Escape the Babysitter! Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room – Sneaky Mystery Clue Again!

[Upbeat music] Hey mom, who do you have
to babysit this time? Her name is Helga and sounded
very sweet on the phone. Well the last babysitter
you hired was a witch so anyone’s better
than that one. She wasn’t a witch. [Doorbell ringing] Well hello, my dearies! [Cackling] Hi there, are you Helga? You look familiar,
have we met before? Um, no, I don’t think so. Why would you think that? [Laughing] Wait mom, it’s the witch, it’s
the witch, it’s the witch! Your kids and I are
gonna have so much fun. [Laughing] Yeah, it’s her! I can see through
that phony disguise! Excuse me, just a minute. You guys need to be nice. Mom, it’s a real witch. The same one as last time. Yeah, last time
she froze me solid! Shhh! She’s gonna hear you. You guys are gonna
hurt her feelings. Her feelings? No one cares about her feelings. Be nice, I’m serious, okay? Here, here’s your day bag. You guys be good. Come on in kiddies. Love you, guys. Bye-bye. Toodles! We know who you are, you can
lose that phony disguise. You’re back. Follow me. [Adventure theme] See if you can get
out of this one. [Chimes] [Adventure music] [Gasping] Guys, she turned the
door into a wall. [Chimes] How are we ever gonna
get out of here? [Chimes] ♪ I’m singing in the rain! ♪ Hey, pay attention you goof. Well you are the
one who summoned me here during my shower. Your job is to guard this
door, do you understand? Aye, aye, Captain. I’m serious! I’m
going to take a nap so don’t let those kids go by. Nothing gets by me. [Ding!] You guard this door and
don’t mess it up or else. Try the window door! This one’s locked too! Let’s check the windows! It’s sealed shut. Maybe we can find something
to open up the window. Guys, look what I found! What is it?
It looks like a music note. Does anyone remember the
notes from piano lessons? It looks like middle C. That’s weird, there’s
a number on the back. I wonder what’s under here. It’s a dusty piano. Do you think we
should play the note? Yes, let’s try it. Maybe it’ll help us
to get out of here. I think this one’s middle C. [ ♪ ] [Alarm sounding] Dang it, nothing happened. Middle C is the easiest
note to remember, I know I did it right. Maybe there’s more
than one note. Let’s look around the room. Guys, I found a clue! I wonder what it means! Wait, let’s check
the other drawers. Hey guys, I found another clue. Yay, what? Guys… Hey guys, I found another clue! How are we gonna
get this one down? There we go. Yay. [Lively music] Why are there numbers on
the back of these notes? Okay, one, two, three, four… Eight, nine, ten. C, E… Is this a sharp or a flat? I think it’s a flat. Do you think, or do you know? Um, I’m not really sure… Let’s play it and give it a try. The first three are C, D, G. Play them. C, D, G.
[ ♪ ♪ ♪ ] [Alarm ringing] Dang it, that didn’t work. It must be a sharp. [♪ Piano music ♪ ] [Chimes] [Gasping] The door worked! Yes! [Squealing] Oh, come on. Bars? Seriously? We’re stuck here forever! How are we gonna
get out of here? It looks like we’re in a prison. How are we gonna
get out of this one? It looks like the bars
need a key to unlock them. Maybe there’s a hidden key. That would be too easy. Yeah, remember last time? Each escape room got
harder and harder. Well I’m gonna
have a look around. What are these for? Nothing in here. Or in here. Nothing. Hey, found a pitcher. Nothing in here. Hey, I found a
funnel or something. Maybe these are clues. How is a funnel and a pitcher
gonna unlock those bars? No tools, no keys, no
way to get out of here. Well I brought our blasters, maybe we could
blast our way out. Blasters won’t
open a prison door. What’s that gallon
of water over there? It looks like there’s
something orange inside. That’s weird, what is it? It’s attached to a key. That must be the key
to open up the vault. The key’s attached to a float. Guys, my hand doesn’t fit. Let me try. The openings too small. What if we tipped it over? Whoa this thing
is way too heavy. Even if we poured the water out, the key would still be stuck. Hey, maybe I can reach
it with these tongs. Hey, I have an idea. Maybe if we put the funnel
on top and if we add water, the orange float will rise
and bring the key to the top. Yeah, so I can grab
it out with the tongs. Come on, come on,
come on, quick. It’s working! Come on, go get some more. Whoa! It’s raising the water
level, we’re almost there, hurry, one more pitcher! Hurry, hurry, hurry. Yes, it’s raising
the water level. That’s it, it’s to the top! Yes! Now I can use these
tongs to get the key. I got it, I got it. Yes! You got it! Yes, yes, yes. Guys, we got it, we got it, yes! Yeah, yes! [Click] [Cheering] Epic! It opened! ♪ This is Halloween,
This is Halloween, ♪ ♪ Halloween, Halloween,
Halloween, yeah! ♪ [Gasping] Oh no, she put a ghost
in front of the exit. Ha, ha, ha! You thought you
were free but you’re not. You’ll never escape now, I’m
here to guard this doorway and no one shall pass. [Laughing] How are we gonna
get past the ghost? I have an idea. We just blast him. Grab your blaster, come on! ♪ Na, na, na, na! ♪
You cannot get me! ♪ ♪ No you cannot. ♪ [Laughing] Let’s get him! Ahhh! Oh you got me. I think we got him! Just kidding! [Laughing] I’m a ghost, it all
goes through me. [Laughing] Those don’t do anything. [Laughing] Wait a minute,
remember that song? ♪ Who you gonna call? ♪ ♪ Ghostbusters! ♪ ♪ Dun nu na
nun nan nit! ♪ ♪ Ghostbusters! ♪ [Laughing] That movie isn’t even
real, it’s an 80’s movie. Ghost, what’s your name? I’m a spooky ghost and I’m
not supposed to talk to you. I never met a ghost
before, what is it like? You mean being a ghost? It’s actually awful, I’m
supposed to be spooking people all the time but I’d
much rather tell riddles. You mean riddles? It’s my most favorite
thing, I’m the best riddler in Halloweentown. Oh really? They call me Rocky the Riddler, no one can solve my riddles. Guys, guys. Okay Rocky, if we solve
one of your riddles, would you let us pass? You’ll never solve one,
it’s practically impossible! Then no problem. Okay, you’re on. Are your ready? What about this one? “What has a face and
hands but no legs, and never stops running?” A ghost. Boy, that doesn’t make sense. I told you so, it’s a hard one. Hmmm…. What has a face and
hands, but no legs? Are you getting bored yet? And never stops running? ♪ I told the Witch Doctor
I was in love with you. ♪ Guys, it’s been two
hours and I still don’t have any idea. Me either. You could just
give up now, kids. Hey Rocky, can’t you
just give us a clue? There is a hidden clue
somewhere in this room but you’ll never
figure that out either. [Lively music] Guys, I found a hair dryer! That’s a strange place
for a hair dryer. Maybe it’s another clue. We’re gonna be
stuck here forever. Whoa, what is that? I think the paint
changes with heat. Hey Jack, where did you
put that hair dryer? Quick, let’s plug it in. [Hair Dryer blowing] Whoa… [Blowing] It’s a clock! That’s it, that’s it! Ghost, we have our answer! It’s a clock, it’s a
clock, it’s a clock! Is that your final answer? Yes! Uh oh… I’m in
big, big trouble. [Chiming]
[Laughter] [Cheering] Yeah! Now let’s go get that witch. Shhh quiet, let’s
sneak up these stairs. Look, there she is. [Snoring] Maybe we can sneak by
without waking her up. Or we could take this
chance to get her good. Yeah, let’s pull a prank on her and teach her a good lesson. Well, we know she’s
afraid of water. [Whispering] [Playful music] That was the last one, come
on, let’s get out of here. We can’t leave yet,
I’ve gotta see this. Whoa, where did you get that? An air horn. You never know when
you might need one. Three, two, one, go! [Horn blowing] Ahhh, ah, ah, ah! [Laughing] Anything but water! Take that, babysitta! Oh, snap! Oh no, what am I gonna go? No! [Horn blowing] Ahhh, ah, ah, ah! Ohhh! Make sure to like
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