FAKE vs REAL Friends … | #FriendshipDaySpecial #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #MyMissAnand

not Guitar… its a bag wow she’s so stylish lets do friendship with her will you do friendship with me?? Look at your Status before this You’ve passed doing cheating you come with me and out Today’s video is related to it You are my Real Friends so Must get this video to 2,00,000 Likes and also do SUBSCRIBE to my channel to reach 5M club soon and so there’s will be a big surprise now lets enjoy the video Ok lets go Siddhi she is looking prettier than me… what to do?? Anantya its a normal party Go and change Ok hmm.. Go but come fast is it fine?? hmmm… now lets go see I got best dress award in the party You told that it would be a normal party and I went normally like this All were dressed so well & even you too.. I didn’t knew that they changed the theme in last you’re not like friends you are looking so pretty & your dress is so awesome I just wore normal clothes do one thing you go alone in the party as your friends are so hi-fi might they will laugh on me wait a moment how even you think that I will go to the party without you now we both are equal You’ve been studying so long now lets go outside tomorrow is my exam so won’t be able to go anywhere plz there’s also a new gaming parlour started No I don’t I’ll help you out in your studies will you promise me Yes Mumma but you promised me to help in my studies will do it later.. now I am going I ain’t understand anything in Maths this time may I help you You are topper and even you too have to study why wasting your time on me what happened we Feel sad when our Friend got low marks but got it today that it make more sad if your friends got higher marks than you but you did Revision well then where’s your one marks got cut why you looking sad you know I did cheating today and Ma’m caught me and she were going to tear my paper and were gonna to tell to about this to Mumma papa only god Knows how I convinced her you don’t tell this to anybody about this?? I’ll spread this to all to whom I tell first… Actually I did that now you too go and stand there do you have something to eat No, Have nothing.. even I am too hungry since morning have money?? forgot today.. do you have?? ok let me check only 10 Rs. lets buy Samosa you have something to eat No.. plz check it once in your bag if you’ve something only one biscuit and I’ll eat it plz give it to me No I didn’t ate anything since morning give your Frozen dress for Fancy dress competition No I can’t give it to you but why My Papa bought that from Turkey and that my favourite dress just need it for my Fancy Dress Competition let me tell me you one thing you don’t take part in that competition as I am taking part in it and only I’ll become first Need a dress for my Fancy Dress Competition which gonna be held tomorrow

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