Fairy Gardens are Fun

[Sandy] One of things about gardens is having
fun! And I’m here with Sharon Lash, and you actually have some fun in your garden. [Sandy] You have some serious gardening going
on too, but you have some fun too. [Sandy] So, I think one of the things that’s
nice is that a lot of the times people have spruce trees, pine trees, and stuff, and a
lot of times a lot of things don’t like to grow under there anyway, so this might
actually be a very practical thing to do with those odd spots. [Sharon] It’s a wonderful use for those
odd spots. [Sandy] So when you were planning this out,
were there certain things that you were thinking of or just having fun with it, and whatever
you came across? [Sharon] The thing with fairy gardens, it’s
so extremely hard to find the things that go in a fairy garden. So, whenever you find
something that you like, you get it and you build from there. And that’s kind of the
way it works. They’re very popular now. But it’s very
hard to find the things to go in them. [Sandy] So then do you take them all in the
wintertime? [Sharon] In the winter, everything goes in.
It’s packed up, and everything goes in. [Sandy] And then you can put it all back out
in a different way! [Sharon] You can! It never has to be the same.
And that’s what’s fun about it, to always put it back, and something different – add
something to it every year. So that makes it really fun. [Sandy] Well, I think the one thing that’s
nice about it, there are actually a lot of plants now like miniature hostas, and even
some of the miniature conifers, if you have a little bit of sun. So you can actually select
those plants that have those small leaves or really small stature. [Sharon] That’s fun. That’s the fun part.
To get the little plants that go in, and where should you position them. It doesn’t require
a lot of water or care because it’s in the shade, so it’s really once you get it established,
it takes care of itself. So it’s a really fun, fun project. And there are three little
gnomes – garden gnomes – hidden in the garden, so I tell people when they come to
my fairy garden, to try and find them. And they’re usually hidden pretty well hidden. [Sandy] Well it just goes to show that gardeners,
no matter what the age, you can still have fun in your garden.

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