Epidemic of Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Marriage is a turning point in anyone’s life. For women and girls in Bangladesh it’s often the moment when they leave their parents home for the first time and move to a new home and belong to a new family. But for millions of girls in Bangladesh, marriage comes too soon and the damage follows them throughout their lives. [Title]
CHILD MARRIAGE IN BANGLADESH [Testimony of Sharmin, married at 14]
The river took everything that we had. My parents would’ve never let me get married, but they had to because we became poor. We weren’t always poor. We had a house. But it was destroyed by the river. [Testimony of Moin Uddin, Sharmin’s Father]
Then we bought land and built a new home there. Then that house washed away. So we moved to another property and built a home there. A few years later the river took that house away. So after my fifth house was destroyed we moved here to this house. [Voice-over]
The combination of extreme poverty and repeated natural disasters creates a perfect storm to destroy girls lives. Without help from the government, child marriage becomes a survival strategy for families. [Testimony of Sharmin, married at 14] What could my parents do? Because they couldn’t even feed me, they gave me away. [Testimony of Mizanur Rahman. Chair, National Human Rights Commission]
If you consider the whole of Asia, and particularly South Asia, Bangladesh probably is the country which is mostly beset with this problem of child marriage. The curse of child marriage, I would say, is the highest in the region. [Voice-over]
Bangladesh has the world’s highest marriage rate for girls under 15. It’s an epidemic. [Testimony of Parvin, married at 11]
I’ve been married for 2 years. I studied until class 4, but my family went through a financial crisis, and I couldn’t go to school anymore. Then I was sent to work in a house [as a maid] when I was a kid. I worked there for almost 3 years. They didn’t pay me at all. [Voice-over]
Parvin’s older sister Belkis also had to work as a maid at the age of ten, and then married because the family was losing their land and livelihood to river erosion. [Testimony of Belkis, married at 13]
[My husband] is much older than me. My in-laws would hit me, beat me and harassed me. My husband would treat me badly. It was terrible for me. They would beat me so I came back to my father’s house. [Voice-over]
Their bodies are still developing and so are their minds. Yet these girls are forced to endure situations that no child should face. [Testimony of Sharmin, married at 14]
I have a one-year-old daughter. The child was ill when she was born and I couldn’t buy the medicines she needed to get better. So we had to borrow money in order to buy the medicines. We had to buy so many medicines. It was very hard having this baby. I want my little sister to study. I’ll help her find a job
and hope she’ll be independent enough to make her own choices. Testimony of Ahmed Mizanur Rahman, school Principal]
Without educating girls, we cannot educate our next generation. Due to child marriage I have lost three students this year. [Parents] want to reduce their burden. They think that girls are the burden to them. [Voice-over]
Even when education is “free”, many families can’t afford
the additional fees for exams, uniforms, pens or stationary. So poor girls leave school. And girls who leave school, get married. [Testimony of Sifola, Married at 13]
The school was really far away from our house and my parents were very poor. And that’s why I was married off instead of continuing my education. I cried a lot and asked my mother, “Why are you marrying me off so early?” “If I go to school I could become an intellectual and have a career.” [Testimony of Muhammad Jahangir, Marriage Registrar]
In the case of girls the minimum age is 18. For boys the minimum age is 21. Upon presentation of the birth registration
we decide whether they’re eligible for marriage. Maybe on paper it says they’re at the legal age, on paper, but basically it’s not so. If they’re not, it’s against the law. The marriages that take place in the local neighborhoods, almost 100 percent of them are performed by the imams. If [the people] insist, there’s nothing I can do about it. [Voice-over]
Local government officials are not just turning a blind eye to child marriage, but are facilitating it. [Testimony of Sifola, married at 13]
At that time, my birth registration papers said I was 13 years old. My brothers gave money to the people who do the birth registration and changed my age to 18 and then married me off. [Testimony of Mizanur Rahman. Chair, National Human Rights Commission]
Quite surprisingly we found that there have been a government initiative to lower the age of the marriageable girl and the plan is to lower it to the age of 16. In that case you will find 1001 reasons when the guardians or the parents would be tempted to lower the age of their girl child and give her to marriage which is something we do not want to see any farther in the country. We want to prohibit child marriage as such and the position of the National Human Rights Commission has been not only to prohibit but also to make child marriage a punishable offense in the law. [Outreach theater performance by “Wedding Busters” Child Protection Group]
How old is your daughter? Not [young], she’s 13 years old. Sister is right, she’s 13 years old, a grown girl. She is only 13 years old and you are saying she is a grown girl? [Voice-over]
The government isn’t enforcing its own law on the minimum age of marriage. So some children are taking matters into their own hands. [Outreach theater performance by “Wedding Busters” Child Protection Group]
Let’s get her married. She is only in grade 6. How does that even matter? She’s a big girl now. I want to study more and become a successful doctor. Why are you getting me married? [Voice-over]
The Wedding Busters are a group of children who are working to end child marriage by educating their communities through theater and door-to-door outreach. [Door-to-door outreach by “Wedding Busters” Child Protection Group] If she becomes pregnant at such an early age, then there’s a risk that both mother and child might lose their lives. [Testimony of Muhammad, “Wedding Busters”Child Protection Group]
If we keep working at it, I believe that child marriages in our area will come down to zero. Please let her study and play and help her become an independent woman. Please don’t get her married before 18. [Testimony of Tanzila, “Wedding Busters” Child Protection Group]
I’m 12, and on November 7th, I’ll turn 13. As a girl I don’t want another girl’s life to be ruined. I want her to be free the same way I’m free. [Voice-over]
Despite many promises, the government of Bangladesh is failing to protect its girls. And even worse, is putting them in danger by proposing to lower the minimum age of marriage from 18 to 16. The government should act before another generation of girls is lost.

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  1. In Bangladesh poor people are aware of girls education . But because of poverty they hardly can continue their daughters educational expense .
    By the way girls are smart and more understanding than boys of their age . Girls ( from village and poor family ) are used of watching child marriage . They also see none is reacting against this . So they also get used of this .

  2. This is what happens when your not educated and when you don't know the basic principles of Islam with common sense. No way in the Quran does it encourage force marriages and to marry a child. Islam is completely against this and its a major sin.


  4. WTH !!! Why Bangladesh is always highlighted in child marriage ??? What about India ??? I live in Bangladesh so I know much better. I see child marriage has much decreased since 2009.
    India has much higher rates of child marriage, not Bangladesh

  5. Shudo foinni maya silla Oder bacha ke biye Korai ato Kom boyosh ae. Absolutely disgusting. I’m from Bangladesh but I have to say I’m ashamed because of these people. So glad I moved to the US.

  6. Thing is that Bangladesh is and LIDC (low income developing country) meaning that don't have a lot to rely on so the goverment would rather focus on theire economical issues rather then social issues wich is absoloutly terrible!!!

  7. So many negative comments left here BUT sadly no one have the correct knowledge of Islam. Ignorant & uneducated Muslims behave & do things certain ways & haters they blame it on Islam. Such a shame. I feel sorry for these poor families if only they knew true Islam. Forced & child marriages is prohibited in Islam. It's so pathetic when we think we know other religions better & have the audacity to leave racial hate comments. You can curse & abuse all you like but on Judgement day the truth will be told. Until then go & seek correct knowledge of Islam instead of showing hatred of something you don't understand. Also there's no need for such bad language here. We're all human beings here we know how to use our intellect & choice of words, so why the abuse?

  8. It is easy to say "Don't have children if you cannot afford them." When you're 11 and married, I don't think you have a choice not to have sex with your husband who may be much older. To have or not to have children there is not a matter of choice but a matter of time.

  9. I don't care what religion or country you live in. There is no excuse to sell off you child for money. If your poor, then try to get the children to help work. I'm sure they would rather work then be sold off and raped before they even hit puberty.

  10. What a shithole savage place. I’m at a loss for words to describe tragedy and despairation taking place in that country.

  11. What is this sick crazy evilness going on around the world . How can this world power leaders are not stopping this crazy sickness. Because they are devilish supporters and they don't care about the people. Only when Jesus Christ came we going to have the truth love end we are going to be free of this evilness. Jesus Christ is the most powerful and wonderful amazing King of kings is coming very soon.

  12. 1. contraception. 2. sterilization 3. punish pedophiles, who marry those children, the best would be execution.

  13. It’s so true my grandparents had my mother at 16 while my grandfather was way older then her it’s truly disgusting.. it annoys me how they don’t even teach these kids about sex education and they leave it to the day of there marriage laws should really come into place

  14. I live in tower hamlets, London Uk, where the majority of people are Bangladeshis, I'm a minority in my own city where I was born and raised. And the Bangladeshi girls/women are covered head to toe. Not like the girls I see in the video with loose and falling headscarves or non at all. Yet there are primary school girls wearing full burkas. What the fuck is going on? They are more Islamic here in the UK then they are in their own country. Even the older women cover their faces in black scarves and veils. And they look nothing like their own people in Bangladesh, the second and third generation look like they come from a different part of the world. But its the inbreeding. First cousin marriages are way too common. It's like they've started their own race, inbred and sickly creatures. Costing the British taxpayer billions of pounds a year for benefits, child tax credit, disability benefits, carers allowance, housing and rent and adapted homes because there are at least 2 disabled kids from inbreeding in a big family. Massive homes are built just for them to accommodate them. While we have hundreds of thousands of people with British heritage homeless and hostels that are over run with immigrants leaving no space for our homeless. I'm fed up with the government prioritising immigrants over their own. It's disgusting. Countries like Bangladesh wouldn't put British before their own and nor would any other eastern country.
    Nothing changes in places like Bangladesh or London. The girls there don't deserve what's happening to them.

  15. Then fix the rotten and putrid and corrupt government .. but wait there is more .. EVER HEARD OF SOCIAL SECURITY?? .. this is the result of greed from the top .. WAIT THERE'S MORE … FOUNDATIONS AND CHARITIES ARE ALL CORRUPT .. if they are not .. we want to see the accounting books of receipts and expenditures

  16. islam approves of child marriage , this is because this inventor of islam mohammad did marry a 6 year old girls and consummated with this poor child Aisha when she was only 9 years old , See Bukhari volume 7;64 ,

  17. So they want housewives only these man and their families could send them to school but they afraid they will become too smart or smarter than them. They wouldn't depend on anyone if they got an education

  18. The beauty of youth, the unbridled lust of men, the love of money, and they call it CULTURE! PEDOPHILIC SOCIETY is a better description this thing!! My heart cries for these little girls…

  19. I absolutely and completely hate the government of this country (I can say this, I’m Bangladeshi) they don’t take care of this country AT ALL!
    Look at these poor girls, getting married at such a young age.
    And the government is thinking of lowering the age to 16, while parents are thinking that 10 YES TEN IS GROWN!
    Like hell these people are dumb.
    TBH where is the government’s law degree? Don’t you need one to run for President, speaking of which what does he even do? More than half of the people I know don’t even remember his face let alone his name.
    Once I went to my friend’s village with her and one of her friends was getting married, SHE WAS JUST 11!

    The government is making this country suffer badly,
    So I’ll make a few points.
    1.ever heard of machines like washing machines, brick breakers, concrete rollers, dishwashers?
    2.so your telling me, government is lowering age to 16 and same sex marriage still isn’t legal. This is why we don’t let old people from the early 20th century rule our country.
    3.have you seen the streets?
    4.why don’t you help the villages?
    5.dams. Ever heard of em?
    6.zebra crossings. Make it happen.
    7.why aren’t you making the laws stricter huh?
    8.okay, I still know a few schools in which teachers beat the students, it’s illegal in many developed and well-off countries.
    10.i have a goddamn reason to be unpatriotic.

    So, Sheik Hasina, you hold a high title but why is a 10 year old girl who is horribly failing her subjects better at making laws and helping the country?

    You want the country to be rich? Offer jobs other than farming to the people.
    I’ve had enough of the varieties of potatoes question in geography.

    Also you may be thinking why am I not thinking of running for a governmental position instead of a job in NASA.
    Well it’s because, this country is already ruined to a point to where it can’t be fixed.

    The ten year old girl who can run a country better than Sheik Hasina and is unpatriotic due to the narrow mindedness of this country

    P.S- lemme wear shorts here.
    Call 109 If you know any child marriages about to take place.
    These wedding busters are real superheroes to those girls!

  20. And the citizens say this
    “Bangladesh is soooo beautiful! The people are so nice”
    When there’s me (a citizen too)
    “This country is so dumb, the government is even more dumb, freaking 10 year olds and 5 year olds aware of fake permissions to cut trees and fake birth certificates but goddamn 60 year olds aren’t?”
    Bangladesh needs help, this country is too narrow minded

  21. Is she putting nail polish on her face? Thanx god im not born in those fucked up countries!! really! fucking happy to be single right now ! How bad for these poor girls!! horrible men!!

  22. I wonder if anyone watching this will realize that the main reason these young women are alive in the first place is because of their value to their parents as child brides.

    Perhaps there is a problem with young men and women getting married but I for one will not send drones there to kill them all for having a different belief system to me. That type of person is so very disgusting to me, how were the drone pilots raised to think that killing all those innocent people was ok? Was this type of news program part of their upbringing? Do they think they are doing gods work by killing people like this?

  23. This is such a fucked up planet. The abuse of females in so many cultures and countries by sick males that hide behind every excuse under the sun is so sad. This male dominated culture is so so wrong.. This planet needs men with backbone to protect their women.

  24. This garbage along with "dishonor" killings are the reasons I put any product made in Bangladesh right back on the shelf. Give me Chinese junk any day.

  25. wie weit ist unterschiede leben zwischen Armut und reichtum! enden wir zusammen jeder ungleichheiten mit m,ehr freiheiten!Epidemic of Child Marriage in Bangladesh https://youtu.be/0pJk6M5LgCg

  26. Stop framing these girls like helpless. They have parents and their parents did what they had to do in order to survive. Instead of complaining the people that made this video should go to the country and work within that government to help whatever kids are struggling. Duh.

  27. Parents is to blame for marrying their Daughter so young cause most Father is lazy claiming they cannot take care of their children or daughters while sending them to stranger houses to get mistreat that is not marrying your child that is sending them to hell at an early age . Fathers mostly is to blame.

  28. stop making propaganda ,,,this days only few poor idiots parent does child marriage, and they are from low class family .working in peoples house, and working in rice fields .or rickshaw drivers

  29. It is absolutely ludicrous how so many sick fucking pedophiles or uneducated enablers justify child marriage with the menstruation argument when FACTS and EVIDENCE prove that children who conceive often either die themselves, or the baby dies or are plagued with pregnancy issues because their bodies are not mature yet. Having your period starts to prepare you into adulthood and is the beginning of sexual maturity, it does not mean their bodies are sexually mature. How many people can still be so ignorant is beyond me.

  30. Are they not made to have birth certificates from birth and ID that should be presented to apply for a marriage license? I guess they'll forge one – so sad …. Good for Marriage Busters!!!


  32. The govt. Should provide or think some livelihood programs for the poor families. To survive somehow. And teach them on how to reach their dream by completing their schools.

  33. That's just silly to marry at a young age person because they wont no half of the stuff what marridge is and they wont then bean teeched all about it and what its about before you settle down and thing about it . Sure they need a life to do what they want and to make them more better when they grow up then they might of had a bit more time to then think about what it is . Men over there oversley don't understand what it properly means and it s forcing someone to do it and they have no right to do that if it's with the girl who doesn't want that is called harassment

  34. I don’t give a damn if this is a old school tradition. It is child pedofile. Let a child be a child and live free to be a kid. These men are pervs need their ass beat by a MOM.

  35. Come to the US with this shit. Your ass will go to jail and be on FDLE page for life. Then your ass will be pimp in prison bitch. No child should be marry to no one. The child should enjoy being a kid.

  36. We paid for my cousin to study n at 18 she dropped out got preg n married that’s the only way there I think. Plus my aunt is a thief stole my elderly mothers (73) house which she spent her whole life building. I have no sympathy for these losers. Hubby will whore out his wife for medical cost. They will lie for money, stab u in the back with voodoo. In fact my sis brought my cousin here for holiday he ran off after 3 years of complaining to the immigration he finally got deported, thank god. He used my mother for money n got married with two children. His whole family is cheap n disgusting everyone just wants to get married, have sex n have children. How can u raise them, feed them or educate them, give them medical attention? Pathetic animals. Utterly disgusting behaviour


  38. Now Bangladesh government taken necessary steps for Child marriage. Currently, it is develop & taken action against parents. I think after couple of year it will decrease gradually. Inshallah

  39. Nice report , one thing which is satisfactory is that now they are spreading awareness among themselves that child marriage is itself a abuse .

  40. The problem is not young girls getting married the problem is those young girls are producing too many brown babies= population control. Rarely do you hear anything about the Eastern European young girls marrying.

  41. If I was the parent I’d make sure she stayed in school because she could become something amazing and even support her family better. All your doing is loosing a daughter and fantastic possibilities. Unfortunately I’m not the parent but if we educate we can eradicate the practice

  42. Why not makes boat and have huge heavy Acer's on the ground so if there is a flood it stay in place and the boat will move only a few feet and go back on the ground

  43. I'm sorry all men from Bangladesh are rude I don't like them and now I hate them making their little girl marry old pedophiles!!!

  44. Because of uneducated parents the poverty never end .its come round through children.One should get marry or not its their personal decision.Lets educated them support them to stand up their own feet.Society and people should change their mind set.They call their own misery through marriage.

  45. Rare bad cases are being used to promote western agenda og jobless people working in various agencies like HRW. What do u think they are not geting pregnent if they are unmarried? Because of early marriage many girls are saved n family saved. What we are made confused with is…. Dating in western countries are not equivalent to marriage in bangladesh. Just check the abortion list in hospitals and their age in BD. You will know what i mean. I think BD should adapt to current situation and break marriage into 2 legalized stage. 1st.. registered engagement where dating is legalised but girl not handed over. 2nd.. proper marriage where girl is ready to be handed over n bare child. This is only way to counter sick western agenda n mental abnormalities.

  46. Anyone who does not have broader knowledge about my country. Who doesnt have the ground level experience. And yet making comment based on mere assumption, please leave my country , go to western countries and stay away. This video was made by people who coul not secure a job anywhere and now try ing to make money out of tax payed by people of western countries in the name og charity, not for profit org.

  47. Stop This Marriage its ridicolous, your making a majority of females, contract harmful diseases, because the males and girls do not have access to propure health or medical care, in severe poverty, And please build your home on strong bricked stilts, to avoid being washed away, And Pay your Housekeepers, their not leaving without the money you owe them.
    And move up the age to be married to 18 years or older, and
    form a group to protect girls and boys make sure they stay in schools, work, study, no skiving, and get educated.) Improve The police, and government.

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