expondo 10th Anniversary

It’s where it all began. Our first office was located in an apartment. But when the floor had started to groan under four tones of products, Piotr and Waldemar – the founders of expondo – decided to move their warehouse to a rented garage. A lot has changed since then. So far, we’ve provided professionals with over half a million specialist devices. As one of the first employees, initially I had to take care of almost everything. Today, I supervise the team of over a hundred experts and professionals. It’s thanks to our clients’ good opinion about our company that we’re able to deliver our products to 28 European countries. My career in expondo started when I was still studying. Thanks to my commitment and initiative, I’m now responsible for warehouse management of the whole capital group. According to the customer satisfaction survey, 99% of customers would recommend expondo. Nearly 1 Million satisfied customers from whole Euro-pe have trusted the company. expondo guarantees free shipping and 100 days return service for businesses and individuals. We serve our customers in 19 different languages. I came to Berlin several years ago. I started at expondo as a translator today I’m one of the company’s team leaders. Service, Content, Management our team writes the story of expondo together. We are so sure of the quality of our products that we sign our names to them and I mean that literally. As a result, 11 brands have been developed dedicated to provide equipment to a wide range of professionals. By virtue of its long years of experience as a manufacturer, expondo has the expertise to continually expand its product portfolio while also guaranteeing the highest quality standards and affordable prices. Professional maintenance services, German quality checking and assured spare parts availability guarantee of longevity offered products. Professional products at attractive price Due to our focusing on customer needs, we grow 50% every year. expondo is currently one leading B2B marketplace for professionals in Europe

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