Fairy Princess Cake – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear you! Happy Birthday to You From good friends and true, From old friends and new, May good luck go with you, And happiness too. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow Which nobody can deny. Funny Happy Birthday Song Funny Happy Birthday Song playing in the background Geburtstag Anniversaries cumpleaños Compleanno γενέθλια verjaardag ulang than วันเกิด 誕生日 doğum günü ‎عيد ميلاد narozeniny

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  1. this one is/was a nightmare to make haha….i make this animations in After effects…best animation program out there (-:

  2. Thanks a lot…yeah i try to be creative…i also started it because when i was looking for funny Birthday video's and i never could find them…so i tought you know what….gonna make them myself haha….1000 hours further now haha…anyway i like doing them and gonna make loads more…so stay tuned (-:

  3. Thanks….i still need to see how kids react to my animations and ask them for feedback ((-:
    anyway im glad you like it (-:

  4. This video is great. I love the fairy flying on the cake so cute and the cake looks so yummy! I love your videos anazing!

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