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  1. When you, man, and the woman, make a lifelong commitment to one another, and then "join/connect" together, in the eyes of God, you're now married! You have made a covenant before God, your Creator, with your mate for life. In the eyes of the world you're not married until some guy pronounces you that way, a judge or paper or preacher or what ever the case may be, but all of that is meaningless before God…whether you're a follower of the Way (a Christian), or not. This is what the Scripture teaches. When we sway from that covenant, we have broken the promise we made to and before God. I hope people come to know what the true meaning of marriage is. It's not just some ceremony or show or lack luster promise with empty vows we make before other people. It is deeply sacred and precious before God. Breaking this covenant is very serious and can cause much misery (as I have discovered in my life). We are to cherish the gifts God has given us with our wife/husband forever. Men, your wife is a precious gift. Treat her as if God Himself presented her to you and trusted you with her for all of your lives. Women,… ditto. This is the way marriage was intended to be from the beginning.

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