– Hello! I’m Jael Peñaloza, creator of Underverse. And today we’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary for this series. Made by me. – Yay!
– Here, with me, is Saku. Hi Saku. – Heyo! I’m Jakei- I mean, Jael- I mean- Yeah, Sa- I’m Saku. – We’re not the same person! – I don’t know why people think that! I’m always mistaken, for one reason or another. – Yeah. – It’s great. – And today, in this video, we’re going to clarify some frequent doubts and questions about Underverse and Xtale. Yay.
– Yay! – There. – Done. Video’s over. – Yeah, I dunno, I had the idea. I told Jakei. She said to do it for- for this day, and here we are, doing it together. – Ye! So let’s start with the questions. – Okay, I think… A good question to start with would be… How you came up with the idea for Underverse. And Xtale. – Okay. For Underverse… I simply got the idea of wanting to create a crossover, with the Alternate Universe. At first, it was just going to be animated shorts of- of each AU. But then I said “oh, what if the characters interacted with each other and had a mutual purpose?” And that was the idea, but then it was like “what are they going to do? why would they be together? Who are they going to fight? Or what would the plot be about?” And that’s how that ugly spawn was born, which had no shape at the beginning, that was Cross. And Cross!Chara. – “Chalk”. – At first, his name was going to be “Chalk”. – The “Chalk Event”. – The AU was going to be art-related, that’s why Ink was so involved. But it didn’t stay like that in the end, thank goodness. And, well, I created that weird spawn, ugly anomaly, Cross. And then people began to be interested on him. And from there I began to create the Xtale universe better. Meaning that Xtale came out after Underverse. – Right, from what I know, you got the idea for the Alternate Universe after starting with- with what Underverse is, um- – Shut up, Nyx! – I knew it! – Actually, even the concept for the Overwrite button was also much later. In fact, I got the idea right as I was starting the comic- I mean, after I had started the comic. The concept came up much later because… I think it was in 0.2? The Underfell universe. And I was like “well, what do I do now?” Basically, at first Underverse, like, didn’t have a specific route, I would just put together each episode that would come out. But after 0.3 part 2, it got a better route and I could finally put the story on track and give it an ending- there’s already an ending for the story, don’t tell me you want this or that to happen because it’s got an ending! I know how it’s gonna end! And you’re gonna laugh a lot! – Look, since you mentioned that. In that topic. For people who won’t stop asking you to put whoever, or whichever AU in Underverse, this being someone who likes them- a fan, or people who want you to include their own AUs, or their own OCs. It can’t be done, because the story’s already written, so including another character to give them an important role would be rewriting the story and that would be a little chaotic. – Exactly, and because I don’t think the story could get any longer, it has its ending and adding more characters would imply making the story longer and… Honestly, I want to finish it soon, not because I’m bored, but because I wanna get to the ending because I- I wanna animate the ending. – Ooo how intriguing.
– How intriguing. Oh right, the language. This is mostly for the ones who speak Spanish. Many people ask, “Oh Jakei, but- but- if you speak Spanish, and you’re from Latin America, why do you speak in English? Don’t you like your language? Do you hate the world?” No, look. I need to make this very clear again- I think I’ve never said this on my livestream videos, but I’ll make it clear in this video for Spanish-speaking people to hear and remember and please remember, remember it! Lately, most people do their work in English because English is currently the universal language, right? It’s obligatory to speak English almost everywhere. Or at least it’s easier to communicate like that. And so my work can get to more parts of the world. Either way, in my videos there are many nice people who put their respective subtitles in the language they know. But yeah, that’s why I do it in English. And because I get more money. That’s the truth. I can’t deny it. – Okay, since we were talking about the Underverse lore, so to say, let’s get this out of the way. The thing about… the Truce comic, which is a comic that you no longer have, neither on DeviantArt or Tumbr. Oh yes, I destroyed that from any registry of my social media. Why, you ask? “It was a good comic, and you worked so hard…” I know, it took me a while, but I decided not to include it anymore, because I feel like the story was missing more details, and I wasn’t gonna rewrite it, wasn’t gonna make another comic. There was a lot of information that wasn’t accurate to what I had imagined with-… Or at least, it wasn’t well related to the canon versions of Ink and Error. Yeah honestly, I didn’t like the story I made. That’s why later, I made a short video, don’t know how long it is, I don’t remember, like a minute or something? Or less?
– Yeah, a minute, right? I dunno. – Which is called “Truce”, and it’s when Ink and Error talk, and that’s basically the sum-up of the entire comic that I made. And that’s the only thing that matters, really. – But with a more canon attitude.
– Mhm, yep. That’s why the comic is no more, but if you still want to read it again, there are several channels that dubbed it. But on my accounts and social media, you won’t find it anymore. – The AUs. There are people who have remarked that you don’t give credit to the people who made Underfell and Underswap. – Okay, that is a long story. Which I don’t think will be that long if I tell it. At first, the creator of Underswap could be given credit. I got to know who the original creator of the AU was, I didn’t get to see the original Underswap blog, because they deleted it. But then I found out this person no longer wanted to be involved in this… This whole Undertale AU thing- I believe this person still makes Underswap stuff and such, but they would prefer not to have any credit. The author even allows people to use their concept, their AU, to sell it for… for commissions, conventions and all that stuff without having to ask for permission. So I wanted to spare myself a headache and that’s why I didn’t include them on the credits because I’m 100% sure that people would go to their blog and and bother them with “Hey have you seen Underverse?? It’s great! Underswap is in it!” And I know that person doesn’t want to know anything about it. So, for respect, I don’t include them in the credits. The same with Underfell. They had their own blog which they took down over time. For reasons that were apparently stressful for them. And that’s why they decided not to continue with the AU. Then nothing more was known, however, they recently opened a new blog. – Yeah, a few months ago. – They reopened it, but I still preferred not to include it. – Either way, whoever it’s the one running that blog, I’m pretty sure they’re anonymous. – Yes, they’re anonymous, we don’t get the author’s real name. And I preferred to leave it as “AU community”, because it was the artists and fans who helped finish the concept for these two AUs. – XGaster… Gosh, how do I… – He’s pregnant. – Okay- XGaster… From what I know, that (X) is not a prefix. “XGaster” is his full name. – It’s his full name, and if you wonder what’s everyone’s last name, that’s also “XGaster”. XGaster XGaster, Cross XGaster, Frisk XGaster… Because XGaster is freaking egotistical. – I love it. Since we talked about X!Frisk, and Chara… When people- I mean, have you got direct hate because X!Frisk and X!Chara are specifically boys? – Yes, actually… On Tumblr, someone tagged me, and even tagged Camila, the creator of Glitchtale, because we portray our Frisks and Charas as male… telling us that we’re transphobic…
– Gosh. – And that we don’t respect gender identities. And that they were suffering a lot because they feel offended over these characters that aren’t real. I don’t care, if people say the original Frisk and Chara are male, female, helicopters, chairs, – No!
– Dogs or cats… Buildings, clouds… But the Frisk and Chara from Xtale are going to be boys because, yes. – Unless you changed this and I haven’t realized, you do have the classic Frisk and Chara of undefined gender. – Exactly, I have them of undefined gender. – And speaking of delicate topics, like gender… Ships. #pain #PAIN – If you ship this with the other, if this ship is canon in Underverse. – If you ship this with the other, if this ship is canon in Undervlerze- (???) Underverse. I can speak! – Okay, let’s see. I don’t have anything against ships. For the ones who don’t know what a “ship” is. It’s a… Like…
[both] A couple. – It’s to pair a fictional character with another one. I have nothing against that, I let people feel free to ship whatever they want on their fictional stories. What I don’t accept is real life ships. – Yeah, that’s a big no-no. – Shut up!
– Nyx agrees with me! – Yes, yes… – As long as there’s respect, I have no problems with ships, and the only ship that exists is Alphys and Undyne, and maybe Frisk and Muffet. – Cross x Jerry. – And Cross x Jerry. – Error’s redesign. Many people think you made it. – Oh my goodness, no, why do you think that? Look. Initially, Error started as a Sans from a normal AU. But over time, Crayon Queen decided to make her own story, her own comic, called “Lucidia”, which already has some pages, but it’s… – It’s a little bit dead, but that’s because she’s more focused on her other comic. – On Gloomverse. Check out Gloomverse! Support her Patreon and Kickstarter! She wanted to include Error because she really likes Error. And so-
– And Fresh! – Yeah, and Fresh. We’ll go with Fresh later. She spoke with Toby Fox to see if she could use Error. Toby told her she could use him but she had to change Error’s design because of the whole thing with the outfits because she legally couldn’t use a character so similar (to Sans). That’s why I also had to redesign Cross. So he would look as little to Sans as possible. – I’d say you did a good job with that.
– Yes. So, due to this, Crayon Queen decided to change his outfit. In fact, he had a previous outfit, and she had to change it again. And the definitive one is the one in Underverse. And like oh, why did I put the Lucidia design in there, I’m gonna confuse people. I wanted to do it as a cameo. As a cameo, more than anything. I wanted to make a reference to the Lucidia comic and for some other detail. – But like I said, this also applies to Fresh. – Oh yes, well, okay. Many people keep saying that Fresh is “Fresh!Sans”. #pain Originally, and really, Fresh is a parasite. But he invaded a skeleton Sans body, becoming Fresh. He was never called “Fresh!Sans”, but “Sanzy Fresh”. Which I think-
[both] It’s a reference to… – To Gravity Falls. – I love how we were gonna say the exact same thing.
– Yeah! And he’s actually a parasite and has his own parasite race which takes over skeleton bodies because, yes. – They specially possess skeletons because of the orifices, it’s much easier. – Yes, it’s easier for them to go in through the orifices. So he’s just using that Sans body as a host. – And fun fact about Fresh. Current Fresh. He’s one (meter) 88 (cm) tall. Or six feet two. I did notice that many people pointed out the change you made to Fresh in the Xtra Scene 2. – Yeah, but that’s why. I wanted to use his reference better. – Oh yeah, and speaking of CQ. Where is Geno?? – He’s there! He fought Ink! I’ve confirmed he’ll appear in 0.7. What will he do? I dunno. We’ll see. Just wait. – Okay, now I have minor stuff which is some points that people have remarked in specific episodes. What we were talking about before, Jakei, why… Why Cross only took half of Sans’s soul, instead of the whole soul. – Oh, that’s very easy. Cross simply wanted to be generous with Sans, because he didn’t really want to do that. – Oh, and something else. People- I’ve seen that they don’t notice this, which is… There’s still people pointing out in 0.0 that- Ink doesn’t have a soul! So how is Chara using the blue magic on him? – That was like an illusion for the plot. I also thought at first that Ink had a soul. But Comyet, or Myebi, creator of Ink, confirmed that, indeed, Ink doesn’t have a soul. So I was like “dang”. “Dang, I ruined Ink. What am I gonna do now?” And that’s when I really started working on XGaster and the Overwrite button. So in the end, I fixed the plot and the episodes so that soul that Chara uses- that Chara controls with Ink is actually XGaster’s. That’s why, when they’re in the fight from 0.3 part 2, Chara uses his power again and makes Ink move back. – Of course, you gotta observe these things. In that scene, Ink was holding the vial with the soul in his hand, and when using the blue magic, what went back first was his hand, and then the rest of his body.
– Exactly. – To people who are surprised when Ink pukes ink, that has a Very Logical™ explanation, which- Nothing, he can just get overexcited, and when he does, that’s what happens. – Also when he gets angry. He just goes “blagh I’m furious!” – Another thing, in 0.3 part 2. When Chara’s throwing knives at Blue, there’s people who say “hey, Blue summoned one of those knifes!” and it’s like no! No, he catches it in the air. It’s barely noticeable, but that’s what’s going on. – Yeah, the animation was so fast and you can barely see it, I wish it could have gone slower, but since the music was already made, the Overwrite theme, I couldn’t make it slower. But yes, Blue really grabs one of the knives. – Oh that’s right. This is one that… I think many people… (c’mon Saku get it out) still don’t know what it’s about. The cats in the Underfell brothers’ house. – The kittens. The first one is a reference to a comic- well, first it was an audio, right? – Yes. – An audio made by CrashBoomBanger. – Yesh. – Which is called “Doomfanger”. Underfell Papyrus found the cat and decided to keep him and name him Doomfanger. And the second cat is a tribute to a pet from someone from my group of acquaintances and friends. The kitty has left us. His name was Oggy. And that’s the reason I also decided to include him in the animation. – And all this, at the same time, is a reference to ManiaKnight’s Underfell fangame. – Exactly. Play the game! – I’m translating it in Spanish!
– Yeah! – 0.4. Quite intense. “Ink is evil!” – He’s neither good or bad. Ink is Ink. He’s a crazy Chaotic Neutral who only wants- who only does stuff for his own benefit and entertainment. – The problem here is that people opt for following the “good and evil” trope. Since Error is bad, they portray Ink as good. But since now Ink is acting badly, now there are people who think Error is the good one, even though we can see how he destroys practically the entire multiverse. “No, Error’s gotta be good now!” It’s not that Ink is “bad”. To put it simply, he’s selfish. – That’s how he gets along so well with XGaster, right? XGaster is also freaking selfish, but he’s crazier than Ink. We’ll see, in the next episode of Underverse! When will it come out? I don’t know! Stop asking me! – You do know! It’s out on June 31st. – Oh yeah, true, it’s out on June 31st. For the ones who don’t know, who are still watching this series, it’s coming out on June 31st. At 5 in the afternoon, Eastern time. – Wasn’t it at 15? Wait- – Yeah, sorry, at 15. One of those two- it’s coming out twice now. – And what happened with Red and Blue? – They’re dead. Are they? Nah, they are dead. But their respective AUs are in Alphys’s hands. – I guess that’s it. I don’t think there’s anything else to- to clarify. – At least for now. After 0.5 to 1.0 come out, there are probably going to be more questions. Thank you very much, Saku, for coming to this- for coming to this channel. – Thank you for inviting me. – And that would be all. Happy birthday, Underverse! – Yay! And thank you all for supporting me still by watching these videos and sending me your messages,
and making fanart, I love your fanart. And I’ll be seeing you very soon. – Chau!
– Goodbye!

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