Everything You Need to Know for Star Wars Celebration Chicago

– Star Wars Celebration
starts tomorrow but we’re still here to deliver
the quality content you desire. – Plus we’re workaholics. – That too. – This is The Star Wars Show. From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts
Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome
to The Star Wars Show. The only Star Wars
show that really has to get to the
airport because we may miss our flight to Celebration. – Yeah, let’s get to the news. – Star Wars Jedi Fallen
Order was announced last year but up until now, not much
has been known about the game other than the
title and the fact that it takes place after
the events of episode three. – Well that all changed
yesterday when EA finally revealed both a teaser image and
the official logo of the game. – The teaser image features
the mysterious glowing hilt of a broken lightsaber and
some sort of ancient scripture glowing underneath it. – What does it mean? – Hopefully we’ll get
answers this Saturday April 13th at 1:30 PM central time
during EA’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order panel
which, coincidentally, will be streamed by The
Star Wars Show live. – But it’s not just the Fallen
Order panel we’re streaming. Oh no. – The fun starts on Friday
at 11:00 AM central with the episode nine panel,
where director J.J. Abrams, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen
Kennedy will take the stage, along with surprise guests,
to talk about the final film in the Skywalker saga. – Later that afternoon at
1:30 PM central ILMxLAB will hit the stage to
talk about the new VR Series Vader Immortal. – Friday will also bring a look
back at 20 years of LEGO Star Wars, a look at the creatures
aliens and droids of Star Wars, plus tons of surprise guests and
interviews right on our stage. – On Saturday morning
at 11:00 AM central we’re kicking things
off with Galaxy’s Edge, where Walt Disney imagineers and
members of the Lucasfilm story group hit the stage to talk
about what it took to bring the Black Spire Outpost
on the planet of Batuu to life inside
Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. – Later that
afternoon at 1:30 will be playing the aforementioned
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order panel, plus a look
back at Star Wars Rebels, as well as more reveals
and interviews on our stage. – Then on Sunday, Jon
Favreau and Dave Feloni will take the stage to
talk about The Mandalorian, the brand new live action
Star Wars series coming to Disney Plus in a
panel you will not want to miss at 11:00 AM central. – And if you thought Dave Feloni
was stopping with one panel in a day you would be dead
wrong because at 3:30 PM central he’s taking the stage again
with a sneak peak of the brand new season of The Clone Wars. – Then on Monday, celebrate
tax day the way it was intended with a celebration of the
20th anniversary of the most action-packed movie
about trade disputes and political discourse,
Star Wars episode one, the Phantom Menace. – Panel begins at
11:00 AM central time and is followed at 1:30
with an exclusive first look at the second season of
Star Wars Resistance. – All those panels, plus tons
of interviews on our stage, segments out on the
floor of Celebration, and lots and lots of
surprises are in store for The Star Wars Show live. – It all starts on Friday
at 11:00 AM on StarWars.com and YouTube.com/StarWars. So make sure you subscribe right
now so you don’t miss a second. – And for more breaking
news from around the galaxy, and trust us there’s going
to be a whole lot of it coming out this
weekend, check out Star Wars dot com slash SWS. – The Star Wars Show presents
Everything is Important. This week, Star
Wars Celebration. Originating on April 30 1999 in
Denver, Colorado with the Wings Over the Rockies Air
and Space Museum, Celebration was started as a
way to celebrate the Star Wars franchise and the upcoming
release of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Expanding around the globe
to places like London, Japan, Germany, Orlando, and
this year in Chicago, Celebration brings fans together
to show their love of Star Wars with many other fans,
even cast-playing as their favorite characters. Fan organizations like the 501st
Legion, Rebel Legion, Droid Builders, Saber Guild,
and the Manda Mercs also joined in on the
fun, making this event the place to be
for Star Wars fans. Because of Celebration, fans
are able to get the latest and greatest in Star
Wars news direct from the creators
themselves, meet their favorite celebrities, and
hang out with other Star Wars fans from around the world. And without Star
Wars Celebration, The Star Wars Show
wouldn’t be able to capture some of the fun for viewers
at home with memorable moments like John Boyega crashing
a trailer breakdown, Hayden Christiensen sharing
his thoughts about sand, it’s not very smooth, amazing
sets built by the Belgian Props Crew, a couple getting
married, and the world being introduced
to Oki, the Star Wars vegetable-carving master. Thanks, Star Wars Celebration. – We’re under attack. – I’ll take the guns. – Master Dooku. – Are you ready? – This audio original is the
back story of Count Dooku. How he joined the Jedi
Order, and then ultimately how he leaves the Jedi Order. – That’s insane. – Yes. – This is really different
because it’s a massive cast of actors and different voices. – I thought you said
we could eject here. – You’re imagining things. – Speak only when they have
something useful to say. – We’ve had to create several
new characters for this book. – Here we are doing this
amazing sci-fi world being those characters together. – Have you done this before? – No. – Audio books are so popular. We wanted to tell a
narrative fiction story with light sabers, and
music, and sound effects that you’re going
to be listening to on your Star Wars adventure. – It’s very, very cool. – You’re watching SWC. Buy something, won’t ya? – Hello and welcome
to SWC, the only Star Wars Celebration shopping
channel on the internet. – Where we don’t make
it unless you’ll buy it. And my stars, do we have a
collection for you today. – That’s right, Anthony. Did you know that there
is a Star Wars show? – Ah, yes, The Mandalorian. – No, the other Star Wars show. The one that was nominated
for multiple Emmys. – Ah, of course you’re
talking about the Clone Wars. Very excited to catch up
with Anakin and Snips again. – No, I wish. This Star Wars show
is on the internet. – Wait, they give out Emmys
for internet shows now? What’s next, People’s
Choice Awards? – No, I’m talking about The Star
Wars Show from the internet. – Yeah, I have
never heard of it. – And this year at
Star Wars Celebration they have their own merchandise. – Well you know how much I love
merchandise with logos on it. – Would you like
to see what they’re offering this year at the
Star Wars Celebration store? – Would I? – Yeah, would you? – Yes. – First, we have
Kevin the Ewok showing off this stylish
snapback hat featuring the mousetroid CH-33Z. And hats are perfect
for those rainy days, or days you just want
to hide a bald spot. – Oh, and look who
just showed-up. It’s Gonk wearing a
stylish long sleeve shirt in a throwback
pattern that reminds me of Miami Beach in 1987. Oh look, it’s the star of Rogue
One A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels chopper,
and it looks like he’s wearing a shirt
for his side business he’s running now. – I guess someone spent all
their TV and movie money too fast and had
to get a real job. – And now he’s being
joined by partner CH-33Z who also has
a short sleeve show logo shirt taped to his side. – And the shirt is the color
black like the vastness of space where the hit film
series Star Wars takes place. – It looks like Kevin
the Ewok has returned and he’s holding up a shirt
instead of wearing it. – Yes, even though the shirt
says Star Wars is for everyone, shirts aren’t for Ewoks. They hate clothes that aren’t
wrapped around their heads. – Wow, this truly is a
collection for the ages, and one that you’re going to
want to make sure to collect every single piece
of when it’s for sale at Star Wars Celebration in
the Star Wars Celebration store in Chicago. – Ah, Chicago, the Big Apple. – The City That Never Sleeps. – The Big Easy. – The City of Angels. – You know what they say,
what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago. – They knew. – Coming up next more
stuff with Star Wars logos, so stay tuned for more SWC
shopping right here on SWC. – Watching the Star Wars. – The show. – You know, I think we
got through this show in record time. – Good, we needed to
because we are still here and we literally need
to go catch our flight. – That we do, so no more fun
host banter to pad out time. – Right, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And watch the Star Wars
Show live this week. It is going to be a blast. Our stage is
unbelievable this year. – Massive. We do not deserve
a stage this great. Also protip, remember to
bring hand sanitizer with you. And vitamins. You do not want to get
sick after all that Star Wars goodness. – Those are the best tips. Thanks for watching and
may the force be with you. Andi grab the tinsel. – It’s very important.

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  1. Hello I'm from Germany, but I doesn't go to the Star Wars Celebration, but I will Look your stream. So, may the force be with you, ever! ❤️❤️❤️😂😍🤗😆😂🤣😀😎😘

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