Fake Bungee Jump Prank – Belgian Bachelor Party

Okay This will be your next challenge… The instructor will explain the details. That’s nice. Hello mister Ugo (in French) Noooo, not in French! Dutch please. We are in the Ardennen. That’s nice… The Caves of Han. Do you know that place? Yes, I know… I’m going to let you jump. Diving? You are crazy. Are you ready? Diving?! Really? We’re going to put you in a harness. Hold on, hold on… Can I change with somebody else? No, not possible 🙂 We’re going to put you in a harness. A harness to jump… No way… You all are a**holes! Haaaa, f*****ck!!! I have to jump!!! I’ll be happy when one of you guys will marry… Pfff, this ain’t real, I have to jump… If someone will push me… He’s a dead man… Watch out I swear to God… Do I really have to jump??? Don’t be afraid. – Be afraid!?! Still one meter to go… Walk a bit further… Place your hand here… don’t be afraid… And your other hand overthere. One step further… Lift your foot… Other foot also… I’m going to secure this… 🙂 I will not let go, don’t worry. We are going to count down from ten… Ow ow ow! I can’t take off my glasses?? No no no no! You guys, I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you all! You have to jump like this. We will give you a little push in order you jump the right way… What do I have to do??? The instructor says you have to jump a little bit… Ow ow ow ow ow, you guys are… What do I have to do??? Your arms spread next to your body… And then you let yourself fall… That’s it. And stand up. Don’t be afraid… Arms well spread… We will start the countdown. Are you ready? No fear? Fear? Fear? If you are ready, we’ll start to count 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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