Extreme Hide and Seek! Kid Cops VS Robbers Fun Game For Kids!

– Oh, hey, guys, come on in. Today, we’re playing cops and robbers hide and seek edition. Come on, let’s have some fun. I have a plan downstairs (laughs). You’re not gonna find mem. – Yeah, I will. – He might be in here – Ready? – Three, two, one. (whoosh) – Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games, let’s have some fun! (engergetic music) (bell ringing) – This is how the game works. It’s classic hide-and-seek, and Gage and Luke are gonna be the cops, and I’m gonna be the robber. – We’re doing three rounds, where Kyle has one minute to
hide anywhere around the house, and then once the time’s
up, me and Gage come in and have to try to find him. – And then at the end of the game, we’re gonna add up all of Kyle’s times and see how long he was
able to stay hidden. – And when the time’s done, you guys get to vote in the poll: (ding) Who do you think should be
the robber next, Luke or Gage? – Should we start the game? – Yeah! – Let’s do it!
– Let’s do it! – It’s the first round, and as
soon as I step in this door, the timer’s gonna start. Here we go, in three, two, one, Go! (takes a deep breath) (door slams) – Where am I gonna hide?
Where am I gonna hide? Under there? No that won’t work. (gasp) Oh, right here! This might work! I fit under here before. No this isn’t gonna work,
this isn’t gonna work, I gotta find a different spot, fast. A minute is faster than you think. (breathing heavily) Maybe in here. That’ll work. I think the minute’s about to end, so I better be fast (tablecloth rustling) and quiet (breathing heavily) I think I’m ready. (panting) No way they can find me here. – Okay Gage, so Kyle’s time is up, now we can go in and try to find him. – Alright, in three, two, one, go. (timer ticking) – What’s over here? (door slams) Is he over here? Nope, he’s not behind the Christmas tree. Do you see him anywhere? – Nope. – We’ll look right,
– Know what? I’m gonna check. – No. – Nope, not there either. – I can’t see him. – Check behind all the cushions. – Okay.
– In the couch. – He’s not there. Is he around here, behind this chair? Nope, not there either. Gage, do you see him anywhere? – No. – Hmm. (cushions rustling) Well there’s the box fort. I’m gonna check, – [Gage] I don’t think
he’s in the box fort. Actually Luke, why don’t
you check in the box fort? – Okay. – He actually could be in there. – Where is he? I don’t see him.
– See him? (tablecloth rustling) – Ah ha!
– [Kyle} Ah! – I found you!
– (screams) – I got you! (laughs) – Kyle, that was the first round. We’re gonna put it on the
screen what your total time was. This is super fun! Let’s go on to round number two. – You’re not gonna find me. – Yeah I will.(laughs) – It’s round two, and as
soon as I step in this door, again the timer is gonna start, but I know a really secret spot
that I’m gonna show you guys Shh, be quiet, (timer ticking) I’m gonna make sure I get
it all ready and set up, (door slams) so I’m gonna hurry and
go straight through. Hopefully I set it up right. (panting) It’s downstairs, in the washroom. So there’s this little
cubby right here, right? But the thing that no one knows, is I can move this in front, so I can hide back here. I’ve hid in this spot before (pants). In all my hide and seeks,
they’ve never found me. They always give up. (quick whooshing sound)
– Okay, Gage. So round one was really quick, it was only like a minute long, but that might have been just like, a decoy, because that was really easy. – Yeah, it was probably too easy. He’s probably found another
really good hiding spot. – Yeah, we’ve gotta be
really thorough and fast. Alright, Kyle only has about
five seconds, so let’s go in three, two, one, go!
– Three, two, one, go on in! (timer ticking) Go in first. Okay, let’s look in the kitchen first. – See him anywhere around here, Gage? – No.
– You see him? No? – (whispers) They just came in. – Let’s check in the kitchen here. Is he in the dishwasher? No, not in the dishwasher. – Check in the cupboards. (cupboards slamming) – Where is he? Wow, geez, I can’t find him anywhere. (cupboards slamming) – He’s probably not in here, we should check in the living room again. – Yeah, definitely, let’s go. – Hold on, wait. (door opening) – Is he in the pantry? – No, not in the pantry. – [Luke] Okay, I’m gonna check
in the box fort real quick, because that’s where
I found him last time. – Oh yeah, double check in there. – (whispers) It’s been a little while, they’re still upstairs. – Hold on, Luke! – What? – He might be in here. – Ready? – Three, two, one, (door opening) – Aw. – Nope, just for karaoke stuff. (door closes) – (sighs) Okay.
– Dangit. Okay, you know what? I think I’m gonna actually
go down into the basement. – Yeah, definitely
– I don’t think he’s up here. – Okay, go, go, go, go! – You stay up here. – Okay I will. Okay guys, so Gage is going
downstairs to look for Kyle. I’m gonna look up here more, though. – There’s a lot of hiding spots down here. – Where is he? – He’s probably anywhere. He could be anywhere. – Is he in my Dad’s office? No, not in here. (light bouncy music) No. – (whispers), Yeah, so
Luke’s still upstairs. Gage is down here. – I’m gonna check this last bathroom. Nope, he’s not in the bathroom, either. – Alright, maybe he’s
in our homeschool room. – Let me check behind the Christmas tree. (light bouncy music) – Nope, don’t see Kyle, – Maybe he’s in the water heater room. (door opening) Oh yeah, there’s a lot of places in here. He’s not behind the green screen. Is in any of these boxes? (boxes rustling) No. – (whispers) He’s in
the water heater room. – I don’t see him anywhere. Wow, this is such a good hiding spot Kyle. – Know what, he’s not
in here, I don’t think. (light switch clicks) – (sigh) Is he in the box fort? I’m gonna double check in here. Well there’s this door,
maybe he’s in here. (box rustling) No. – I forgot to check the laundry room. I think we need to check in there. – Oh my gosh, you guys. We haven’t checked the basket. Ah-ha! Nope. – I didn’t really look in here. (door rattling) Nope, it’s just a bunch of laundry. (cart rattling) Kyle! There you are! – [Kyle] (laughs) You got me!
– I found you! That was a really good hiding spot! – He found Kyle! He found Kyle! – Good job Kyle, but,
(bell dings) – So cool.
– That’s only two of the three rounds, so you have one last round left. – We’re gonna find you
– No you won’t. really fast this time
– Yeah. – Let’s do this. – It’s round three. Again, as soon as I step in this door, the timer starts in three, two, one. I have a plan. (door slams) though, I have a plan downstairs (laughs). (feet stomping) not in the laundry room. (panting) They might check in the
same exact spot I was. (panting) I’m setting up a decoy of this puppy dog right here. We’re gonna go in here, we’ll put the dog up
here, like it’s sleeping. Then grab the shoes, then we set him right here, like he’s wearing the shoes. Grab a blanket, I have to put it over the dog, leave the shoes out. It’s gonna look like (pants), I’m hiding right there. It’s a little puffed up, but actually, I’m hiding
down underneath the bunk bed, so they don’t see me. So I have the decoy set up, hopefully the minute’s almost done. – This is the third and final round, Luke. – Yeah
– It’s gonna be like, make it or break it. – Yeah, definitely. He could be in a really good spot, and stretch out the record, and it might be really hard to beat. But if we find him fast,
that’s really good. – Yeah. – Okay.
– Aw man. – Well, I think his time’s about up, in three, two, one, go!
– Three, two, one, go! Okay, let’s go in! (bouncy piano music) – I’m just gonna check straight
under the dining room table. I don’t see him anywhere. (chairs squeaking) – I’m gonna check in
this office, real quick. – Office? Okay. – (whispers) They just
entered. They just entered. – See him anywhere in here? – No, there’s not really
anywhere he can hide in here. – Okay, let’s move on to the next area. – Alright. – I’m gonna check this bathroom here. – Good idea. I’m just gonna,
– Nope! – I don’t see him anywhere in here. – Nope? – Let’s check in the kitchen, Gage. – Yeah, that’s a good idea. (dishes rattling) (cabinets slamming) – Not in there. I don’t see him anywhere, dude. – No. Did you check in here? – No, I did not. He’s not in the oven, either. – I mean, he only had a
minute to find a hiding spot, so he probably wouldn’t like,
clear out the fridge at all. – Check the pantry, Gage. – Oh, good idea. – Is he in there? (bouncy electronic music) – No. We’ve gotta check everywhere this round. (feet stomp) – He’s in a really good
hiding spot right now. Wow. – I’m gonna check in the box fort again. – Okay, let’s go in here. (bouncy electronic music) (tablecloth rustling) – Lemme check right back here. (beanbag rustling) Nope he’s not behind the box fort, either. – That would have been a
good place to hide, though. – Yeah. – I don’t think he’s anywhere in here, so let’s just go out and
check in the living room. – Okay. Let me check right here. Aha! Nope.
– Nope? (door slams)
– Alright. Man, he is in a really good hiding spot. – I think we’ve checked
everywhere upstairs. I say we go downstairs right now. – Hold on, let me check
up here on this ledge. (bouncy music) – Nope, I don’t see him. – Why don’t we go downstairs now? – Okay, let’s go. – I don’t think he’s anywhere here. Man, this is taking forever. We better hurry up. – Yeah. I don’t see him anywhere, do you? – No.=Oh jeez, this is taking a while. He’s not in the laundry room. – Nope, he’s not in there. (doors slamming) – Nope. – Okay, it’s all just laundry. Uh let’s check in the homeschool room. – Okay, homeschool room. – He’s not anywhere in my office. – Okay. Is he in here? (bouncy music) Is he in here anywhere/ Nope, I don’t see him anywhere in here. Where is he? – Kyle, where are you? Dangit, I thought that would work. (boxes rustling)
– Where is he? He’s so good!
– Oh my gosh! Okay, we’ve gotta check
all the other rooms. Check in the guest room, I’ll check in the, I’ll just try in here. – Is he anywhere in here? – Do you see him? – Oh he’s in here! – No way! – I’m right here – I thought you guys would see my decoy. – Oh right here! (laughs)
– You had a decoy! (timer bell dings)
– Oh my god! I can’t believe we didn’t see that! – (laughing) That would have been awesome. – That was a good hiding spot. (high-five claps) Kyle, you did such a good job hiding. – Yes. – Wow, that was a great round. – The total time will be
on the screen, right now. – Now! – That’s a pretty good time, Kyle. That’s gonna be a little
hard to beat (laughs). – That was an awesome round. – That’s it for this video. If you liked this one, you’re definitely gonna
like these other ones, because I picked them just for you. And I’ll see you guys next time. – Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – That was so fun. – Yeah the finale was awesome. – Yeah. (upbeat music)

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