Eric McCormack Had Sir Elton John Over For A BBQ Dinner

– So you know Elton John pretty well? – Well, so Elton’s husband David and I went to high school together.
– Random. – 400 years ago in Toronto. And we’ve stayed friends,
and so we got to, I mean it was a crazy time
when we first reconnected, as Will and Grace was just starting. I actually said to my wife, I think Elton and David
are coming over for dinner. – Did she freak out? – She freaked out, I freaked out. But logic sat in and we barbecued. – Okay, I was gonna say what
do you serve Sir Elton John? – Pretty much anything.
– Okay. – He’s not picky.
– Okay. – But–
– I can roll with that. All right.
– But I always tell this story ’cause we had a new piano at the time and I was just learning to play. And it’s the four of us and my son, who is six months old,
and I got up the nerve. I said, Elton, you know you
have to christen the piano? – Elton John christened your piano? – Yeah, so he goes in the,
(audience applauding) he goes into the other room, just down the street, and
he goes and he sits down and he says, “What would
you like me to play?” and I’m so in this moment
I so want him to know me and know that I am a big fan. So I’m not gonna say Rocket Man. – No, that would be obvious. – Right, so obviously I said, I’ve seen that movie, too, from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. And he looked up at me and says, “Oh bugger off, I don’t
remember that song.” (audience laughing) – You were trying to be cool and he was like, pick the hit, boy! (audience laughing)

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