Ex-Labour Activist Reveals Depravity of Corbyn’s Party

I’ve had to watch it in
real time for four years. And I can tell you for
a fact, these people are an existential threat. I’m an old Bennite. I’m never voting Labour again. Not in my life. Not after watching this happen. Never. Not once. I don’t care what things
Labour promise me. I don’t care what’s going
to happen to me personally as a direct consequence of voting the way I’m going to vote. I am never voting for this. Not ever. My name is Christopher
Benjamin Carlyle Jenkins. I’m a former Labour Party
member and activist. I’m most famous on the
far-left for rigging the Labour leadership
election for Jeremy Corbyn against the challenger Owen Smith. I crowdfunded loads of
money and gave it away in 25 pound instalments
to Jeremy Corbyn voters using my Facebook page. I always liked Tony Benn. I always liked Tony Benn. He’s very honest, he’s a Christian, and he wouldn’t lie. He’s a Brexiteer. He’s anti-EU. He understand the importance of democracy. The reason I’m making this
video when these people who are supposed to be
my political opponents is ’cause this is what’s known as a time of national interest. And if you’re a person
who respects democracy, my advice to you would
be don’t vote for anyone who is campaigning on a platform of ignoring your vote and
asking you to vote again. That is on its face a dumb choice to make because if they can do it this once, and you allow then to do it,
they will set the precedent. And once you’ve allowed
the precedent to be set, someone else will ask you to vote again in future whenever the
margin is supposedly as close as 1.4 million, which is not close. The Brexit victory
margin is a bigger margin than any of the currently
standing prime ministers or presidents in the whole of the democratic world currently enjoy. It’s 408 constituencies, up to the 650 constituencies in Britain. To suggest that was a
close-run thing is po-faced. It’s not a joke. And you’re all gonna learn this. Every single one of you people on the left who spent the last three years telling the leave voting working class that they are gammon, which is a racial insult
that Wahabi Psychopaths call non-believers, and you have been memed as
middle class, disconnected, left-wing idiots into
insulting your core vote with that very insult. If you’ve spent the last three years saying it was a close run vote, if you’ve spent the last three
years using the word Brexshit or saying that the Russians rigged it, which by the way given the 20 million of those people died
alongside your grandfathers defeating fascists, that is a particularly insulting thing to say to those people. The fact you can have
democratic votes right now is largely down to the
blood of those people. So you should pay them a bit more respect when you’re blaming them for
your own political failures. If you’ve spent the last
three years doing that stuff, you are a Brexit advert. You’re the reason the
Labour Party is going to get absolutely destroyed at
this general election. You are anti-free speech. You’re anti-democracy. You hate the working class
that built your party. You literally despise them. The only people you hate more
are the establishment class which Jacob Rees-Mogg belongs to. Jacob Rees-Mogg speaks more clearly to the working class of these islands than any one in your entire PLP. Every single one of you
is an advert for voting for either the Conservative
or the Brexit party. Whichever one is challenging you in that particular seat, I don’t care who people actually vote for just as long as they don’t
vote for you, the Lib Dems. Plaid Cymru – who
collaborated with the Nazis during World War II and
releasing leaflets in Wales, (Welsh) – which said
“This is England’s war. “And when the Nazis win, they
will grant us our freedom.” Anybody who has had any association with that form of politics is my enemy and has been the enemy of my family for the best part of eight decades. Whenever I feel like
I’m about to be exposed or revealed as someone who
isn’t part of the cult, one of your true socialists, whenever I felt like
you’re about to expose that or that the Blairites who hate
me were gonna expose that, or the remainers in the
Labour Party who hate me which is 90% of them, were about to prove to the
wider left that I wasn’t “kosher” that whenever I needed to do that, the only thing I ever needed to do was put up a post criticising
the IDF or Israel, and it all went away. And then in the comment threads
and the comment section, which I never deleted,
I never hid nor deleted any of your comments,
your horrendous comments which get hidden, deleted on a daily basis on the momentum and Labour Party feeds. I never hid them. So any time anyone ever wants to see how antisemitic the Labour Party can be or how antisemitic the wider Left can be, all they need do is go
look at those posts, check the comment threads, screenshot your horrendous comments, then click on your account and see that you’ve shared GMB Union content, Jeremy Corbyn content, Momentum content, and that you are advocating to
vote Labour at this election. And all anyone need do
is join those very close together dots and create
a picture of antisemite which is probably you if you are a card carrying member of Momentum
or the Labour Party. On the case of Momentum,
they’re after the fact purging of people like
Jackie Walker and whatnot. That fools nobody. That’s just a PR exercise. And you’ve got people
who they’ve got a theory for why the Jews are responsible for the Transatlantic slave trade, why the Jews are responsible
for international capitalism, why the Jews are responsible
for the Holocaust, no jokes, for the Holocaust, that it
was somehow a big gamble to get themselves the Holy Land which is classic putting
the cart before the horse. You are retrospectively
seeing what happened and tying a narrative
together which doesn’t tie together to fit with the opinions that you held anyway
which is the Jews are bad. And that’s what you people are. And I’ve been watching you
do this from the inside for four years. No, not Luciana Berger,
but that was another big, you know, when she was
pregnant, on maternity leave and they tried to deselect her. This isn’t coincidental. These things are not happening
because Luciana Berger is a remainer, ’cause
Liverpool is a remainer city. It’s not happening because
Luciana Berger isn’t left wing. Luciana Berger is, look
at her voting record. Look at it. This is happening because
Luciana Berger is a Jew. That’s what you don’t
like about Luciana Berger. And I am sick to the
back teeth of having to put up with it frankly. I’m sick to the back teeth
of so that I can maintain a position on the left
alongside you people so that I can influence
the sensible people who get drawn in by your
Vote Labour bullshit. I’m sick of having to post anti-IDF, anti-Israel content just so that I can maintain cover with you. It literally makes me feel ill. And the way you have all changed politics, all half million of you, the way you changed politics
in Britain for the worst is horrendous and it’s gonna take two to three electoral cycles to clean the fabric of our politics. It’s rude to pick on people because of what their religion is or what practises. And so just as when we say to the people who throw bacon in a mosque, this is horrendous, it’s
rude, you don’t do it. Yeah, by the same token, if the politics you’re espousing means that any Jewish school
in London needs to have guards, guards, they need permanent security. Kids, kids need security
just to go to school because of you. The reason Labour suspends
people suspected of this stuff rather than expels them is because we live in a system of legal precedent. And if they were to set the precedent of suspending one person for
seeing this sort of stuff, they’ve got, I would say, anywhere up to 300,000 members
who are liable to say exactly the same sort of
stuff if not worse stuff on a daily basis on social media. They simply do not have the manpower to process, or woman
power or people power, to process that glut of administration. Yes, that is rude, it’s un-British. Racism is when the people
used to put dog shit through the letter boxes
of the Windrush generation, the reason that stopped was because the general feeling of the people on these islands is
you’re on the island now. You should just get along. Work hard, pay taxes,
integrate as best you can, talk about the weather, try not to eat on public transport. The rules are pretty basic. Look, if Welsh people, English people, Scottish people and Irish people learn to get along on these islands, like I said to you before, we’re the original European Union. We mastered not killing each
other over being different a good four, five centuries before Europe ever even
thought about doing that. And that’s why we had the first non-white member of parliament in like 1832. That’s why we’ve had, even though integration for
the immigrant communities that have came here, especially in the 20th century, those early phases of them coming here, yeah, it was hard, really hard for them. They had to deal with the brunt end of really nasty, really nasty people. And the rest of the society looked at what was people were doing and went, “Nah, we don’t
really buy into that. “Sorry, that’s not what we’re about.” And it’s not radical. It’s just sort of human. I genuinely believe that people, everyone on these islands,
the white working class, the middle classes, the
immigrant communities in the metropolitan areas, they all buy into a sense of Britishness. If they didn’t, they’d be, the crime rate would be obscene. The clashes between the
communities would be obscene. You can go and see. Look, for example in France, when that French police officer marched on to that beach and ripped that hijab off that Muslim lady, everyone in Britain was like, “Whoa now. “Police officers aren’t
supposed to be telling “people what to wear.” Even people who disagree
with hijabs and niqabs were like, look, that’s
not how you do things. And that thing they
say about Boris Johnson that somehow proves
he’s a racist because he said to him a full veil
looks like a letter box, but I’ll defend to the death the right of anybody to wear one. The whole thing of twisting that into a Boris Johnson
is a racist narrative. This is what we’re dealing with here. They’ve rope-a-doped this issue and they’ve made it so that you can’t see the wood from the trees on this issue. There’s loads of people
saying there is antisemitism and then they get those
people to go on Question Time and will be like, “I’m Jewish, I haven’t
witnessed any antisemitism.” It’s like, well, great. Bully for you, do you know what I mean? What about believing the victims, guys? I thought that’s what we
were supposed to be doing? But no. Right, so this video is Israeli police casually lobs stun grenades into crowd of Palestinians, right? And they’re not clearing space. They’ve been asked to clear the space. The space needs to be
cleared for security reasons. And they’ve been warned. So what you do here is you
take the last 30 seconds of that interaction. So instead of showing you all the time, hours probably where the IDF were like, “Please move. “You’re going to have to move.” Instead of showing all
that, you don’t do that ’cause that provides context. And context, it’s really easy
to prove something’s bullshit, not very true when there’s context. So what you do is you cut it down to the last 30 seconds, right? And the last 30 seconds,
one of the IDF servicemen throws the stun grenade
in to try and clear the blockage of the walkway. And sure enough the walkway clears. Funny that. So what you do is you put
it up without the context with just the 30 seconds. There’s no mention of
Ian Austin in this post. None whatsoever. But this post was put out directly as a response to Ian Austin
when Ian Austin says, “Please, I’m gonna vote
Boris Johnson this election,” ’cause, you know,
obviously Labour is overrun with antisemites, obviously. So in direct response to
that, you put this up. And from my point of view from cover, well, that says amongst the hard left is – Nye Bevan News is still on our side, we’ll still keep sharing their content. And then I can carry on undermining the Labour remainers from the left within the Labour movement. And if you want to pass muster, if you wanna be able to get past the shibolleths and the
coded language that’s used, you have to do this sort of stuff because if you don’t they’re
gonna expose you as a Zionist. And on the left, if you
get outed as a Zionist, you are screwed. On the left in the UK, if
you are outed as pro-Israel, you are screwed. Bernie Sanders is
currently getting hammered for a tweet where he said the rockets have got to stop from the Palestinians, and the IDF need to be nice. He said something that added up to that. It’s from the last couple of days. The date today is the 20th of November. If you look on Bernie Sanders’
Twitter feed you’ll see it. He’s getting shellacked
in all of his own forums on the American left for
daring the false equivalence of saying that. And so this is how this
works on the left in the UK and to a certain extent in the
wider English speaking world, is if you wanna be getting
traffic, you can’t be pro-Israel. You simply can’t. It’s probably the only rule. And so this post has nothing
to do with Ian Austin. One of the top performing
posts references Ian Austin. Why? Why reference Ian Austin on this post? If not because you don’t like Ian Austin. Why don’t you like Ian Austin? ‘Cause he’s partly friends with Israel. That’s why you don’t like Ian Austin. Same reason why you don’t
like Luciana Berger. Same reason why you don’t like Joan Ryan, same reason why don’t
you like any of them. For my sins, I’ve spent
the last four years helping you people do this stuff. And it is soul destroying. It’s soul destroying. It is not anything anyone in the wider citizenry will ever vote for. “Criticism of the Israeli fascist
state is not antisemitic.” Well, I would put it to you that calling people defending their
children from rocket attacks, who have an Israeli defence
force specifically because they got gassed by the score
of six million in camps. I would say daring to call
people like that fascistic or fascists or Nazis is
a form of antisemitism because you are calling a group of people who were wiped out by
another group of people, the name of the group
people who wiped them out. And it beggars belief that
someone even needs to go through the linguistic simplicity
of spelling that out to you. It’s horrendous. And this is the first post. This is one post. I’ve been doing this four years. I’ve scrolled down one
scroll on the first post, and this is where the conversation is. And you wanna pretend
that this isn’t a problem that you aren’t overrun with people who conflate criticising
the right wing policies of Benjamin Netanyahu
with criticising all Jews and the entire state of Israel. There were a million
of you marching against the illegal invasion of Iraq. Would you like to be
tarred with that brush given that you protested against it? No, you wouldn’t. If anyone ever said to
you, “You’ve got the blood “of half a million Iraqis on your hands,” you’d argue the point. So why can’t you extend
that same logical structure to the Israelis? Why, when you speak about the Israelis, can you not resist talking about Jews? Why did everybody who did that have to get purged from the Labour Party for the rest of membership to learn what the new coded language was? Which is that’s all this is done, these purges and these suspensions and these lack of kicking
people out properly, what all of that is about. It isn’t about dealing with
the antisemitism problem. It is about teaching your borderline inherently antisemitic membership what they can and can’t say in public without embarrassing you. That’s what it’s about. Okay, this looks like
an interesting comment. You’ve put this up, this
is from Harrel Amite. “As someone who supports Corbyn myself, I don’t think most left-leaning Jews are concerned about his support of a Palestinian state or
an end to the apartheid occupation in the West Bank.” Now, again, apartheid. One, that’s an insult to all of the blacks who suffered under apartheid. Anyone from South Africa
who lived under apartheid would tell you for a fact it’s not what’s going on in Palestine. But you’re not allowed, and they won’t. Here’s a big thing. The ancestors of those people
won’t if they’re in Britain and in a left wing politics
which statistically speaking they’re gonna be because they’ll know it’s against the rules
where one of the groups fights one of the other groups which what I’m doing right
now is against the rules. I’m a working class Welsh guy. I’m not supposed to be here speaking down this camera to you people. It’s against the rules ’cause
now I’m a class traitor. So he’s right there calling it apartheid. That’s antisemitic ’cause
it’s not apartheid. And if you want to see what apartheid is, you can look up what happened there. Go and talk to Peter Hain and ask him if what’s going on in Israel is apartheid ’cause Peter Hain would know, but all you all hate Peter Hain ’cause he’s a friend of Israel. Thank you for posting. “Corbyn has been criticised
for being friendly to Sinn Fein. But supporters would argue
that this was in the service of getting peace talks off the ground. Do you think comments
about Hamas/Hezbollah can be understood in the same context?” So, immediately in the next comment you’ve got someone trying to
get him to climb down on him saying Hamas and Hezbollah
are obviously antisemites. These people say they wanna wipe Israel off the face of the map. And Jeremy Corbyn has referred
to them as his “friends”. Why is this even a debate? This guy has called two groups of people, Hamas and Hezbollah whose
stated aim is, and I quote, wiping Israel off the face of the map. Jeremy Corbyn has referred
to them as his “friends”. Case closed. It’s not a debate after this. And the fact this debate is still a debate shows that these commies are winning. This can’t be a debate. I can still see I haven’t
fully convinced you. No, but I mean like that you know that we’re still gonna have
to do more to win this. – “Yes”. – And that is the failure,
that’s their victory. That’s the victory of Jeremy Corbyn. That’s the victory of his supporters. That’s the victory of
the modern left in the UK is that we know that we’re still gonna have to work to prove this. Well, the burden of proof is insane. It’s an insanely high burden of proof where you can post proof
and it’s not proof. And I hate to get cliche but George Orwell warned us about this. George Orwell said this was gonna happen. Winston Smith’s job was deleting words and rewriting it in a different way to come up with a new thing. And that is what I’m, I got to watch it in
real time for four years. And I can tell you for a fact these people are an existential threat. I’m an old Bennite. I’m never voting Labour again. Not in my life. Not after watching this happen. Never. Not once. I don’t care what things
Labour promise me. I don’t care what’s going
to happen to me personally as a direct consequence of voting the way I’m going to vote. I am never voting for this. Not ever. One of the only things I
think that is as vitriolic as the anti-Jewish
sentiment on the UK left. And I don’t wanna use
the term hard left, okay? ‘Cause this is not on the hard left. This is on the left. So let’s stop the mealy-mouthed
words that we hear in the media about how this is all
the hard left, fringe people, people who look like me probably. No. It’s not us. It’s all of them. It’s from to the left
of Tony Blair across, all the way to the ones who got Stalin or Lenin as their profile picture. Oh, the anti-English sentiment, they hate English democracy. You use the word Anglo-Saxon,
you’re immediately a racist. I’m Welsh. So when I speak about the Anglo-Saxons, I’m not necessarily speaking
about white English people. I’m talking about the
people who live in England because, I don’t know
if you’ve noticed this, but Raheem still plays
the English football team. He used to clean toilets with his mum. And when you see them
talking about working class English footballers, that
is when you will see it. The same writers who write for the left in the Mirror and in the other newspapers like The Independent, you’ll
see it on the sports pages. The dripping contempt they’ve got for those working class kids who dare to earn more money in a week that then they’re ever
gonna earn in a year. How dare they. And then if you compare and contrast the way they will write about
Phil Foden’s spending sprees compared to, what’s his name, Raheem Stirling’s. What you’ll see there is
is that that they’ve got anti-working class English sentiment which then splits up into
an anti-working class black sentiment because Raheem Stirling gets in his spending, it gets written about a lot more than Phil Foden’s spending. They both spend the same stuff. The young guys who’ve tried for 15 years to become the best in the country of what it is they do,
and they’ve succeeded. And they get remunerated very well for it and their working class
kids who’ve done well. And I’m not jealous of them. I’m happy for them. I’m proud of them that they
are part of the society that I’m in and because they
were better at the thing and their family supported
them in doing that thing. They’re really good at
it and you all hate it because they earn a lot of money. Rainbow Coalition, worst,
worst case scenario. So you’ve got the working
class supported leave. You know the white nationalists, the ethnic nationalists, the
BNP, the proper fascists? Not those guys you
disagree with on Twitter ’cause they proved you
wrong in an argument. They just happen to be white
English and middle class. I’m talking about actual fascists. Those people want you to
succeed in stopping Brexit because they know that a large chunk of the leave vote is gonna be so angry at having democracy deleted. They’re gonna be prime for the taking. They’re gonna be there. You know what the ethnic
nationalists are gonna say? They’re gonna say, “See? “We told you so.” And millions of the working class that voted leave will
go, “All right, yeah. “You’ve been telling me for 30 years “that there’s a conspiracy against me. “There’s a colluding plan against me. “All right, yeah, I see it. “They’ve deleted my democracy. “I suppose there’s a valid point there.” And that cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances. And that is why it is
an existential threat to the very fabric of this country to have the Labour Party
win this election outright. That would be an absolute total disaster. Coming in as part of a Rainbow Coalition with a Scottish nationalist who, along with the Welsh nationalist, colluded with the Nazis. Oh isn’t it strange that that’s two of the left wing parties that
are actually Nazi colluders? They’ve got it in their literature, their campaign literature
that they dared to put out whilst this nation was at war. It beggars belief. And if you want to know
why the antisemitism is such a difficult argument to win for the people who can see
that it’s obviously there, you wanna look at that. That’s why that is. Of course it’s gonna be
easy for the Labour Party to cover up its obvious antisemitism when two of the other largest parties in the House of Parliament, sorry, two of the other recognised parties in the House of the Parliament, one of them third largest party, the other one supposedly
the party of Wales who wouldn’t get elected,
dog catching Wales. Those two parties still
stand in our parliament and they colluded with the Nazis. They should be banned. Well, the obvious stuff
about the economics is just par for the course. Look, everybody knows that stuff. It’ll be the restrictions on free speech. You’ll have set the
precedent that your vote is allowed to be ignored so
they’ll ask you to vote again. And in the future, if you love the NHS, here’s a nightmare scenario for you, if you let them tell you to
vote again on leaving the EU, at some point in the future
someone’s gonna ask you to vote on whether the
NHS should be privatised. If that comes out 52% no, 48% yes, all of the arguments you’ve used to rerun the European Referendum
will be used against you and you won’t have anything to say. It’s dangerous. The internationally-recognised definition of antisemitism that goes, the intimidation outside
the Hebrew schools, that’ll increase. You’ll be brave man to wear your kippah. I’d say that. But if you’re in a marginal constituency where the Tories are in the second place and never voted Tory in your life, which I haven’t, hold your nose and do it because it’s for the national interest. You never vote for anybody who tells you they don’t respect your vote. You do it once, you might not
ever get asked to vote again. Ask the people in Russia. Ask the people in Germany
between 1933 and 1945. Ask them and they will tell you don’t ignore their answers
and don’t come up with historically rewritten pieces of nonsense to insult their answers. Go and ask those people. To me it’s on its face dumb. It’s dumb that it’s even a debate, just like to me it’s dumb
that it’s even a debate that antisemitism is a problem. We’re in a tricky situation because if they win it’s a nightmare, and if they lose it’s a
slightly less worse nightmare because they are going to, they’re never gonna stop. These people are gonna have
to be beaten every five years. And maybe in two to
three electoral cycles, 15 years down the road, we’ll have changed enough
of the political landscape that we can at least get back to some sort of semblance of civilisation. But at the moment, you’re
watching the fabric, or the body politic
come apart at the seams. You can’t put up with this stuff. You can’t. You know what I mean? It’s like when your politically
incorrect grandfather tells a really racist
joke when you brought one of your friends around
and they’re not white. And you have to say, “Grandpa. “We got guests in the house. “Behave yourself,” right? You have to, right? Jeremy Corbyn has avoided
doing that for four years. – “What about when he
says, “I reject all racism “in all its forms.” He only ever says that
when he’s being questioned on antisemitism, and what that is, it’s a pivot, an obvious
pivot, and it’s a pivot. It’s the antisemitic equivalent
of I’ve got black friends. It’s the antisemitic equivalent
of “I’ve got black friends”. It doesn’t cut the
mustard, I mean it doesn’t. My grandfather flew 36 bombing missions over Nazi Germany for the
democracy on these islands. Please do not vote for somebody who cannot respect democracy. It’s pissing on his sacrifice. I would be really heart
broken if that happened. I wouldn’t have any hope left. And I don’t wanna not have hope left. I’ve seen what happens
to people without hope. And you would make it so
that millions of them go, “Where are they gonna go after that?” “What’s gonna happen after that?”

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