– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be
an updated evening routine, so I’m just gonna walk you
through our typical evening with three children under the age of six. And you will never guess who
has sponsored this video. It’s HelloFresh, who I have
talked about so many times on this channel before. I love HelloFresh and
every time I do a video about them, lots of you seem
to use the discount code and really like it. So again I have a new
discount code for you. I will put it in the
description bar below. So if you’d like to get
50% off a HelloFresh box, feel free to go ahead and use that code. It’s a food subscription box. So you just go onto
their website and order the food that you want. This one has three of our
meals for the week in it for a family. So for three nights this week, I will not have to worry about dinner. All I have to do is follow
the recipes and make it. It comes with the exact amount
of food that you will need for each recipe so there
is absolutely no wastage and nothing that you’re
gonna have to chuck out of your fridge at the end of the week. I find that HelloFresh is a
really good way to meal plan and I love that it gives
me new meal inspiration and lets me try things
out that I probably never would’ve even thought of. And if you like any of the recipes, you can remake them as much
as you want in the future. You just have to keep the recipe card. And some of the recipes that we’ve kept, we make all of the time
and they have become some of our staple dinners. So I love it so I’m gonna open it up now and see what we’re gonna have for dinner. So in this week’s box, we have a choice between beef enchiladas or creamy linguine or
gobble up turkey stir-fry. So I’m gonna go with
enchiladas because the kids will like this one and
we love Mexican food. So you just have to look at
the color on the recipe card and that corresponds to one
of the bags in the boxes. And then that will have the ingredients that you’re gonna need for your dinner. So here are all the ingredients laid out. It even comes with the
exact amount of spice you’re gonna need, exact portion of cheese that you need as well, and I’m just gonna get on and make dinner. And while I make dinner, I
always watch YouTube videos. At the moment I am obsessed
with watching Philip DeFranco. I love his videos. So I’ll watch a few of them
while I get on and make dinner. And while I make dinner, the boys are amusing themselves. Jackson is going through the
contents of this cupboard, (laughing) basically just
pulling everything out. And I’m watching him
so I don’t really mind. And Caleb of course is playing
with the HelloFresh box (laughing) and having a
really good time doing that. What is with kids and boxes? Just gonna put dinner in the oven, and while I cook I always
try to clean as much as I can as I go. I’m quite a tidy chef
and I think it just makes the tidy up at the end so much easier if you can clean as you go. For the boys’ dinner I’m
gonna actually give them milk with dinner. They get a choice of milk or water, but I’m trying to start
introducing milk at dinner time so that they don’t have it afterwards or too close to bedtime
because it’s not great for their teeth. So I’m gonna get them some milk and then get everyone to the table. And it’s actually Matt’s day
off when I’m filming this, so we can have a whole family dinner which is really nice. Because I think it
encourages the boys to eat. Jackson has decided to even eat the lime. And we have to keep bringing
Caleb back to the table. He has a terrible habit of running off during meals, so we’re
really trying to stop that. Just gonna encourage them
to eat and also enjoy my dinner as well. This recipe in particular
was absolutely delicious. And then after dinner, at about 5:45 because
Jackson is very tired, we are going to do bath time. So I actually do a bath for
the boys every single day, and I do tend to wash the
older boys’ hair every day because they wear gel in their hair, but I don’t always do Jackson’s. While they’re in the bath, because Matt is here as well, I’m gonna run downstairs and
just tidy up a few things. We’ve been out most of today, so it’s actually not that messy. When it’s very messy, I
do get the boys to help. Then when Jackson’s out of the bath, I’m gonna get him ready for bed. He still sleeps in one
of these sleeping bags, and this is a summer one. You can get them for summer or winter. So I’m just gonna put him in that, and I think this has become
a real signal for him that it’s bedtime now. He also has this comforter
which is his fluffy blanket, and he always sleeps
with it and cuddles it while he sleeps. So then I’m just going to feed him. I’m actually still breastfeeding, so I will normally feed him on both sides and then put him down, sleepy but awake. And while I am putting Jackson to bed, Matt is with the older boys, and they just basically play and go crazy. After bath it’s like
they get a second wind and they’re just a bit crazy. So they are going to go ahead and play and then once I’ve put Jackson to bed, I will put Caleb to
bed or Fraser, we swap, but then Matt is putting
Fraser to bed tonight. So they’re reading with Wally, and then he’ll normally
read like another book that he actually reads out loud as well. And then once they’re in bed, we have a thing at our
house where we do not sit down until we have
done all of the tidying up that we want to do. Because honestly once
we sit on that couch, we just do not get up. Once everything is done, I’m going to sit down at
my fancy new office space and do some editing and
also answer some emails and just plan some more videos. And then I’m gonna make my way up to bed and I still take a huge
thing of water with me because I get so thirsty in the night. I think it’s because I’m feeding. And then I’m going to brush my teeth and I always use an electric toothbrush. And then I will do my skincare routine. If you want to see my
full skincare routine, I will link a video down
below in the description box so you can see all of the steps that I do. And then I’m gonna put
on my pineapple pajamas and go to bed. So thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next one, bye guys.

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  1. Hi Emily I suffer from PND and had my second baby in May, so dealing with PND again and I just wanted to say that I enjoy your videos so much and you help me feel like I have a great routine as I function similar to you. You helpme feel like a great Mam. P.S I bought the spray mop and it's a total game changer love it!! have a nice evening x love from Ireland

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    Love your videos. You mentioned about not giving milk at the evening coz of their teeth . Why is this ? I'm worried now as my 17 month old has a bottle at night . Is this bad ?

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