Face Painting for Birthday Parties : How to Choose Face Paint

Hi, we’re going to talk about paints because
if you’re going to be a face painter, the first thing you’re going to need are the proper
paints to use. Now it’s been told that you could go to a craft supply store or an art
supply store and pretty much buy any paint in a bottle or tube that?s labeled “Nontoxic”.
This actually is not recommended for face painting. Unfortunately nontoxic just means
that it’s safe to eat or won’t really harm you if you eat it. It doesn’t necessarily
mean that it’s safe to be put on the skin. Paint that’s safe to be put on the skin will
be labeled makeup. That means that it has ingredients that have been tested and approved
by the government, by the FDA for use on skin. Craft paints might have ingredients such as
dyes or preservatives such as formaldehyde that is not something that you would want
to put on your own face, let alone a child’s sensitive skin. It’s really important to find
something that has FDA approved ingredients. Luckily, they’re widely available. You can
find them on the Internet, you can also find them in makeup and beauty supply stores, and
they come in many, many different forms. You can experiment and find out what form you
like best. This is a liquid paint, like I said it says makeup right on it, this one
right here is a powder form. It can be used either dry, goes on very smoothly or you can
wet it to make more of a paste form. These right here are a paste form of paint, you
just wet your brush with a little bit of water, it goes on nice and smoothly. This is probably
the most popular form of face paint, and there are several different brands you can choose
from that are all safe to use and widely available. Here is another example of a pallet that’s
in a cake form. There’s also some that are in kind of a gel form that can squeeze on.
There are also paints that come in a crayon or a stick form, which are great for beginners
and also great if you happen to be trying to face paint in a large costume. You have
a little bit more control over it. What I would suggest is go out, I wouldn’t spend
a lot of money. Buy one, maybe two colors of each type of paint, get your brush out
and just practice on your arm or your leg and see what form you’re most comfortable
with. Then you can stock up in that form and you’ll be ready to go.

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