Face Painting for Birthday Parties : How to Set Up for Face Painting

Hi, today I’m going to show you how to start
facing with just your basic setup you would need to go to a birthday party or a school
fair. I think it’s great if you have your own table and chairs or table and stools to
work with. Not everyone?s going to think about that ahead of time for you and it’s really
uncomfortable to sit face painting on a floor. So invest, it doesn’t have to be expensive,
I actually found these great canvas covered little wood stools, they fold, their very
portable. I can both stools and my table and my face painting kits and make it from my
car to an event side in one trip. I like them because they are very comfortable and their
very colorful and that kid?s really like them as well. As far as my table, my table is just
a basic TV tray. I was able to find them online in red and lime green, blue and yellow. A
set of four cost me less than fifty dollars and now I have extras too if one of them breaks.
Now as far as on your table, you’re going to want some basic things. I love having a
package of baby wipes with me, especially if you’re at a carnival or a birthday party
and you’re face painting after they’ve had cotton candy or cake you want to wipe their
little face before you get your brushes all sticky. Those are a great thing to have. You’re
of course going to want your brushes; this is called a brush gecko. This is great, it
has all my brushes right here at my fingertips, facing up easy to get to. You can get these
on line for less than ten dollars. There?s also some brush holders at craft stores that
are made out of plastic that you can get very inexpensively. I like to bring my own bottled
water and water dishes, just because you never know what kind of access you’ll have to water.
If you’re painting at a park the bathrooms or drinking fountains to get water may be
clear across on the other side of the park. I like to come prepared with my own water
and water dishes as well. You of course want to have your paints. One of the most important
things you are going to want is a nice mirror. Maybe even two mirrors, one as a backup just
in case a child drops one because there?s nothing better than seeing the look on a child’s
face right after you’ve painted it. That look of pure joy and excitement is just not to
be missed. Your table, your stools, your brushes and paints of course, water, water dish, baby
wipes and mirror. That’s all you need to get started face painting.

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