Fable Anniversary – How to Mod Exp and Gold (Not Working/Tool Unusable)

One Man Legacy-ey-ey-ey-ey… Hello, xOneManLegacy here to bring
you a tutorial for Fable Anniversary. This is not
your normal tutorial. This is going to be in modding tutorial. First off, what your going to want todo is start a new game with the new guy because it’s a lot
easier to mod it that way it is a lot less complicated because this is
still a little buggy. Okay, once you’re done
with everything in your just about to leave
for your first quest go in to the Heroes’ Guild you wanna just
really quick check how much XP you and all your things so thats back button here go all the
way over to STATS and then we can see that this is how much experience I have right now this is what I need remember and Okay. we want to do is save it once you save your game go to the dashboard and put it on your USB stick if you already haven’t. if you don’t know
how to do that go to dashboard go all the way over to
Settings when you get to Settings hit system then storage click on the device you save the two in the first place
which is going to probably be your hard Drive go to games scroll all the way down until you find Fable Anniversary then click on Fable anniversary scroll down until you see
hero manual one save one that’s what should
be a should be saved one and then you hit copy and then you copy it to your memory unit once you’ve copied it to your
memory unit really quick Check in your memory unit to make sure you
actually copied to should be save one manual one and you should be good now let’s head over to the computer darnn mouse is plugged well ok once you’ve played that in you wanna
make sure you have horizon There is a link in the description
and also a sample packs so you will have everything you’ll need to mod it which is the fable save editor offzip.exe and packzip.exe first you are gunna wanna make two folders
ones is going to be OFF1 OFF2 and the third one is going to be
a backup folder these are just so that you have places to extract to you’ll see what I mean a
second here open up horizon as you open up horizon go into games on your USB stick and find your manual one save go to contents right click on your save extract and then save it into your folder minimize that and then copy your save file and
put it inside at the backup folder K now your gunna wanna start up the RUN function and open up CMD (command prompt) if you don’t know what means you wanna grab offzip.exe and you wanna drag it into CMD hit SPACE -a SPACE drag your save into CMD SPACE drag OFF1 folder into CMD SPACE 0

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