EXPOSED: The Secret Elite Group Worth £50 Billion Funding the Tory Party | Peter Geoghegan

Almost all the Conservative Party’s
money comes from private donors and lots of it comes
from the super wealthy Here at openDemocracy we revealed
recently that the Conservative Party gets over £130 million
from this tiny group of donors called The Leaders Group
So what do they get for their money? Well we don’t actually know because when
they have their meetings which are every quarter with the Prime Minister and his
cabinet ministers we’re not told what’s discussed, we don’t even know when
they’re meeting or who is going there. The leaders Group is worth at least
£50 billion pounds, that’s 50 billion! Just a small group. About 60 members of The Leaders Group
feature in The Sunday Times Rich List, That’s the kind of list of the biggest
and richest people in Britain. People like Sir Henry Keswick
who’s worth over £6 billion. People like Lord Stanley Fink, Paul Ruddock,
super billionaire hedge fund people. That’s a real theme of
The Leaders Group, a lot of these people are involved in
hedge funds and in the City of London. They’re people who make lot of money
and make it out of money very quickly. We don’t know what they’re
doing in our politics, we don’t know what they’re talking about with
our politicians and we have no transparency. what’s really kind of
concerning in some ways is that when political parties are
completely bankrolled by small groups that are interested in very niche areas
it begs questions about well could decisions be made that are not in the
interests of the rest of the population but in the interests of a small group of
people and I think that’s a real concern when our politics is bankrolled by such
a small number of super wealthy individuals. The reason people give money to political
parties is to get close to politicians to be able to talk to politicians to talk
about the things that interest them, to lobby politicians. It’s striking
that some of the biggest donors in British politics, particularly the
biggest donors to the Conservative Party, are involved in oil and
fossil fuels industries People like Ian Taylor, who’s the head of Vitol which
is the world’s largest oil trading company. Ian Taylor’s not the only one, there’s
people like the head of Pterofac which is another big oil company
which has been a major Tory donor. We’ve seen a lot of other people
who are involved in fossil fuels, and very few who actually
involved in renewables, giving money to the
Conservative Party. They’re people who are really
trying to keep the industry as it is and to make money off it as it. A number of the Conservative
Party’s biggest donors have been involved with what can only be called
unsavoury regimes around the world. A number of senior Tory donors
have business interest in Bahrain, have worked with the Bahraini government,
this is a government that has killed people who’ve protested in favour of human rights
and we know that the British government has lobbied the Bahraini government on
behalf of some of its donors as well. One of the kind of most curious
aspects of The Leaders Group is just how many people who give money to
the Conservative Party have got honours. We discovered that almost one fifth of leading
conservative donors received knighthoods, peerages and other types of honours.
Statistically, as one statistician told us, it’s the same likelihood of the same
person winning the lottery five times over. If people are getting honours from the
political system that they’re giving money to that begs a lot of questions about
cronyism, about using the systems that are supposed to be there to reward
the very best citizens in the land. People like Boris Johnson, they’re the people
that are standing up against the establishment but when you look at it these guys
really are the establishment. Boris Johnson, even outside of his background, if you look at the kind of donations, the amount
of money that Boris Johnson pulls in. He’s received over a million pounds
of political donations in 12 months. That’s an unprecedented sum really for
an individual in modern British politics. You look at the kind of world that these
people are in, it’s not the world of ordinary Voters and their money doesn’t
come from ordinary voters. They talk about being “men of the people”
but actually the money that bankrolls them comes from the super rich
and the super wealthy. It doesn’t come from the man in the street. Ahead of this General Election
Boris Johnson said he wanted to raise around £30 million. This money
is probably going into more and more disinformation than we’ve
ever seen in politics before. We’ve seen that throughout this campaign. We’re seeing a lot of online groups
spending money in strange ways. We’ve seen the Conservative Party
rebrand its Twitter account as a fact checking account, setting
up a fake Labour manifesto website This is what this money is
funding at the moment. It’s funding a kind of unprecedented amount
of disinformation in our politics I think that’s really concerning because
we won’t know how this money is spent until after the election but we do know
that the huge amounts of money, millions, are going into political funding from
private individuals and they’re buying things that we can see at the moment and the idea is to try and
sway the General Election. The work that people like us at
openDemocracy and Double Down News do is so important because it’s trying to
bring transparency and openness to this world that is run largely by very
wealthy individuals who often don’t want you to know
what’s happening. do help and support
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  1. if torry wins Uk break out of EU for good, Scotland break out of the bankrupt Uk and boris will continue to blame imigrants for it.

  2. Extremely important information. Democracy in the UK? I don't think so. Billionaires are a blight on mankind. Time to get rid of them.

  3. If the torry wins then Russia, US and China will start munching away from both UK and EU. After the first bite cuts through (as Brexit) then the remaining structure will have considerably less resistance. The people will feel the instability on their own skin for the next decades while billionaires, corporations and politicians will remain untouched by any harm

  4. A bit of science does not hurt.I was teaching my students at thePublic Policy Analysis class at masters degree level that for a public project to be viable, sustainable there are three main conditions: 1-the project must be very well documented; 2- the financial package that makes the project feasible must be as little as possible of a burden to the taxpayers…and 3- the project must be the result of a political and public consultation/negotiation process (the referendum in this case is like using a sledgehammer to see what’s inside a Swiss watch!). With Brexit, they completely lost the plot.None of the three conditions were observed!! PS.The Mogg, in an interview three weeks ago spelled it loud and clear what the main objective of Brexit is: To protect the interests of the CITY!! Period!…and this is exactly why all of those who voted leave are complete imbeciles…the interests of the CITY are not one and the same with the interests of Britain!!.they are bit more "Eastern Mediterranean" ..where Patel took her orders from…and where his foreign minister’s heart is…and where Boris is from…and where the Brexit campaign (Farage explicitly mentioned the decisive role in the Brexit campaign of Jimmy Goldsmith) was funded from…and where the owners of the Media that trashed the EU for the last 25 years are from.. and so on.. More that that…Brexit is not about Britain but a much bigger coup..the dismemberment of the EU…the wet dream of Bibi Netanyahu. PS2 I'm really ecstatic when I see the precious, immoral Boris jumping up and down, waving menacingly his tiny fat fists against Europe parading his Turkish, Yemenite, Jewish, American British patriotism….

  5. So sick of discovering just how corrupt our politics is – what makes me even sicker is that mainstream media turns a blind eye.


  7. Why on earth would a working/middle class person vote for the conservatives? There only existence is to make billionaires richer. If you vote for them you are equivalent to a turkey voting for Christmas. Vote for a party that will invest in you not the billionaires. Vote Labour!

  8. Torie partie shareholders revealed.
    The meetings could be seen as shareholders get together, to inform the ministers how business is going to be conducted in the next financial year.
    We do not live in a parliamentary democracy, we live in capitalism.

  9. They the leaders want cart blanche power and authority to continue ripping all of us off! Global media are involved and the fossil fuel industry of course and bio-ag and pharmaceuticals.. and they are all supreme c*nts

  10. The right wind poor are goose stepping their way to the cliff edge as the rich elite laugh at their stupidity.
    When the shit hits the fan the working class Tories will burn down their neighbours house and blame them for poverty.

  11. This is what concerns me about Johnson he is just a puppet. He does not represent his constituents or voters. We really need to remind these politicians who they represent and who keeps them in their jobs. Just implementing a secret agenda whilst duping the people has to be halted.

  12. If these billionaires, who probably pay little or no tax (why else would they be in The City of London, why not other tax havens) swing the election it's Game Over.

  13. Than god for this channel and open democracy non profit.

    Really impressive research and ethics.

    Happy to donate to open democracy. Money well spent.

  14. All talk but no proof, would have been better & more believable if he could have shown some, otherwise just another ramble or fake news.

  15. What a naively leftist viewpoint. What answer do you suggest? Vote for a Trotskyist led party which, far from representing blue collar voters, is instead fighting tooth and nail to maintain and increase collective global corporatism in the form of the EU? 
    You need to do a bit more travelling, and a bit more living, boyo.

  16. So what's new? If it is illegal, bang them up. If it is legal, then its a banana republic, and we are on our way to 'Hell in a Handcart'.

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  18. the hedge fund managers who fund the tories know if we crash out without a deal the stock market will drop,As will the pound and they will be picking up shares for pennies,Johnson knows this and hopes that a no deal happens,As he will end up even wealthier than he is now,Massively so! Why do people think this excuse of a human being actually cares for the people of Britain? He hates single mothers,working class men,African people,Hates people from the North,Hates the Irish,Has a propensity to be extremely violent towards women,Is a pathological liar,Has be sacked from several jobs because of his ineptitude,Made sickening and highly offensive slurs against Liverpool and the fans of Liverpool fc,This is a sick,evil,racist neo fascist,It worries me that people are attracted to his cause,Whatever that is?, And feel that their deep seated bigotry and racism can be displayed and aired in public,Just like the orange moron in the US

  19. I wish people would stop referring to the Prime Minister by his first name. I think he is predominantly evil and should be referred to as Johnson.

  20. I'd like to be able to say that this is the oligarchy forty years of pump-and-dump economics has produced. They decided at the end of the 1970s to destroy democracy, and here we are. But it's worse than that. The last ten years is the oligarchs heaving up a Western kleptocracy as globalized corruption has entwined itself in every aspect of governance.

    It's why I find the arguments between socialists and social democrats (= socialists who say markets and constitutional restraint can still be compatible with a good society) frustrating. The REAL essence of today's political and economic struggle is democracy vs kleptocracy – and kleptocracy can't maintain itself without violence and repression (including, now, divide-and-rule repression by means of the algorithm). This is why I admire political leaders like Elizabeth Warren, who build their platforms out from this one foundational insight.

    It doesn't quite end there, either, because a successful kleptocracy will transform into some form of feudalism, through employment dependence and gang-like patronage systems.

  21. I appreciate this, just wondering where specifically I can find the information to back up who is donating to the conservative party. I don't like just taking people at their word if I haven't seen this information for myself

  22. The UK electoral system seems to be as bought as the US system. If the Tories win a majority, just look to the US to see where we will be headed!

  23. The majority of white people do have a problem with the white super rich donations to the CONSERVATIVE party because the donors are all white people.

  24. Where are all the comments from the usual right wing, trumpophantic, brexitard morons on this video?
    I think, in future, instead of trying to debate those idiots, I'm just going to post them the link and send them here.

  25. You know you are in trouble when you see working class idiots taking their lead from that champion of the working classes Jacob Rees Mogg. When he isn't voting in favour of tax havens he is ensuring that he can continue operating in the EU and under ECJ jurisdiction after Brexit by opening two new funds in Dublin. Or like that Brexit supporting billionaire Sir James Radcliffe who has moved himself and his fortune to Monaco.

  26. The UK is only semi democratic as the head of state (the Queen)head of government (Prime Minister)the Executive and half the legislative (House of Lords) are not voted for in any election only MPs (House of Commons) are voted for and the leader of the winning party becomes the Prime Minister

  27. I like rich people. They must be very clever to get as rich as they are. I want my country to be run by clever rich people, is there anything wrong with that?

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