EP 3 | LATE-NIGHT DINNER : เมื่อหนุ่มๆ ชวนกันเข้าครัวกลางดึก!

According to this episode was shooting after 10 PM.
Please excuse Porsche to go to bed.
He will not participate in this barbeque party with his friends.
Please wait to see him again on next episode. What kind of meat we should buy? Ribeye or Filet Mignon or Tenderloin? Filet Mignon right? JAMYJAMESS said he’s good at cooking the lamb meat. Third, where’s Rosemary? Here’s black pepper. Here’s Himalayan salt. Thyme, Rosemary. JAMYJAMESS, after we bought the meat. When we arrived here,
he said “Third, give me 5 minutes” “Wake me up in 5 minutes.” The first cook, the second cook. JAMYJAMESS, There is no acknowledgement from your requested number. Please call again later. JAMYJAMESS. Third, did you cut the lamb? I’m starving. JAMYJAMESS didn’t cut the lamb because he doesn’t want his hand to get stained. So I have to do it and my hands is smelly now. smell? Here’s the meat we’ve already prepared,
we’re going to grill it. It’s called marinating. It’s called marinating. This is the Filet Mignon part. It’s time for grilling. This one can’t be turned on. Do we have to close the lid? Close the lid? yes, like baking. Now,We’ve already laid every meat on the grill. Close the lid. So it can be completely cooked quickly
because I’m starving. So starving, and now seems like it’s starting to rain. No, it stopped. The melting point is higher than fire. Yes.What is it called? um, The melting point is very high, much higher. Really?, I thought it’s just for decorating
like a normal stove decorating with stones. No, if it’s the stone, it’d melt. How can the stone melt? The stone doesn’t melt. The stone doesn’t melt. It’s burnt. But it affects nothing. There’s no any reactions. 20 minutes later. Hey,It looks ok. (Where’s Porsche?) Porsche’s sleeping. Because it’s now midnight so Porsche’s been sleeping since 11 PM. Whoa They said we should rest the meat around 10 minutes before we cut it. But we didn’t, we just cut it right away
because we’re too starving. It’s good. Let me try. Try it. It’s big, this one is quite hard to chew. Third Third Third, that’s the plastic. Oh, I forgot. Ooh,It’s so good! It’s not hot. We will go for the scariest ride in this amusement park.

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