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We’re having a family dinner. When I was small I used to find these plans very boring. I feel that family dinners are the best place to find jokes and content. Especially when my aunt has just returned from Singapore. This is great right? Tina I really like your bag. Thanks. It’s a designer bag. Nobody toasts with a glass of lemon juice. That’s not important. The important thing is that after so long our Tina has come back to Mumbai from Singapore. Actually we’ve come from Paris. We were there for a vacation. Tina aunty. Did you try spitting from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Montu! What are you saying? What’s wrong in that? Me and my friends have a competition everyday to see who spits the farthest. I always win. Whether it’s Paris or Singapore, we just need snacks in abundance. Don’t be so loud. Hey!. Bring me some snacks. You’re back in Mumbai after a long time. Hello! Sit down. You’ve been standing like the Statue of Liberty. Yes. What would you like to order? What would you suggest? Veg or Non-Veg? We’re from the Koli family. What are you doing? (Reads out dishes from the menu) Can you repeat the same in Hindi? Wow. I’m full just by the name of the dish. But what is it exactly? Black lentil risotto? It’s just rice with some black lentils. Who orders for lentils in a restaurant? This just like eating chaat in Paris. We’ll order for food after my toast. Who orders toast for dinner? Just order butter chicken and naan. It’s Thursday. I’ll just have some cottage cheese and bread. I’ll just have some Chicken Triple Schezwan Fried Rice. Montu what will you have? Decide fast. What’s on that table? Mutton Seekh Kebab. No not in the mood for that. What’s that? Mix veg. Leave him. Tine what will you have? Actually I’m on a diet but now that I’ve smelled this delicious Chicken Tandoori I’ll have that only. Okay. Montu? Where did he go? I’ll have the starter form table no. 8 and the main course from table no. 16. Okay. So where was I Tina? In your limits. Sit down. So Prajakta! Do you have a boyfriend? Boyfriend? What are you saying? How long will it take for you to serve us the dinner? As I was saying… Dad you blew your chance half an hour ago. EVeryone is just interested in their chicken. Let it be that way. Lets do one thing. I’ll listen to your speech once we’re back home. Dinner’s here Tina. So guys. What would you like to have for dessert. Yes. Lets order for some dessert. No need to order anything. Lets go home I’ll slice up a few mangoes. Wait I’ll pay. No let me take care of it. This is not done. Let us take care of it. No no. Sir do you take Singapore dollars? (Everyone talking together.) Shut up everyone. What’s all this chaos? Why is it so difficult to choose who will pay the bill. You guys are shouting so much in a public place. If it is so difficult to choose the let me pay the bill. Okay you pay. Our kids have grown up. Ma’am the transaction has failed due to insufficient funds. Okay. I’ll take care of it. I’ll pay the bill. This is not done. Do you take dollars? No. You can’t do this all the time. We’ll pay the bill. (Everyone shouting together)

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