating broadcast.
– Right, our pledge. – Sure. – So we will start now.
– Taste some, everyone. We’re going to do it now. – Don’t we say hi to fans?
– All right. – Shall we say hi?
– I can see myself. – It’s delicious. – Hold on.
– Why? – Hang on. Let me have a bite.
– It’s so delicious. It’s the best Yukhoe (beef tartare)
I have ever had. Let me give you some, Taehyung. – What’s this?
– Awesome! – We need to say hi to fans.
– Let’s say hi. – Let’s start. Everyone, stop eating. 2, 3. BTS!
Hello, we’re BTS. – We’re here to eat.
– We made a promise. – Sure. We vowed to have an eating broadcast
on V LIVE if we win a Billboard award. – Right. So we are here.
– Will you just keep eating? – Crazy! – Let’s eat.
– Let me have this piece of pear. – What? Let’s eat this. It’s so delicious. This is Yukhoe grilled by a blowtorch. – It’s delicious.
– So delicious. It’s so delicious. – This place…
– Seokjin is not here with us. – Right.
– He’s hospitalized with a cold. – I guess he has body aches.
– In fact, with Jungkook… Not Jungkook. I was here with
Jin to buy Jungkook’s birthday gift. We ate here on the way to the dorm. – It was so delicious and Seokjin
suggested we should come back. – Sad. Jin introduced this place. What a shame, Jin!
You are not with us here. I told you to dress warmly, brother! Don’t sleep with AC on! – The youngest, say something.
– You’re down with a cold at the age of 26. Act your age, Jin. – It’s not heated up.
– We were kidding. We had a lot on our schedule. – Right. – As he slept after finishing
busy schedules, I guess he got a cold. Jin, thank you for introducing
such a good place. As a leader, please send
a video message to Jin. If you were with us, you would
sit at the center over there. It feels like I can see you
sitting with us at the table. Brother, I wish you good health. Stay healthy! Brother! – I will come with Jin later.
– All right. – Let’s come one more time.
– Jimin, Jin and I frequently eat. – Jin-Ji-Jung?
– Jin-Ji-Kook. Right? – Is it Jin-Ji-Jung or Jin-Ji-Kook.
– Jin-Ji-Jung? – Jin-Kook-Jung.
– Jin-Ji-Jung. – Jungkook, Ji… Let’s say in the order of age.
Jin, Ji, Jeon. Seok, Ji, Jung. – All the names are not so good.
– Here, the chef grills meat for guests. – But we need to broadcast…
– To protect the chef’s portrait right. – Is the heat on? – When can we eat?
We’ve been roasting it for 10 minutes. – There was no flame.
– No flame. – No flame? – We didn’t turn it on.
– No flame? – Right now.
– It’s being heated. It’s being heated but
the flame is too low. What’s this? Beef Brisket? – Beef Brisket.
– Beef Brisket? – Beef Brisket. – Beef Brisket. – This was our pledge.
– For winning the Billboard award.
– So we’re here. Right. Thanks to fans,
we’re enjoying a great meal. – Right.
– In fact, at the press conference, a reporter asked about our vow for
making it on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. – We were a bit surprised.
– So we said we would think.
– We said we would tell later. In fact, I don’t know
what vow we need to make. – On this joyful day, let’s enjoy this.
– OK. So I suggested that
while doing this eating broadcast, – let’s receive inputs from ARMY.
– All right. Their ideas about our vow or pledge. – I will read comments.
– OK, Now, Hoseok and… Everyone, please leave comments
about what you want us to do as a pledge. – We will read.
– Please tell us. Our new song came in 85th
on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. For ARMY who support our song,
what should we do? Let’s ask them.
Please leave comments. If you leave a comment,
we will give a thought to it. There’s a comment saying
“Jeong Hoseok, heart”. – “Girl group dance”.
– “I’m hungry”. – Then, our pledge is to
dance like a girl band? – “Rap Line Concert”. – Rap Line Concert.
– Many fans ask about that. Right, the demand is soaring. “Love you, Park Jimin”. – “Please show us the choreography
version of MIC Drop”. – Choreography video. – “MIC Drop choreography video”.
– “Show your abs” and “Hoseok is handsome”. “Your existence is reward for us”. – I found something great.
– What’s that? “Just let us see you enjoy your
dinner and have a good rest”. – So touching!
– However, we need to do more than that. “Make one member look good
by putting on ugly faces”. Many fans say “LieV”. – What’s “LieV?”
– V LIVE broadcast that you do while lying.
– We can lie down now. – “Teach YOLO dance”.
– “Teach YOLO dance”. LieV doesn’t sound bad. – LieV is a great idea.
– If we do that, we may fall asleep. – “Dye everyone’s hair black”.
– Everyone’s. – “Dye everyone’s hair black”.
– I can’t do that. Sorry. – “Showing Jungkook’s abs”.
– I can show my abs now. Just keep it to yourself. – Not for this venue. – Please, do not.
– “Rap Nam Concert”. “Showing JK’s abs”. A lot of fans say LieV. – Another shocking one.
– What’s that? “Adult Rap Nam Concert”. What do they want? “Iseul Live”. – What’s “Iseul Live?”
– Drinking Iseul (Soju brand)… – And have a live broadcast.
– I want to do that, Iseul Live. “Blow a short bamboo flute
with your nose together”. – “Eat something wearing pajamas”.
– I was the short bamboo flute club member. – So I’m good at playing bamboo flutes.
– Oh, you are. “Vocal members’ cypher”. – Please do that, vocalists’ cypher.
– We can do that. Sorry. – “I like Iseul Live”.
– They say they like Iseul Live. They love to see Iseul Live. “Please sing live together
at a karaoke room”. – Karaoke?
– Yes. – Live performance at karaoke. Nice.
– I will install karaoke at my studio. I think they will like LieV. In fact, all idol groups
appear on LieV. – But we’ve never appeared on the show.
– I once appeared. All of us didn’t appear. A lot of fans say “Pajama party”. I like Iseul Live. – Pajama party?
– There’s a program titled LieV On V LIVE.
– Really? – Right.
– Some fans ask where Seokjin is. – Some may have belatedly joined.
– He caught a cold. – He’s taking a rest.
– He’s on a break. I can read a lot of English comments.
Please introduce in English. – “Please come to Turkey”. They ask us.
– Seokjin is sick. OK? That’s OK. Don’t worry. – Seokjin is sick.
– He’s OK. – He’s OK. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Don’t worry. – The flame was too low.
– He sometimes feel sick. – It was off. – Really? This one?
– Yes. – I thought it was on.
– “Please show DNA’s cute action version”. – There was no gas flame.
– “Please do Hope On the Street all together”. – Hope On the Street all together.
– That would be hard. Hope On the Street.
Let’s do that on the street. – Shall we do that on the street?
– We used to do it on the street. – Let’s do it on the street.
– We did it on our own, not for a broadcast. Hang on. Let’s think about several things. – “Dance to DNA two times faster than normal”.
– “Go to an amusement park and see
how J-Hope and Jimin react”. A lot of things are posted. Let’s select one. – Something that fans would like.
– “Change parts,” “Halloween version of DNA”. We need to be pragmatic.
Think about time and other conditions. I think the choreography video was nice.
There were a lot of great ideas. Some said busking. But it’s hard for us to do busking. – We do not have a song.
– There are a lot of songs to do. – If we do, – It would be a big trouble.
– Time and space… It’d be a trouble. – If we do busking,
– It may cause inconvenience. What would be a good one?
I like LieV. Iseul Live… I am not sure
if we can do that. But Iseul Live is not on V LIVE. Iseul Live is not something like that.
We need to create one. – Also, two others. – Iseul Live…
– That’s the content title. – They want to see Producer Bang’s
YOLO dance”. – Sorry? They want to see Producer
Bang’s Yolo dance. We are still asking. – Through on Social media…
– Producer Bang, please do that! – We’re still asking. Please do that.
– Please try that. “Choreography video clip of MIC Drop”.
They also said LieV and karaoke live. – “Visiting Everland amusement park”.
– Amusement park. – Karaoke… I like it.
– What do you think? I like LieV. – I think that’s more pragmatic.
– What is LieV? – A lot of fans want to see it. – Just lie down. – Wear pajamas
and lie down on a broadcast. – What if we fall asleep?
– I heard only several can do that. I’m worried if 7 members
can do that. What about having a party
on our own? Hang on. That’s a good promise. Because our song came in the Hot100 Chart,
Let’s have a party. – Lying down.
– Let’s show the party and us falling asleep. It needs to be on for 24 hours. It would feel like a match-making
show hosted by Kang Hodong. OK. There are a lot of things. “Mini drama?” There was “Mini drama”.
“Please sing a lullaby”. We will carefully review
and choose one. Now, the meat is being grilled. – When will it be fully cooked?
– Fans say “Go ahead and enjoy your meat”. – It’s not grilled yet.
– Suga, what’s happening? When we grill the meat,
Suga always grill it. We were told to turn it upside down
when it starts shimmering. Everyone, there’s something unique. – Look at your rice bowl.
– Look at the individual rice shape. This rice is to make Sushi with
roasted Beef Brisket. Do you know oxygenated water? – Sorry?
– How come yours is too dirty? I had it with Seokjin last time. If you put some wasabi paste
and eat it like Sushi, it’s so delicious. But it’s too slowly cooked.
It drives me crazy. – There was no flame before.
– You may turn it upside down, I guess. – But let’s wait for a while.
– I’ll roast. – Crazy. – Add some wasabi on.
– “Please do the Rookie King again”. – Sorry?
– we are no longer rookies now. – Rookie King?
– Someone asked to have the Rookie King again. – We can’t. Because we’re not rookies.
– We’re no longer rookies. Sorry. – Sorry.
– It’s been a while since we won the award. – It’s been a while. – Right?
– We won it in May. 4 months have passed. We need to say sorry that
we belatedly carry our pledge. – Everyone.
– Everyone. – We won the award in May.
– Our leader will apologize on behalf of us.
– Let me apologize. Please do it to the public. We’re very sorry.
We tried to do this several times. – But whenever we do that…
– We didn’t have much time. To present “DNA,” MIC Drop”
and other cool stuff, we tried hard and had little time.
Sorry. – Even though the official schedule is empty,
we are not goofing around. – Sure. – We were so busy.
– We had meetings and produced songs. – A lot of things on the plate.
– Finally, we did it today. That’s important. – Right. Finally we kept the promise.
– That’s more important. – Promise is something to keep.
– I found something interesting. – What’s that?
– Be a fashion coordinator for each other. – I like it.
– It’s nice. It sounds great. And give the best coordination award. Let’s play rock paper scissors and
dress your partner. – I think it’s nice. – You need to
choose things out of your own items. Choose one that would look great with
the partner and dress him with yours. But the clothes may not fit. If someone wears clothes that are too
big or small, it would be fun to watch. There are a lot of candidates.
A lot of promises. – I think fashion coordination is fine.
– This is nice. – Let’s select some candidates.
– All right. – Candidates… We will keep them and discuss
one more time after having dinner. And we will make announcement later. It’s a bit belated but
how did you feel when we won the award? – Really…
– I thought you asked ARMY. – I asked ARMY.
– Did you? DJ Khaled didn’t get up. A lot of ARMY were with us at the venue. When they shouted, he got surprised
and stood up and applauded. many fans came to the venue – and cheered us up.
– Sure, they did a great job. – I think we can eat now.
– No, it’s not cooked well. We need to grill it further. – It will be cooked soon.
– I would have a piece, if I were not on a broadcast. – Right. – This…
– Not this one. But that one. It’s not cooked well. Not yet.
You may have stomach ache. – Stomach ache.
– Pork doesn’t make your stomach upset. – Is this pork?
– No, beef. – Beef. Where is the flame controller?
I want to increase it. – I guess…
– Try this way. – Not this one. – Opposite side?
– Yes. – I think I did like this. – On the opposite side?
– Yes. – This side, right? But it smells… It drives me crazy. When can I have
these? It’s been a while since we started. – Now it’s accurately…
– Not now. – No?
– I really want to have some. I am not that patient.
If it seems cooked, I just eat. – Not this one,
– Let’s grill it on high flame. We’ve ordered four servings
and other kind of meat. A lot of stuffs. – But it’s too slow.
– At this pace, we need to stay here up all night. – It drives me crazy. What should I do?
– Why didn’t we ask to grill? Right, I regret too. – It’s OK. It’s a sort of fun.
– Let’s ask grill other type of meat
and give us now. – You need to wait before enjoying
delicious beef. – No need to ask. – We can grill it ourselves.
– No. We need to wait for pork. – Right. – But this is too much.
– They don’t sell pork here. Where did you get this earring? – What’s this earring?
– It’s from our coordinator. Is it the ear line?
Taehyung, follow me. Our stylist directors tried
hard to find this earring. I heard you pick your ears
with your earring. – I heard…
– You can pick your ears with this. Instead of this, he has a
steel stick earring. – A big chunk of steel.
– The entire stuff got in my ear. Everyone has fabulous earrings. When I look at others wearing fancy
earrings, I want to try that. – You know, the exercise equipment
at the gym. – Hoseok. – Yes. – The sports device that you hold with two hands.
– It’s being roasted. – Hang on. May I eat now?
– No, not yet. As it’s dropped, please exchange
it with another. – May I start eating?
– Not yet. There are friends who do like this
when eating together. – They try to eat ahead of others.
– I think it’s done. Is the gas flame all right? No, it needs to be higher. – How can I adjust this?
– Please increase it to high heat.
– To the left side. Twice. – Like this?
– Yes. One more time. Let’s go. I think it’s OK to eat. – Please wait for a second.
– I see. – Hang on.
– Sorry. Jungkook, please do the impersonation
that you couldn’t do on “Knowing Brothers”. No. I don’t want to do that. – This is…
– Jungkook, please do something. Recently, as you didn’t get a meal
on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together,” – many fans are worried about you.
– Right. – So, I’m eating beef now.
– Jungkook will have 5 meals here. – That’s a lot. – Eat. You can eat these.
– Some fans are worried since I’ve lost weight. Hang on. Suga said we can eat now. Can we eat? – Thank you.
– I’ll eat with rice. – Enjoy. – Thank you.
– Do I need to eat it with rice? – With rice. – Jimin, as you ate this before,
please show us how to eat. – Based on what they gave…
– Add some wasabi paste. – Scoop your rice.
– Rice. Add some wasabi. – Some wasabi.
– You can put a lot. It doesn’t taste bad. And dip well-grilled meat
in soy sauce and put it on top.
Then, eat those at a bite! – Me, too! – What’s the soy sauce brand?
– This restaurant’s own one. – And use your spoon.
– It’s so delicious. Delicious? I’m a bit scared. It would be a bit shocking at first. – Amazing.
– Delicious! I guess viewers of this live broadcast
would feel hungry. – It’s around dinner time.
– Great. – Everyone, enjoy your dinner.
– Everyone, you need to eat together. – Enjoy your meal!
– This is a joyful event. – Right.
– We’re eating to celebrate the award. – This brisket sushi is amazing.
– It’s so delicious. As this is to carry out our pledge…
Now I can feel the flame. Everyone, don’t worry.
Another 4 servings will come out. We’ve ordered for 4 servings
of this beef. – Even though you add a lot of wasabi…
– It’s more delicious when we add wasabi. It’s not that spicy.
Add wasabi as much as you want. – I like wasabi.
– Me, too. Hang on. We have more meat. Take your time. Let’s eat this first…
And we have some more. – Right.
– Rap Mon is impatient. – Let’s understand him.
– All right. Rap Mon is… He’s so cool in front of camera. We have a camera here.
But why is he so different? Can we eat now? As we started eating,
we became so quiet. – Let’s talk.
– We need to think about Jin. Jin! Taehyung, thanks for the comment. – Jin!
– Thanks for introducing this good restaurant. – I am sure Jin is watching this
live broadcast. – Thank you, Jin. – We’re enjoying it now.
– Delicious. Jimin, let’s take a pic
and send it to Jin. I’m texting Jin now. – Thanks to ARMY, we can enjoy this feast.
– Right. – Thank you! Suga is good at grilling beef. – Suga is the expert.
– He can earn a doctoral degree. – Delicious.
– Are you sending the pic? How do they make this
vinegar-added rice? It’s hard to be fed up
with beef. – But I like pork more than beef.
– Meat is always right. Jungkook, we can’t see you. – 1, 2, 3.
– Suga, is not seen. I’m in the frame. Suga’s face looks too white. – Let’s post it.
– I wanted to send it to Jin… But my phone screen is broken. Everyone, enjoy your dinner. Enjoy your dinner. – Is this dinner time?
– I guess so. – Right.
– Thanks to our fans, we can enjoy this. – Thank you.
– Everyone, – hang on. What day is it?
Saturday? – Yes. – It’s Saturday evening.
– Right. – With family…
– This is why they asked us not to
turn heat to high. – As they are too thin, they are burnt.
– They got burnt and stuck to the pan. I’d like to recommend
dining out with your family. – Soon, it will be Chuseok,
Korean thanksgiving. – Right. – It’s been a while since we go live
on V LIVE all together. – Right. – Jungkook, please broadcast
on V LIVE. – Sorry? – Please broadcast on V LIVE.
– All right. Jungkook and I will – broadcast on V LIVE.
– OK. Please sing. Please show a great harmony
of main vocalists. And you have some
personal contents. That’s a nice idea.
Relay of individual talent show.
We did it before. – That’s nice.
– Or, 7 members will broadcast
individually. – With personal theme.
– I had a plan. – Really?
– Yes. You can do it. Don’t increase to high heat.
Reduce it, please. – It’s not cooked in the middle.
– Not yet? Anyways, we will have discussion
over our pledge and let you know about it. – Please enjoy your dinner.
– Thank you, fans. We won the Billboard award
thanks to you. Thank you! – Enjoy your dinner.
– Bye! – We will make you so happy.
– Jimin, we’re saying bye. – Everyone! – Heart.
– Thank you! Aren’t we enjoying it too much? – Thank you for the great meal.
– Enjoy your dinner. – Have a great dinner! – Thank you.
– Good evening! – Enjoy your dinner.

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