what’s up guys hey everybody welcome
back to our channel yes we are home now from our beach trip we got back a couple
weeks ago two weeks ago and we have been MIA and have not left the house
haven’t let anyone come into our house because it has been infested with germs
yeah it sounds gross yes we pace it woke up at 2:00 a.m. the morning after we got
back from our trip throwing up everywhere everywhere everything that’s
just every room or house almost I have cleaned lots of carpets yes and then it
hit Beckham and then it hit Brandon and then it hit Lincoln and myself and we
have been to the doctor twice over the past couple of weeks almost had an ER
trip because the doctor was concerned about dehydration from Mason thankfully
we were able to avoid that we’re doing so much better now we’re so thankful
everyone feels good but Mason’s birthday party was supposed to be last weekend we
had to reschedule it for this weekend so he’s had to wait quite a while for his
party we asked me some what kind of party he wanted and he said based on
what kind of party did you ask for spider-man ruin and backup our big time
at the spider-man right now how do you make the spider-man party cute
spider-man is cute lat so I’ve been doing all the research but that’s
alright what kind of research are you doing oh
just like trying to figure out how to make it not look tacky but like really
soon so you haven’t been doing like spider-man research just been like start
me in fact yeah yes we know what wings well okay no no no cakes he’s got little
in the comics cut some little webbing Oh weddings wedding flying school oh my
goodness you’re just a man – anyways we are having the party at Brandon’s
parents house because they have an awesome pool and fire pit we’re gonna
make s’mores and just an awesome outdoor space and screened-in porch so we are
heading there now and we are so loaded down with cars destination birth
detonation parties are no joke they’re probably not as insane as destination
wedding I feel like it’s up there so we are so excited it’s so hot out but the
party starts at 5:00 so hopefully it will start pulling off
yes y’all excited yeah yeah who’s not a man Oh a little bit oh let’s go okay guys we are here at my parents
house we just got the decorations all set up I’ve ordered the pizza I’m going
to go pick that up real soon and things coming together we we got here and
didn’t have a lot of time to set up but I think we actually made some pretty
good time all the stuff thanks to Ashley and her being prepared I love what my
parents and grandparents have done with this place I don’t have you guys seen
their pool and past vlogs but this place has really turned into something
different it’s so nice to have a brand new gazebo area that’s permanent as
opposed to old flimsy metal temporary fixture all the stonework has been
redone and it goes all the way to the back all the corners it’s really nice so
and of course the whole addition to their house that my grandparents are
staying and that’s all brand new as well so this so backyard is really something
special and we’re glad that we were able to the party here so people are gonna
start arriving soon like I said I’m going to get the pizza and we’ll get
this party going alright I am on the way to go get the pizzas now I ordered about
seven extra large pizzas and they had a special which had spider-man on the
front of the box which is awesome I called they still had some leftover
Mason’s gonna love it some spider-man pizza to go with this
spider-man birthday and so go grab that head back to the party the party is winding down we’ve got the
fire going in the background for s’mores the kids actually got some cool toys but
we didn’t open them until the end of swimming so I think we are going to jump
back in and do a little bit of swimming at night because supposed to the pool
feels so good right now actually didn’t get the swim today so
she is looking forward to jumping in as well with the boys so we’re going to do
that everybody’s kind of saying bye but we’re gonna chill out here for longer seesee
look no hands no hands written no hands how’s a good try ass alright guys we
just got back home and it’s been a day we are very tired the boys are safe and
sound in bed thankfully but we got a lot to carry in but I think yeah I think
Spiderman was a hit it was a blast the kids had a great time we had a great
time I hope our guests had a great time but
the spider-man slash will pool party I think I think it worked so that’s that’s
cute thank you very much yeah I do you think makes it had a good time anyway we
got a lot to do before we go to bed so we’re gonna get to it thank you this is
this is getting quite awkward now we’re gonna call it here thank you so much for
watching I know this is going to be a lot of b-roll set the music like your
other party vlogs but we really appreciate you guys hanging out in fact
if you did hang out to the very end of this let us know we can’t do it through
the comments on YouTube on the videos but we’re gonna try and do a community
post every time we post a video so you guys can let us know there it’s a little
workaround check out our other social media sites too that way we can stay
connected there continue the conversation thank you guys so much for
watching we will see you in the next one bye

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