EXTREME HIDE and SEEK Fun Family Game Challenge!

– Welcome home everybody, you’re here on the
Carl and Jinger family channel. And, today you guys we’re just out and about. Luke and Kyle are inside getting their drinks. We got some chips and some lunch, we’re just
gonna have a little picnic here and plan out our day, and we’re just gonna bring you guys
along with us, because everyday is a new day, let’s make it an awesome one! – [Kyle] During any time while she’s shopping,
we can split off from the cart and go run and hide. – I’m in the pillows you guys, look. – [Jinger] Kyle, you have to vote. Out of the Jimmy chips, do you like barbecue
or salt and vinegar? – Barbecue! – [Jinger] Barbecue?! – I don’t know, I would say I like barbecue. I don’t know, I like all the chips. – I think I’m the only one in our family that
loves salt and vinegar chips. Tell me, you guys what is your favorite kind
of chips? I mean, kettle chips are the best in general. And, I love salt and vinegar chips. I guess it’s two against one. But, my vote counts as two, so that means
it’s tied! – How does it count as two? – [Jinger] Cause I’m the mom and I’m also
Jinger, so I feel like that should be two votes. – No, Jinger and mom are the exact same thing. – [Jinger] You’re right! – After lunch, we decided to go shopping,
and we actually went to pick up Gage! – Hey! – So, we’re gonna go to shop and to spice
it up a little bit we’re gonna play a little game! – Okay you guys, this is ultimate shopping
hide and seek. This is the rules: so us three are going to
be behind our mom while she is shopping. And, basically what’s gonna happen is during
anytime while she’s shopping we can split off from the cart and go run and hide. But, the thing is is my mom can’t turn around
to see how many people are behind her, so therefore she doesn’t know how many people
are gone. But, if she catches you, you are out for the
round and then we move on to the next round basically. Um, should we start this game? – Yeah! – This is gonna be super fun. – Let’s do this. – Alright, let’s go. – She didn’t notice. – Okay, I’m hidden by all the dog food. Right here. – They didn’t make a noise. – Dang it! – [Jinger] You’ve been caught! – Aww man! – [Jinger] That was a good spot! – You just passed me like three times. – I did?! Oh my goodness! Hey, you’re the first person. I’m just shopping over here, minding my own
business. – You’re finding us. – Getting my dishwasher soap, and my dish
soap, so that you can do dishes later. You’ve been seen! – [Jinger] Yeah, you have! Ha ha, just found Gage. He was literally walking in the middle of
the aisle. You’ve been caught! – I was trying to hide in plain sight. – You were? – [Gage] I was going to try to sneak behind
you and go in an aisle you’ve already been in, and follow you. – [Jinger] Oh got you, okay that didn’t work. – [Jinger] You’ve been caught! – Yeah, I know I know! Cause I won! I was right there. – Yeah, that was a really good spot. All you guys had good spots. – There’s people that saw me and kind of freaked
out. They’re like whoa! – Really? – Yeah, it was so funny. – It’s round two! – Here we go. – And, Kyle is the last to leave. Alright, here we go. May the best hider win. – I think I’m gonna win. – Just looking for good spots. – [Jinger] Just shopping away. You guys, I have no idea where the boys are
hiding. They could be anywhere in this store! I have no idea. Gotcha! Ahh. They’re hiding in some small spot somewhere. Ooh the pool toys. I’ve got Gage, I’ve got Gage. – [Jinger] Gotcha! – Oh my gosh! How did you find me? – I got you! – Luke stole my freaking hiding spot! – I was trying to be natural – Gage just keeps… cause I didn’t want to
get embarassed and a bunch of other people… – You’re just trying to be natural? – No, I was trying to be natural and then
Luke was like “get out the way, 200 IQ bro!” And then he stole my freaking hiding spot! – The race is on. Is it gonna be Luke or is it gonna be Kyle? Golden the eye pole right up here, tell me. – I hope it’s Luke. – [Jinger] Luke! You have been seen! Everybody sees you. – Hang on, there’s an old couple that went
up to me and says “If you don’t get out of there, we’re gonna rat you out.” I’m like what? – [Jinger] Are you serious? So, you had to get out. – Yeah. – You’re like I’m playing with my mom. – I’m like whatever. – Okay, the last one’s Kyle. I’ve been through the designated playing area. And, Kyle is nowhere to be found. Kyle, you have to come out! Kyle! – – [Jinger] Okay, you’re the winner of that
round. – Yes! Six minutes! – [Jinger] That was so awesome! Alright you guys, this is the last and final
round. Round three. So far, Luke is a winner and Kyle is a winner. Are you guys ready? – I hope you’re ready cause I’m actually gonna
hide in a really good spot. – Alright you guys, three, two, one, go! – [Kyle] Ooh those are cool life jackets. – Those are cool life jackets. – Dude! – There’s people. – There’s a ton of people. – I’m gonna disappear. I’m in the pillows you guys, look. – Mom, you can also turn around whenever you
want. – Oh really? – So, like a really sharp turning so you can
see everybody. – Are you giving me tips to win?! – Yeah! – Well, this is my turn to win! – It smells like cookies. – I cannot win technically. – It smells like cookies. – Dude, um are you gonna hide anytime soon? – No. – No? – I’m just gonna wait for a good hiding spot. – Really? – Oh my gosh oh my gosh. – All of them are feeling pretty confident,
so as long as I can just derail one of them, I think it will just be like dominoes. – Shh shh shh! Help me, help me get out. – What do I need to do? Okay. – You’re sinking! Get out of the pillows! – I’m sorry. We gotta go! Oh my gosh. There’s people that took a pillow off my pile. – Did they see you? – No. That was crazy. – Luke decided to try to go ahead of me. If he can find them, he’s gonna head over
with the other camera, just for fun until I find them! This could be awhile, I don’t know. – [Jinger] No? – Nope! – [Jinger] Can’t trust him! Okay. – Ha, I got you. – [Jinger] Luke, we know what it looks like
when that happens. – I wanna jump in it. – I was trying to pull you out of that pillow
portal, it’s like an ender portal of pillows. Where are you going? – In! – [Jinger] No no. Guys, be appropriate. There is a huge gardening shed over here. I wonder if they’re inside. Oh my gosh, it’s open! – We found them! What?! – [Jinger] Nobody! Okay, they’re not in there. I give up. Gage and Kyle win this round. I don’t know what to say, you guys… They’ve been hidden, this had to have been
the hardest round of hide and seek ever. I’ve looked everywhere. Okay, that was an epic game of hide and seek,
to the point where I had to give up because Kyle and Gage were hid so well. That was crazy! Great job you guys. So, you guys we had so much fun playing extreme
hide and seek while shopping today. That was such a blast! I kind of think Kyle won overall, because
I think he won one round and then he tied with Gage on the next round. And, the first two rounds Gage got caught
both times. So, I say the win goes to Kyle! So, yay Kyle! Kyle! Ohh Be sure to comment! Hashtag yay Kyle down below to tell Kyle that
you guys are so proud of him for winning extreme hide and seek today. Thank you so much for watching. Click any of these videos on screen if you
wanna watch more. We pick them just for you guys. If you like this video, you’re definitely
gonna like these others. And, we’ll see you on the next one! Bye!

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