EPIC 2018 – Research, Education Scholarship, and Innovation Celebration

To affect real change in the communities we
serve, it is vital to build and foster a resilient and inclusive culture that enables our teams
to follow through on their ideas, think outside the box, and pursue passion in their work. As you look around the room, let’s never forget
the power of one. Big changes can start with small ideas and
so with that let the EPIC fair begin. I’m always totally inspired by the work that
you do in such a challenging, and complex, and always changing environment. And in awe by the work that you do, and how
you do it in a respectful and inclusive manner. It’s amazing. It’s so nice to see all of the innovative
projects and particularly how much staff engagement there is and community engagement. You can see everybody collaborating. I’m really excited to see where these projects
go from here and how they continue to make care delivery better here at Michael Garron.

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