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In our family, family meals are top priority. Everyone enjoys so much. They’re excited to eat as much as I am excited to cook for them. Just look at he happiness on everyones face when I serve the food. Did everyone wash their hands? Yes. I did. Wait wait. In school they’ve taught us to pray before eating. Very conviniently I’ve told them to pray before eating. But in school also I just think about what’s going to be in my tiffin. I’ve taught such good things to my kids. May god bless everyone with such good kids. No no. Since when did we start praying? If you wanna pray, pray for my complicated relationship, the food is already on the table. What’s there for lunch today? Wow Archana. One thing I really like about you is that you haven’t changed, just like your daal recipe. You’re always criticising everything. When you will have to cook standing in the kitchen for 15 hours then you will understand. But mix daal is my favourite. I really like the recipe, that’s why I was complimenting. God knows what happens to her sometimes. Unnecessarily fighting in front of the kids. First cook for them, then listen to them complain about the food. It’s easy for them to sit and pass judgements. I think I over reacted a little. After 20-25 years of marraige, you cant differentiate between a compliment and judgement. First time dad has complimented mom for her food in frot of us. Usually they keep chatting in the kitchen but today, first time… Unfortunately the timing was wrong. If a tune gets stuck in my brain, then I can’t think of anything else. Then my entire focus is on that tune only. I can’t see anything else. Then for the next few days I can’t think about any other song. This happens to all the focussed intellectuals. Thats’ what I’ve read on Wikipedia. Montu! Don’t sing and eat at the same time. Yes. Keep quiet and eat your food. Do you need a special invitation to pick up your plate and eat? I am sick and tired of these cliche dialogues. “Do you need an invitation?”, “You never like home cooked food. You’re a paying guest, you’ll come eat and go. When I’m not here tomorrow then you’ll understand. When I’m not here tomorrow, you’ll understand. Where are you going? Mom, tomorrow I have my PTM. I am not going anywhere. You eat. You just said you’re going somewhere. And Prajakta. How is everytihng? Everything is fine dad. What do you mean by fine? Let’s have a detailed discussion on this. What is this detailed discussion. Let’s just eat our food and get lost. By the way how come you guys are home for lunch today? My pocket money got over. got over?. so fast??? When I was your age I used to get 8 paisa for a day, and that also I used it for 8 days. And look at these kids, FINISHED!!! You think money grows on trees? How many rupees are there in Re. 1? Montu! You got your report card right? Oh yes. I forgot to ask. Mom, he’s at home all day. Have they expelled him frim the school? I think you should call and ask. Stop talking nonsense. They don’t expell students just for being stupid. Sometimes I feel he’s not my dad, he’s my brother. Dad and I are like one team. Always together. But when Mom comes, dad changes teams. So what’s today’s special dish? It’s your favourite. Guess what it is. Gone. Now I’m gone. Because I don’t have just 1 answer for this question. Whatever I make, his answers is going to be the same. You’ve made my favourite dish. That’s why I asked today. Let’s see if they like prawns or not. Is it mutton? No. Chicken? Fish masala fry. My favourite. See for yourself. Prawns!!! Prawns again? She came across some new recipe in Kavita’s Kitchen. I told her its very nice. Make this again. She has made this for the fourth time in three weeks. I was in the mood for mutton. I was in the mood for prawns only today. My sunsign is also scorpion. Now that I’ve grown up, I have also started reading the newspaper with my dad. I read the horoscope. My sunsign is scorpio but I don’t know why there is a picture of prawns next to my sunsign. English language is too confusing. I am 100% sure he has been exchanged in the hospital. Come on. Let’s start eating otherwise the food will become cold. Do you want a pair of scissors? She’ll only start after cutting the ribbon. There’s no ribbon? Then start eating. Come on. Let’s eat some prawns. Wow. This is my favourite dish. Archana. Can you give me some… Rice for the prawns. I’ll enjoy eating even more. In situations like these, my strategic plannig skills are vey useful. Now I can see the the person is already angry, so if I told her that there is no salt, then she would have yelled at anyone. So… I didn’t tell her. Wow so yummy. Is it really good? Yes. It’s really good mom. This is too amazing. I loved it. It’s very yummy. Right Montu? Yes. Really? Namrata, who stays on the 5th floor. It was saree day in her college so she was wearing a saree. She has a prawn tattoo on her waist. I told her it’s very nice. She said don’t tell anyone. Her parents don’t know about the tattoo. No matter how much I scold them. They’re still world’s best family. You saw? There was no salt in the prawns curry. I completely forgot. But just because I’ll feel bad, they still kept praising it. If there is no salt you should have told me. Wait here. I’ll bring some salt. It wasn’t just to keep her happy. You saw how she started scolding me before eating. There was no place left for the prawns curry. That’s why we all said it’s very good. It wasn’t just for keeping her happy. But I really like my mom’s scorpion curry.

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  1. Mujhe to kbi kbi lgta h k ye saare alg alg character h ..Yaad dilana pdta h khud ko k SB ek hi h prajakta kholi😂

  2. Taarak maheta ka ulta chashama dekhte dekhte hum sab khate hai na so usme ku6 ralated comedy scene aata hai to majak masti bhut hoti hai and my sister majak me dad ko gf ka name batati hena tab dad bhi majak karte hai mere sath us mamle me us time me bhit wired or gabhara jata hu

  3. I am Maharashtrian and I live in Melbourne since past 2 years but every time I see your family videos it just makes me giggle and relate it back to my family. This is exactly how my family is… she hasn’t exaggerates a single bit
    I love her videos and it’s like going home for a few minutes
    Thanks for making them Prajakta.

  4. yes's montu kabhi mere bhi dimag me Ek hi tune chalte rehta h na me pure din vahi gati hu… praju Di love love💞💞

  5. In love with montu's character🤩😍🤣💕💕i love ur work prajakta❤️.. More than vines nd all i love ur videos 😚.. They r obviously working harder bt uh r something different nd simply amazing 💜

  6. Oh my God… This channel is becoming one of my favourites ❤.. You are amazing prajakta di… So much spontaneous… keep doing good in it… I am with you🙂

  7. प्राजक्ता जेवायला बसायचा आधी वदनीकवळ घेता ही प्रार्थना म्हणतात सुख करता नाही anyway love love prajakta specially montu… 😘 😘 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Hey Prajakta Monty's sketch is the best among all three you do…. you put so much life into this character. There are very minute details that u have observed so well, like the unhigenic gestures of a boy that monty portrays so well also there are other certain male embarrassing features😂😂 that monty has with an absolute mood of living in an alien world. In short i have become a fan of your work…. i even watch the same episode twice or thrice at times, it has become a stress buster…..keep going all the best.👍🏻

  9. You do ur dad character really good. something I enjoy most. Specially when he says "Archu". But since when ur dad put nails polish, with long girly nails😅
    & you enjoy Montu yourself more than viewers – I think

  10. Even though I hate Prawns I can eat it today no matter what because today I fainted during assembly because I was hungry

  11. I think you should try a fake beard for the character of the dad. It's getting kinda confusing who is the kid and who's the dad real quick

  12. I like your videos but their is a mistake that everyone hands have nail polish so can you please remind it from next time but your videos are super cool, no doubt at all

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